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After the rain

Was raining a bit over here during the past few days and wanted to sketch something inspired by that 
Thank you!
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Ooh, the reflections! 
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IDK why but there is something special with train station art and this one is amazing!

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Reminds me of the first weeks in a new town. Somehow alone, but everything looks so exciting and great. :deviantart:

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Your art is absolutely breathtaking!
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Love the water/reflection part!
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You're emphasizing all those visual elements we usually tune out, power lines etc..  I get drawn by these kinds of places and on't know I like them, I guess.  Well done and thank you.
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that reflection is really well made. great drawing.
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Wow awesome artwork!! Any chance I could use this as a background visual for a music video on my music channel? With credit of course :) -

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Amazing work, awesome colors
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I... love this. I really do love this. It's simply beautiful. Just... wow.
Congrats on your marvellous work, your style is very charming. It's like you take a mental picture at the perfect moment and then reproduce it in this lovely way through your art. Contemplating your content is good for my soul. Keep it up. ♥
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David Lynch said something about how art can take us to another world. Whenever I look at this picture I fall into it. It's as if I just crossed the street, turned my head and saw her standing there.
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Now this is wallpaper worthy . Clean art ! 
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love this treatment - fine shot . 
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I absolutely LOVE this!
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Colors, proportions and perspective, and layout are stellar--this is why I watch you!  
You must be easily able to sell or publish your work!
Uầy đẹp vãi chưởng :D
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Another piece! After the rain type images are awesome because you can create an even more stunning scene with the reflections in the water. :)

My favourite after the rain images are the ones involving city lights at nighttime, particularly when there is a lot of neon lighting. XD
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Stunning. Love how good the reflection is.
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