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244/365 lovecraft

By snatti89
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for todays sketch just something inspired by a short story by lovecraft, i really loved i hope to do more from his stories.

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Thanks for looking!

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Great work ! I love it !

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When you check your phone at night and the brightness is all the way up
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Yeah, this "The Colour Out of Space." And a great piece of work, too! Thank you.
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The Colour Out of Space?
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You say lovecraft.  I say SCIENCE done Right!  :) 
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Fantastic work as usual ! The light,  color and the details on the broken elements are stunning.
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oh, the color of outer space was one of my favorites by lovecraft!! i really like how you've portrayed it here!!
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I like it
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Thanks man! i am glad to like it!
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You're welcome, pal!
I love your style
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which story is it from?
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Its from The Colour Out of Space, its just my interpretation of it , you can listen to it here if you are interested…

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Thank you for the kind words
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For a minute, I thought "Wow, I wonder why that beam from the sky is targetting that house...?"  Then I realized:  that beam isn't from the sky...!
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Thank you! yeah i think i should have made it a bit more clear the beam was coming out of the house rather then crashing into it 
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It reminds me of "The Picture in the House" By Lovecraft. It looks amazing!
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Im glad you like it! its from the story The Colour Out of Space
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I've seen The Colour out of Space and The Dunwich Horror suggested as the inspiration.  I'm going with Dunwich - the explosion from Colour comes from a well, not the Barn.  The Barn spews forth the Dunwich Horror.
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The idea came from The Colour Out of Space but with my take on it, but the Dunwich horror sounds really awesome, i am probably going to listen to it as well, thanks for the tip!
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I have not been able to listen to a large group of Whip-poor-wills without being spooked since reading Dunwich.
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