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Anitas Disappearance 2: Bundled up

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In a matter of seconds, she was trussed up so tightly she could barely move.
The goblins were so fast, she didn't have time to react before she was on the floor, and so strong she couldn't pull free from their grip. The one on her back seemed particularly strong.

Mustering all her strength Anita screamed as loud as she could-- but only a muffled grunt squeaked out. The ragged cloths they stuffed into her mouth had done their job, and no help would come.

Continued from [link]


Feeling better about inking. Still learning, though. Would someone like to color this one?
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Love that she’s in her Socks. Can’t wait to see them drag her under that bed
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Yummm! 😋Spanking and tickling time, now!
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Saw this in a movie.  She used a flash camera to slow them down.  The goblins did not like bright lights.
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ReaverPanHobbyist Artist
Realy loving this I wonder what's to happen to her?
Personaly I'd love some tickle action XD
She's all tied and pretty ^^
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A round this cute little girl these guys were storming,
N ow what would they do?  Her terrors were forming,
I t felt so scary to be tied and bagged,
T rying to scream she just mmummpphed; she was gagged,
A nd then for shipping she was boxed and gagged.
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I love this trussed up and "dragged away" scenario. Particularly when it's by small creatures overpowering the damsel whose wandered, unwittingly, into their reach.
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6206Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, under the bed and star to play!
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hot  !!!
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Big job for the little guys.
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I think they're up to the challenge :B
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CD-B2Hobbyist Writer
What a great sequence and a cool, quick story!
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That means a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by. 
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This is one of my crazy fantasies. I've collected Barbie dolls & Action Men with the view to make a movie based around this idea. 
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Thanks so much for stopping by. Your pictures are awesome.

Be sure to check out the newest installment. 

Also, let me know if you ever need any artwork done. 
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Nice! Hope we'll see her again!
snatchernapper's avatar
You will! 

I just want to draw some other stuff first. Her story isn't over yet!
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Corbis2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this, and it's refreshing to see someone doing art by hand.
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very nice work here.
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