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Anita's disappearance 3: The trap

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After what felt like hours, but in reality was only a couple of minutes, Anita was tightly bundled and ready for transport. She must have been struggling a bit too intensely, because one of the goblins ripped a strip of cloth from her pillow case and used it to blindfold her. As he pulled the blindfold tight, Anita felt less like fighting was going to get her anywhere. She took a couple of deep breaths and flexed her wrists.

Completely helpless. 

At the same time, there was a noise in the hallway. Sissy, Anita's big sister must have gotten home early. There was a knock on the door and Sissy's voice asked "Nita? Are you ok in there? I thought I heard something." 

One of the goblins pressed a finger to its lips and let out a brief "SH!" before chuckling to itself. 

Out of desperation Anita tried, again, to scream. It would have sounded something like "help" if it had been loud enough to penetrate the door. The gag and the ropes around her neck, however, had done their work. 

Anita heard the doorknob start to turn and then her heart sank. There was another noise over by the door. It was the goblins, and they were waiting for her sister! Anita, bound hand and foot, gagged and blindfolded would be powerless to help her. 

They hadn't just come for her. They wanted her sister too, and she'd done exactly what they wanted.  

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Lucky Anita.
Nice work.
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DLShowtimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work here.
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SecretSketchbookProfessional Digital Artist
very nice angle man