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Anitas disappearance 4: Helpless-defeated-taken

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This one's a double feature: 

With the blindfold secured, she couldn't see what was going on, but Anita heard the bedroom door open, and then a sound like a back of rocks falling onto the floor. After a couple of moments of frantic rustling, she could hear the goblins by the door laughing. She also heard a surprised yelp, which was abruptly cut off, and replaced a muffled and desperate mewling sound.

She knew that it was her sister. and she knew that now the goblins had her and were rendering her helpless with rope, as they had with Anita, herself. 

Anita let fly a frustrated mewl of her own, when the something started to pull her underneath the bed. It was a hand. Larger than the goblin hands that had trussed her, up. It pulled slowly at first, and then in big heaves. She could hear the goblins making strange noises, and chattering in whatever their language was. And as she was drawn under, she could feel their little hands all over her feet and thighs. The way they pawed at, and licked her bound legs and toes, she couldn't tell if they wanted to eat her, or...

"Oh no!", she thought

She mustered all her strength, flexed her jaw trying to dislodge the rags in her mouth, and with a final, futile, muffled cry she tried to warn her sister, or break free. Maybe there was still time enough for Sissy to escape... but the bonds were too thorough, the rags stuffed into her mouth lodged too deeply. All that came out was a pitiful croak. She could feel the goblins tugging on the rope around her neck whenever she tried to struggle, or cry out. This, and the blindfold served to discourage her resisting as she was drawn underneath the bed, and to whatever unknown fate awaited her. 


Sissy thought that she'd heard a commotion in Anita's room, and went to check it out. Anita wasn't normally up this late, though she was acting a little strangely lately. Anita might snap at her for poking into her business... Still, it couldn't hurt to check. Just in case something was wrong. 

As soon as she opened the door, something caught her wrist, pulled her into the room and jerked downward.


She tried to pull against it, but felt a great weight on her back and toppled to the floor. As she regained her bearings she could see that there was a sort of lasso made from rope. There were several little green men tying the rope more securely around her snared wrist. First the wrist they had lassoed, then the other. She felt movement on her back, and knew that one of them had dropped down on her from above, knocking her down. 

"Oh no... the Goblin story." she thought

Before she could react two goblins grabbed a wrist each, and pulled it behind her back. The goblin on her back felt larger than the others, and she struggled to get loose as it took her wrists, crossed them, and then started to secure them using the rope. She took a deep breath, and pulled against it, but it was surprisingly strong. Much stronger than her. 

A muffed cry got her attention, and she looked up, towards the bed. It was Anita. Bound, gagged, blindfolded, and being pulled underneath her own bed! Sissy tried to call out to Anita, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the goblin near her head stuffed one of Anita's raquetballs into it. The ball made a squeaking sound as it popped into place behind her teeth.

Sissy's cry was reduced to "RMMP!"

As Anita was pulled further underneath the bed, Sissy became more and more frantic as she attempted to escape.  It didn't help that now there was a goblin squeezing her butt and gigging to itself. It was no use, as her hands were now securely bound behind her back. 

The goblin near her head produced a long white cloth that it ran over her mouth and behind her neck. She squeaked as the big goblin on her back grabbed the ends, pulled hard, jerking her head back. Then it tied the cloth together behind her head, ensuring that there was no way she'd be able to spit  the ball out. She grunted in frustration at her helplessness. 

The butt goblin, by this point had moved on to Sissy's ankles. It crossed them and held them in place, while one of the other goblins lashed them together. 

Across the room, she could see that Anita was almost completely gone to wherever they were taking her. She heard Anita struggle powerfully, then seemingly give up, as she was pulled under deeper, and deeper, until she couldn't see her anymore. She could hear Anitas muffled grunting get farther and farther away, and she thought it had stopped for good, when all of sudden she heard Anita scream frantically, and in protest. The goblins seemed to enjoy these screams, as they laughed until the screaming was abruptly cut off. Ending in a ragged sort of choke, and then giving way to a faint whimpering which receded until it could be heard no more. 

Sissy tested her bonds again, as the big goblin stepped around in front of her. It produced a leather strap, which it began to secure around her eyes. She could hear it breathing heavily, and feel one of the other goblins lick the side of her face. She tried to buck them off, and jerk her head away, but it was too late. The blindfold was already secure, and she was successful bound gagged, and pinned down by the three goblins near her ankles and arms. 

She grunted in defeat, as the big goblin rolled her onto her side. She barely struggled as it tugged at the opening of her shirt, and the other goblins forced her ankles up to her wrists, where they began to secure them. 

Sissy didn't know where they had taken her sister, or what had happened to her, but she knew that they would take her there too. She also knew that, as everyone else in the house was downstairs and asleep, and she was completely subdued and silenced, that no one would even know she was gone until, and no one would be coming to help her. 

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Hi! I love this particular series. I sent you a private note but received no response. I was hoping I could talk to you more about this. 
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ReaverPanHobbyist Artist
nice work ^^
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Love it more the goblin grabbing her butt.
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KiwiKinkHobbyist Writer
Great piece of art :D
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toastaHobbyist Writer
Oh, so good! More of Anita and Sissy's struggles, please! :) Great work!
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Great series!!
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SecretSketchbookProfessional Digital Artist
the blindfold makes it perfect
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Thanks, man! Really dig blindfold pics, want to try and use them more. 
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