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LaShaun taken for a walk

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LaShaun ducked out of her going away party a little early. She had already said her goodbyes and it would be a lot easier to slip away unnoticed and catch a cab to the airport without having to engage in last minute pleasantries. She went down into the basement to get the last of her stuff when she was grabbed from behind by two sets of hands. A hand clamped over her mouth, while the other positioned her hands in a criss-cross behind her back. She yelped and jerked in frustration, but the held her fast. 

Once she relaxed, the hand on her mouth pulled away. She drew a deep breath to scream, but a large ball made out of some kind of hard foam was shoved into her mouth before she could. A white cloth as tied tightly around her mouth right after. She yelped again, but they had already moved on to binding her. Before long a collar had been placed around her neck and a rope run down from that collar to her tightly bound wrists. She noticed that this kept her from jerking around too much. She stood there in the basement moaning and whining while one of the sets of hands cinched another piece of rope around her knees. 

Then *click* a leash was attached to the collar she finally got a look at her captors. 

Her roommate, Claire and Claire's boyfriend Dave both smiled at LaShaun. Claire held the leash in her right hand and seemed especially interested in her predicament. LaShaun tried to scream at her, but only a muffled grunt escaped. Claire smiled and sent Dave back up to the party. "Take her stuff out to your truck. Tell everybody she left early." 
LaShaun grunted into her gag, but Claire only grinned back at her, ran her fingers over her gagged mouth and unbuttoned LaShaun's shirt.

Claire tugged at the leash, pulling LaShaun deeper and deeper into the basement. The rope around her knees made it very difficult for LaShaun to offer up much resistance to being led around. 
LaShaun tried screaming for help, but the gag did its job. 
"Make all the noise you want. They can't hear you. We shut you up real nice, didn't we?" Claire said. 

 LaShaun grunted in frustration. 

Eventually Claire stopped at an old steam-trunk. She opened the latch and LaShaun tried to pull away. "Haha. You know what happens next, don't you?" Claire laughed. LaShaun jerked and pulled and tried to scream. In response, Claire produced another strip of the white cloth which had been tucked into her dress. "She tugged hard on the leash and stood on the end of it. While LaShaun was bent over, Claire tied this new piece of clock over her eyes. 

"That oughta calm you down some" Said Claire. 

LaShaun could hear the trunk open and once it was open Claire forced her inside. She moaned and whimpered, but Claire seemed unphased. Claire forced her onto her stomach and then used the remainder of the rope to bind her ankles together, then attach them to her wrists. 

Tired from struggling, LaShaun breathed heavily and tried to call for help. 

"That's it. Tire yourself out. It will just make everything easier. Once the party's over, everybody's gone home and the neighborhood's asleep, we're going to move you over to David's. Nobody will look for you there. In fact, since you're supposed to be on a plane to Italy right now, nobody's going to look for you at all. So just struggle, scream, cry. Do whatever you want. Nobody's going to find you. You're not going to get saved and I just got me a new toy." 

LaShaun grunted again in frustration as she heard the trunk close. 

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Great drawing and storyline :clap:
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great work :)