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5 centimeters per second

Hey!, this was the last image for the mini series on youtube dedicated to Makoto Shinkai movies one that i saw a while ago, i hope you enjoy youtube the episode!

                                                                                                                                     Watch it on  Arrow Right Blue by VitaVitachanYOUTUBE I hope you enjoy the episode! 

More art on 


Thank you!
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His most important ...?
Awesome work!
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Very nice angle!

This is breathtaking. How are you able to make such small details so well, also how long did this take you?

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So Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful
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The way you create scenes is always so cinematic! I LOVE that so much about your work!!! I can learn a great deal from studying you!!

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This is really cool, I love the angle it's drawn from! :)
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Ah yes, shinkai's 5 desktop backgrounds per second was fine film.
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That's really amazing :nana:

Beautifully Stunning
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This is beautiful!
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This looks amazing!
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Ahhh I have that movie but I've been so afraid to watch it because his other movies were so sad
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It's only an hour long, it becomes a full length feature because you cry for an hour afterwards 
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I can't seem to prepare myself Dx
GoddessLilithScarlet's avatar
Just do it, the worst thing that can happen is the world ends
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Not sure why but when I seen this I thought "Last Warning" 
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