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DoctahJonezHobbyist Digital Artist

Cha cha real smooth

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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist

Hehe, you have such a way with expressions. The right amount of meme but also the right amount of conveyance.

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somerandomguynumber1Hobbyist General Artist

They stare into my soul ahhhhrgggg!

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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

I love this energetic, happy friend

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I'm guessing that they have some kind of memory problems due to whatever that plant thing did to them. Yet I also get the feeling that the plant is also the only reason they are still alive after that avalanche.

I also love the expressions in the first two panels. Townsen looks great in that hat and scarf.

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or the plant is hijacking his system.

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Townsen's face in the first 2 reminded me of snoopy lol

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DragonOfTheMistsHobbyist General Artist

...Out of curiosity, is Buddy still slightly drugged-up? He seems kinda high...

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i think its drugs or brain worms

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I don't know why the first two panels reminded me of the videos of Sr Pelo.

Especially in the second with a "O BOI" from Mockey

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That first panel is glorious. These two are going to be quite the pair, aren't they? *dies laughing*

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This may be cursed but first pannel Townsen looks like a human face. Now back to your regular scheduled whatever your doing

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Townsen is just showing his own big red eyes everything is fine

All the expressions are just perfect, Buddy waging his tail is great

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That is one happy boi.

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The first panel is disturbing me on another level

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Townsen's expression in the first panel is hilarious
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