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Pink or Blue

Pink or blue?
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Blue for sure! 😇😍

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To be honest both colors suit her, the color of the skin, hair, eyes suit her with any color with the right hue & value.

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Hard to choose really. Both colors look pretty. By the way have You guys ever wondered what if Aurora's dress was green or a mix between 3 different colors?
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Nice artwork!

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PINK!!! :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: :PinkBummy: 
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I personally love Aurora's blue but that's just me. I do like both!

Fantastic drawing!
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Definitely blue. :)
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Blue! :heart: Amazing work!
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Pink :-) awesome job
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Hey, I love your art, could I know what Drawing program you use?, I'm finding it hard finding a good one xD
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The switching dress during the dance with the prince. I just LOVE how it switched from blue to pink and back to blue again ;w; 
It should stay like that ~ 

I can't really choose between the blue and the pink one tho >-< 
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Aurora should have a PURPLE dress.
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Left one is the best :) white and gold always wins
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Both... Both... Both is good. But if I had to choose, blue!
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purple. I'm an anarchist.
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I always agreed with Merriweather. Make it blue!
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