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The Australian Authority (PVZ)
Main info:
The Australian Authority is a faction comprised of mostly zombies that controls the entirety of Australia and Tasmania. They are considered a sub-faction of Z-tech since they have a sense of independence with them being able to run and deal with internal themselves without the need of Zomboss's help but must recognize that Zomboss is the leader of them and any proposed changes to the laws must be checked and approved by Zomboss.
Leader: "Helarain"
Capital: Sydney
Faction Goals:
The faction's three main objectives are;
-Create a positive relationships between humans and zombies.
-Train the best soldiers the world has ever seen.
-Expand and colonize new planets in space.
Relationships with human:
The Authority heavily encourage good and fair treatment is presented towards humans considering they live with zombies, provide them with their main food source and help do jobs that benefit the country. Humans have the right for:
-Access to clean food,water,shelter and electricity.
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[SPO] - Caspian Atlas - Character Sheet by Snarzer [SPO] - Caspian Atlas - Character Sheet :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 11 5
Masculine Mask
It would be the holidays in the Rockies, Christmas time had just passed days ago yet some would still keep their decorations up for the holidays, Especially at Kingsmill Palace where the gold digger himself would be laying on his couch in his room, staring at the fireplace while guzzling down on some nuts with a prideful smile. He would turn to his Christmas tree to the right as it had tones of expensive decorations." Man Christmas, Once a year yet the best time for my thoughts." He explained, continuing to relax.
Soon two butler zombies would walk into his lounge room, dressed well to meet the king of the coin. "Greetings king, Hows your holidays?" Asked one of them as another brought him his favorite drink, chocolate almond milk. The king gladly takes his drink and has a sip before replying." Going well, Stocks have been rising, advancements being made in the midway for new cars and I might have converted my brother." He says while taking another sip after. The zombies thought it was
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The Little Reaper - South Park OC by Snarzer The Little Reaper - South Park OC :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 15 147
Mature content
Crimson log 4: Goo of the innocent :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 3 4
The Toy Maker by Snarzer The Toy Maker :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 12 27
Basically stan asked questions and i wanted to answer them.
1.) What do you think about the UPDF?
It's cool to see some plants flying around exploring space with having many possibilities out there, aliens, Space craft warefare and more.
2.) What's your thoughts on XenoChompers?
They are interesting, we have done rps with them before but there aren't any notable ones out there for me.
3.) Should the UPDF take care of the Criminal Planet (Helength) {The planet is full of Slavers, Drug Lords, Criminals, and many more dangers}
Sure why not? Tho Zneda and lazerik might make a appearance there, tho my criminal syndicate that i plan to make out there would probably not have much influence there.
4.) Any friends you know that are affiliated with the UPDF?
Well there are the robots, you know stan.
5.) What's your thoughts on Scar?
Pretty cool and believable, he makes sense and i enjoy stories with him.
6.) If you were in the UPDF what would be your main duty?
I guess the spino sla- Jk i think
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Mature content
Tagged to be tortured! :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 6 14
Musclea's current properties (concepts) by Snarzer Musclea's current properties (concepts) :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 10 64
Mature content
Crimson logs 3: Allies and enemies :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 6 12
Mature content
Cam.0 Chapter 5: Carnage at the city :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 7 51
Mature content
Crimson Log 2: Triggers at the Zepplin. :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 3 6
Crimson Log 1: Order and Peace
Log created: November 1st
July the 20th, 2016. 9PM
" The first of the war was unexpected, I remember the first time when the 1st Halo went into the mixed terrain of the western Australia. A resistance group that ran from the towns to stock up on Perth was causing havoc, Causing rebellions and uprisings that sprung more deaths for the humans than zombies. They couldn't accept their new rulers when everyone else did, those people that did where rewarded, we will get to that later, for now we prepare to take the west from the traitors, they told us to come get them in their land as they where dug in the sand, so we did...."
July the 21th, 2016. 12AM
"I can see the remnants of the city in the distance as the walker I was on slowly walked to the front lines of the enemies. They didn't expect the barrage of fire from out tanks and the rush of soldiers heading towards them. Tho we didn't expect them to release a army of plants at us, i felt bad for the weeds to be honest with the outcome...."
:iconsnarzer:Snarzer 4 4
Z tech and Australia authority concepts. by Snarzer Z tech and Australia authority concepts. :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 5 49 My....Pal by Snarzer My....Pal :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 19 113 My fancy dress for the prom by Snarzer My fancy dress for the prom :iconsnarzer:Snarzer 8 18
The Stupid Stuff I Make


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#sames***differentday :iconloorthedarkelf:LoorTheDarkElf 9 4
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Things that are a hundred times better than my stuff

cause brast candicooh is awesome


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Hello! Welcome you to :icondiscordapp:. Hopefully our front page is helpful? If you have any thoughts, suggestions, concerns, or anything else about the group, let me know! Feel free to use the discord images!!
Snarzer Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019
Thanks for the welcome, Your front page is helpful so far so congratulations!

Anyways if I do i'll let you know, thanks and have a nice day/night.
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Thank you!
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Scar would be showing the portal device to Stir Fry, explaining to him that it can help scar reach alternate universes personally.
Snarzer Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019
This would be taking place in Stir-fry's apartment in the city
of mars where he could be cooking up a actual beef stir fry 
for lunch with some rice. He can cook a mean dish like the
one he is named after. He would be focused on cooking with
the stir fry pan but would listen to what he was saying.
StantheSpider Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Scar would soon carefully put it on the table, as he watched, wanting to learn a proper technique, even though scar doesn’t eat, he still takes a bite to taste it.
Snarzer Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2019
Stir fry:" Stir frys are easy to me! you just mix a bunch of fresh ingredients and 
add in a sauce and just cook till it's done. Chicken and seafood are harder
to do for obvious reasons." He would mentions, using a wooden spoon to
Start mixing things up, his diced steak would be mixed with broccoli, peas,
carrots and a dark brown sauce. "So anyways, what device did
you bring?"
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MrSoleglad Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019
Thanks for visiting...and yeah, not that you pointed it out, Mack hasn't seen a lot of action...and in fact, I should probably give a whole story about the past with Grandpa Pierce...even though I brushed upon that in the past.
Snarzer Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2019
No probs, I've been actually visiting a lot to read some of your stuff.  Yeah maybe you can do more of that, tho I think some mystery with the characters in some way would be beneficial.
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Thanks for the fav :D
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