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Tracey taken

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After another long day at the office, Tracey just wanted to change into her pajamas and zone out in front of the television until she fell asleep. She sighed as she remembered that Monday she'd have to wake up at 5 A.M to do it all over again. Well, at least she'd have the place to herself tonight. Her roommate, Kelsey was going leaving on a trip with her loser boyfriend for the weekend. Remembering this brought a faint smile to her face, as she started to loose the top few buttons on her blouse. 

She was startled as a rough hand shot around from behind her, clamping over her mouth. Her scream was reduced to a muffled yelp as she was pulled backwards towards the mouth of the man who had been waiting in her room. 

"Shut-up", he said. She heard a jangling, and breathed heavily as his free hand produced a pair of handcuffs.  "Take 'em." he said. "Cuff your hands behind your back." Unsure of what to do, Tracey took the handcuffs, placed her own hands behind her back, and fastened them tightly around her wrists. "Good. Good." The man said, as the second cuff clicked closed "You know how to follow directions." 

He removed the hand that was over her mouth, and Tracey breathed in deeply to scream. Instead, the man caught hold of her lower jaw, and pressing his fingers into her cheeks, he forced her mouth open wider. After doing this, he wedged a rubber ball fastened to two leather straps between her lips. The ball squeaked past her teeth, and popped into place behind them. Tracey's scream came out as a garbled mumble, as he fastened the straps behind her head. She tried to reach up and stop him, but the handcuffs held her fast, and the man had a very firm grip on her head and the straps. 

"That a girl. Save some of that energy for later." 

Tracey jerked and struggled, but the man, wrapping strong arms around her mid-section had complete control over her. She was helpless in his grasp. 

"Alright, Trace. Derrick's out front, so I'm leaving! See you on Monday!"  Kelsey yelled from the front of the house. 

Tracey tried to cry out, and pull away from her captor, but he only pulled her closer, and her cry, muffled as it was had no chance of reaching Kelsey all the way at the front of the house. She whimpered as she heard the front door close, then screamed again in vain frustration. As the man pulled her closer against himself, she could tell that he was becoming more and more excited by her predicament. 

"Pipe down, honey." The man said "We have a long ride ahead of us. When we get where we're going, we can really start getting to know each other..." 

Tracey felt completely helpless, as the man forced her onto the floor.  He produced a second pair of handcuffs, cloth and some rope. 

"...but first, we're going to have to get you all packed up for the trip." 

Defeated, Tracey flexed in impotently at the cuffs, as the stranger started clicking the second pair of handcuffs around her ankles. 

"The best part is, nobody will even know you're gone until we're far, far away from here"
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Would be so nice to be Tracy in her bondage lovley and tightly bound and ballgagged tight as well lovely would love to be her like this.
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KiwiKinkHobbyist Writer
Great work ... her eyes are amazingly expressive, and I love how her lips curl around the ballgag. Kudos :)
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lovely work as always.
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Lovely story and picture to go with it! Kudos to you darling :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Thanks, Blu! I really appreciate the love! 
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You are most certainly welcome baby
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