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Hello there! (:
I'm sure some of you noticed that I haven't been on Deviantart for months. Honestly, that's because I forgot it. I think I have to go on with my life without Deviantart and graphic making, at this moment.
I love it too much to give it up permanently, but I am still on school and it's difficult. I want to concentrate on my school and social life.
I love you all, you have been so loving and supportive! You are all amazing, beautiful people. <3

Best wishes,
and I hope to be back in a few months/years!
xxx Mirthe

And please make the best of 2012. Happy new year! :blowkiss:
hello guys. :D
Well I was playing Rayman Raving Rabbids on the Wii(meluvsit.) and suddenly I heard a lot of noise coming from upstairs. We and my bro were the only ones at home, so we were like; ohmy. What's that?! I went upstairs, with a little bit of a horror-feeling.
But when I was still on the stairs, I saw a little bird flying from room to room! I was shocked, how was I going to fix this? I screamed for my bro's help, and BOOM. the bird fell on the ground. I was so scared, really, I thought it was dying or so. Luckily it made a cute noise and it wasn't KO at all. My brother opened a window, but the bird flew to the bathroom. My bro chased him, haha, it looked so funny. Well the bird was finally gone. There was poop everywere. xD

But I'm still wondering; how did that bird come inside? There was no open window, we checked them all.

OOOH. It's a mistery.}
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Hello! I'm back from my holiday! YAAAY!
haha It was sooo much fun, but I'm also glad I'm home.
I will try to update my socks off!
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Thanks for reading!(: So I have a huge problem. I think you already knew that webs is doing so weird and annoying. for some it's that they can't login, or that they can;t work on their site, they don't see any css... etc. well for me it's like a %$^$@^&% prob. I can't answer any messages! I can't comment. When I write something, like a very long story, and I click on post, it says; please enter a message to post. :O I can only comment on the webs shoutboxes and the non-webs comment things. It's so weird! and sometimes I can actually comment. But that's like an exception. So sorry! I'll try to comment asap but if webs is doing this annoying, it's going to take days. maybe even weeks! please don't be mad or delete  me as affie because you think i'm not answering you.
I'm so sick of this!
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  • Drinking: water. I'm healthy :3
heey! So my first journal, huh? :D
It's was my birthday a while ago. I got this book, L.A. Candy. You know, from Lauren Conrad. First I thought; Lauren Conrad?! Did she write a book?! CAN SHE EVEN WRITE?! But the book was actually very good! Easy to read and It was fun (: But the book itself is like OMG sooo bad xD. Page 84 till 143 fell right out of the book! It was a bit wtf-ish x] But it sucks a lot! Now all the pages are screwed up and I really hate the bookmaker. :@
How can you make a big mistake like that?! But i am absolutely sure that i'm like the only one. Because I'm Dutch. I have the Dutch Book. So I think the dutch books makers are really bad xD
So I went to the shop where my mom bought it. We asked if we could bring it back and get a new one, but they said they couldn't do that, because It could've been fake! WTF! What are the talking about! Like i'm going to pull out all of the pages by myself. omg :O

So now I have a suckish book in my hands, and I can't type with that thing. lol!
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  • Playing: on the keyboard.
  • Eating: nothing. I'm anorectic. :O x]
  • Drinking: water. I'm healthy :3