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Nikki caught

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'Another wasted night. Maybe nightclubs just aren't for me. Maybe I'm starting to outgrow them', Nikki thought, as she ducked underneath the partially open garage door. Funny, she thought she'd closed it. She also thought she told her roommate, Aaron to get rid of that old mattress. What was it doing in the middle of the floor anyway? 

As she puzzled over this, and realized, maybe too late, that something was amiss, the gloved hand slipped over her mouth, and pulled her back hard against a well-muscled, and well-sweatered body. 

"Don't make a sound" the gruff voice whispered. Nikki only breathed heavily, and pulled at the hand in response. 

He shuffled her over to the mattress, and used his weight to force her to the ground. As he removed his hand from her mouth, Nikki drew a deep breath. Before she could scream at the top of her lungs, however, he jammed a rather pungent cloth into her mouth, squeezing at her jaw, and stuffing it so tightly that it even filled her cheeks. Her mighty scream came out as a muffled coo. When she heard the sound of the duct tape, she started to struggle, almost knocking the roll out of his hands, but the man seemed well practiced, and calmly maneuvered her hands so that they were pinned beneath his knees. 

Nikki strained and grunted, as the man wrapped the tape around her head several times. Once her mouth was thoroughly silent, and secured, he nonchalantly flipped her onto her stomach. She'd gotten quite tired due to her struggles, and only half heartedly lifted her arms when they were momentarily freed. 

This did her little good, ad the man easily collected her wrists, crossed them behind her shoulder blades, and pinned them there with a single knee. 

Nikki could hear Aaron getting ready to leave for his job at the hotel, and she mustered all her strength to try and get his attention. Unfortunately, the long, soft, whine she produced was choked off once the man began to tightly coil a rough rope around her neck. Aaron probably wouldn't have heard it anyway, and Nikki knew this. She sank, defeated into the mattress, as the man secured her arms, crossed, behind her back with the same rope that was attached to her neck. She mewed into the gag, and flexed her wrists ineffectually, as the man tightly secured her knees and ankles with the same sort of rope. 

Her last hope, she thought, was that Aaron might check the garage before he left the house. A hope that was dashed when she heard him collect his house keys head outside, and lock the door behind him. 

The man leaned into her ear, as he ran a hand down her thigh, Nikki squealed. "He can't hear you, darlin'." he told her that in a couple of hours, everyone on her block would be asleep, so no one would see him carry her out to his van. 

And nobody did. 
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awesome story as well

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drewellsHobbyist Photographer
Where you been?  We miss your stuff!
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Long time no see! Glad you are publishing again. I love your work!
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Hmmm.. nnooo nno please don't fuck me now.. i am still not aroused... Please wait for a while..
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lovely work here.
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If you send me an electronic mail address
I'll send you a hyper-link of a Japanese video
with a theme ALMOST "exactly" like THIS artwork/short story
but with a blonde in a school uniform and a Japanese guy!
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What should I do to to receive that hyper-link?
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Well, from PAST experience, I know that deviantART MAY prevent me from it to you~
so I SUGGEST SOME (external) electronic mail address...
That's IT!
Thank You for your reply!
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Yeah. I want that link too! Video sounds amazing. Sending a note should work, but you can reach me at
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Check your electronic mail for a BELATED X-Mas gift!
Looks like we share the SAME "interests"!
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The-Roland-DeschainHobbyist General Artist
This dude is clearly a pro:P
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SecretSketchbookProfessional Digital Artist
Perfect top she has for this
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