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51/365 Early morning

For today's sketch, i wanted to draw and early morning moment.
Thanks for looking!
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The detail in your backgrounds really amazes me . . . I also love your color choices and the way your drawing looks.

And just like the others, I must say that your art has a Studio Ghibli vibe to it. :D
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Apart from all the Ghibli comparations, what do you think of more stylized stuff like FLCL, Deadleaves and Tekkonkinkreet?
Have you watched Dennou Coil?

This drawing is amazingly tridimensional, and at the same time colorful, so I always end up thinking of things like GAINAX or Iso Mitsuo's full-limited animation.
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Amazing drawing, so many details, it has great atmosphere :D
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Amazing work on the lights!
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"Lets seen today I need to do a patrol and kill some aliens.  Groceries.  Pick up that new CD and karaoke with the girls to night!"
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Haha sounds exactly what she could have in plan for the day :D
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I love your light and details!!
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You're welcome!
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Wow ! Really nice ! And so many little details, that's awesome ! :D
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Thanks dude! very glad to hear you like it o(*^▽^*)o
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You're welcome !! o(^w^)o
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A body suit is hard to wear. 
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Yeah, specially in the morning when your really tierd
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ace lighting yo! early morning and shes already looking at her cockkkkk :D
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Haha, thanks man :D
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really uber x-il-ent! :clap:
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Thank you! o(*^▽^*)o
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you are doing so great stuff !!! I really like the atmosphere you creates, playing with the light and you drawing style is really cool ! Love 
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i'm very glad to hear your enjoying it! thanks for the kind words!
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