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Keisha's Ordeal

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The party was a bust, so she blew it off.
Now Keisha just wanted to pass out and forget about the night. When she turned on the light in her apartment, she thought she'd heard something behind her, but before she could turn around the gloved hand clamped tightly around her mouth. Her surprised yelp was muffled and muffled again when the stranger stuffed some sort of foul tasting cloth into her mouth.

He wrestled her to the floor and wound duct tape around her mouth, her arms pinned beneath his knees. Then he set about crossing her wrists behind her back and tying them there. She tried to scream but the tape and cloth rendered her exclamation a whiny grunt. The man paused "Quiet down, Darlin'" he said. We're takin' a ride..."

Soon she was bound hand and foot and the stranger dragged her outside, and through the empty parking lot, before depositing her into the back of his van and tying her wrists tightly to her ankles. He wrapped more of the duct tape around her eyes, then chuckled to himself.

As the van doors slammed shut, Keisha wished she'd stayed at the party.


If anyone wants to color this, have at it!
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SinisterMarauderHobbyist Digital Artist
Unlucky for her, lucky for us! The text really compliments the image.
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denkira7 Writer
a literal and later metaphorical ride i hope..
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SecretSketchbookProfessional Digital Artist
sometimes you shouldnt wear a short dress
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work here.
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Thanks so much, buddy. I really appreciate it!