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Anita's Disappearance

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Anita never listened to her lazy-eyed old aunt when she would warn her and her cousins about the goblins.

She said that they would come from underneath the bed at night, bundle up pretty young girls and spirit them off to the goblin kingdom where they would be sold as wives.

She should have listened. Everyone should have, because now everyone was asleep and her screams muffled, so when finished subduing her and dragged her off under the bed, no one would be any the wiser.

Again, if anyone wants to take a crack at coloring this one, please do!
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They’re pulling her under the bed. Gotta see it
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I would love to be Anitia asll nicley ti4d up panties i nher mouth and tight bondage. I would so love to know what the goblins would do with her under the bed.
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Hey, she should have been able to fight them...I say if they little guys can dominate and tie her up, she deserves what she gets. (I have to somehow justify LOVING this series).
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Gawd, I love bondage pictures like this!
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Very great pic :-)
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These goblins have good taste !!  
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neat--little goblins doin' their work...
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Pesky goblins, always so full of mischief. Fantastic work.
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Haha. Indeed, and thanks.
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Coming from you, that is a huge compliment!
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well, thanks (blushing)
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Well! Atleast Anita know ;)
Nice drawing and idea :clap:
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