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Tammy's dilemma

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She wasn't sure what to do.

Just a second ago, they had been getting ready to go out to a club a couple of towns over. While they were getting ready, however, Jamie thought she heard something out in back of the house. Tammy continued getting ready while she went to check it out. 

Some time passed before Tammy realized that her friend hadn't returned yet. Tammy called out to her, but her absence was soon forgotten as Tammy continued getting her make-up just right. The club they were going to was a known hangout for pro athletes and musicians. She had to make sure she looked her best so that she scored a quality catch. Jamie's roommate Tabitha couldn't come along on their girl's weekend, since she had to work. She was missing out. 

As she l bent down to look for her pumps, she heard a noise behind her. She jerked upright in surprise and was seized around the shoulders by two meaty hands. A second set of mitts, accompanied by a voice grabbed her hands and said

"We have your friend. Don't fight. Put your hands behind your back and she won't get hurt."

Not sure what to do, Tammy drew in a breath to scream. As she did, the talking man clamped a hand over her mouth. The man who owned the first pair of hands was strong and once she was silenced he used that strength to force her hands behind her back. She yelped, half in surprise and half in defeat. 

The second man reached into his pocked and pulled out a piece of cloth and a red rubber ball with a black strap running through it. Tammy jerked, and tried to pull away as the man squeezed the sides of her face, forcing her jaw open. As soon as it was open, he stuffed the cloth inside. 
While she was grunting and twisting in protest, he forced the ball behind her teeth where it felt stuck and pushing the cloth in farther. He buckled it behind her neck. 

"Better stop twisting around and screaming, or else you'll choke on that rag". 

Tammy breathed deep, taking the man's advice as he forced her hands around behind her back. He held them there in a sort of hug while the strong man secured them in place with rope. 

"You were a surprise, cutie. We've been following your friend out there for a few days now. Wouldn't have known you were here at all if you'd kept your mouth shut."

He laughed. "Lucky for you I brought my favorite gag." 

Tammy for her part just looked around frantically and took heavy breaths. After securing her wrists in a criss-cross behind her back, the two of them similarly crossed and tied her ankles. 
At this point, the talking man said "Go out and check on the other one. And make room for our little bonus. " 

Tammy didn't like the way the talking man looked at her, after his associate left. She flexed her wrists against the ropes as he walked around behind her. "That's a good girl. Nice a quiet..." he said, as he placed one hand over her mouth and his other hand under her arms. She grunted and tried to resist as he dragged her backwards through the house. She grunted again when she saw her cell phone but felt silly when the man laughed. "You won't be making any calls tonight, sweet heart". 

He forced her out into the open garage. When she talking man spun her around she saw a van parked in the garage. When the strong man opened one of the van's doors she saw Jamie bound and gagged with what looked like duct tape, lying in the back of an van. She wasn't struggling. Just lying on her side and breathing.  The duct tape had been wound around her body, and around her eyes and mouth. There were bits of what looked like a rag peeking out from the tape that gagged her. Tammy noticed that her shirt had been partially unbuttoned and it looked like her hands were tied to her ankles. 

Out of reflex she grunted, which caused Jamie to start softly moaning into her gag and looking aimlessly around. The talking man laughed again. "That's right. You're about to have some company." 

"We're all going to enoy getting to know one another "He knelt down in front of her and positioned himself to lift her up over his shoulder. "NMMMmmmp-- HMP.." Tammy tried to scream. Jamie blindly grunted in her general direction. "Scream all you like." he said "As soon as I get you good and blindfolded, you'll calm down, just like your little friend back there. 

Then, the talking man stood up. The force of his shoulder bending her in half. As her feet left the ground, Tammy yelped again in shock. She tried, at last to struggle free, but the ropes held tight and draped over his shoulder as she was, she felt even more helpless. 

The talking man effortlessly glided to the open van door, sliding Jamie back easily along the smooth van floor. She whimpered. 

After he laid Tammy down in the back of the van, he took her bandanna off, folded it so that it was thick along the front and started tying it around her head. Tammy tried to fight him off, but the time for fighting was long past. He kissed her on the cheek, then rolled her over onto her stomach. Tammy tried to pull with all her might as he tied the rope to her ankles and then pulled them tightly up to her wrists. 

That's when she heard the duct tape. "Wouldn't want the two of you hatching any escape plans back here." he said, taking one of her bound hands and balling it up into a fist. Next he completely encased her hand in the tape, so that she couldn't move it at all. He moved on to her other hand, and she heard him do the same thing to Jamie. 

He climbed down out of the van and said "You wait here in the house. The roommate should be home from work soon, and I don't see any reason we can't make this a 3-for-one." I'll be back here at half-past midnight. 

As she heard the strong man trundle off into the house, the talking man came back over and ran his hand up along the curve of her thigh and hip. She wanted to fight him, and scream, but all that came out was a small grunt of opposition. 

Tabitha, expected them to be gone all weekend, so she wouldn't know they were missing when she got home. Her guard would be down and she would probably end up like the two of them. 

The van door closed and as the Talking man started the van up, Tammy wanted to scream and buck and kick and protest, but in the dark of the blindfold, and with her hands made useless, she felt so helpless that it didn't seem worth it. And so instead, she lay there, just like Jamie. Softly grunting as the van jostled at the place where the driveway meets the street. 
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Amazing work, and great story :)
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work here as always. Great story too.
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I really like your art style.