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the more teeth you show, the happier you are

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DoctahJonezHobbyist Digital Artist

Sponsored by Colgate!

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KingDrago43Student Photographer
Did Buddy just had to say a Dad joke
God I love buddy
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And here we have an alien mind doing it's best to be non-threatening and ending up being off-putting and doofy.

Whatever the parasite is, at least it isn't causing buddy to go full The Thing, or even propagating from Buddy. So whatever they are isn't actively malevolent as is.

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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist

I was expecting him to have a mini version of his own head inside his mouth. Alien-style.

These unsettling teeth will do, tho.

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Those teeth are very... unusual...

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calvacadesHobbyist General Artist

very well appearance of Buddy

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michaelmasHobbyist Writer

Too friendly by half X3

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Half of the comments thnk Buddy's adorable, other half thinks he's a literal serial killer XD I'm part of the serial-killer-half.

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Dedalo-el-HispanoHobbyist Traditional Artist
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DragonOfTheMistsHobbyist General Artist

I know, right? XD

Personally, I think it's a combination of unfortunately large canines and him not realizing his attempt at being friendly is being interpreted differently (plus his behavior just being slightly...odd. Might be from the head injury....)

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*grabs him*

(M I N E)

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I just want to take him home and hug him till I die.

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In the immortal words of Hank Hill "That boy just ain't right."
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RosenightssHobbyist Digital Artist

shhhh buddy’s smile is very good and kind

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He's gone mad. RIP

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what a toothy smile.

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somerandomguynumber1Hobbyist General Artist


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Totally the smile of a not-serial-killer.

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GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist

somehow, those huge teeth make Buddy even more adorable

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BurntDjHobbyist Artist

oh my god he's so cute, i love himmmm

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Project-X1Hobbyist Interface Designer
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Buddy is so cute
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Pfaccioxx General Artist

News: Scary looking Qualava makes timid Togitic crap his non-egsistent pants, more at 11

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hows about we don't smile for a while there buddy

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