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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 25

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They saw the end of their existence and fricking died along with the rest of their universe.

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Are you still continuing this?

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last panel
That face
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Well sh!t. The houndoom is back.
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All caught up.
Can't wait for more
Hope the hiatus won't be too lo
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i keep hearing the miner forty-niner mine moan in that panel.

and of course they would care more for themselves. who would want to die because of an egotistical suicide mission of a partner.
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Is this comic still going? or is it cancelled?
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It's still going, although I have to find a different approach to making it so these hiatuses stop happening. I also have a couple of projects I want to get done before I pick it back up which hopefully will be done by the end of the week.
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What some will do to help with Mental blocks is they will move onto something else and sometimes that can give them inspiration for things they passed making it easier for them to head back to something they passed to finish it. If its just the fact you have no time to work on it sometimes taking a step back and looking at what your doing helps a lot as it can let you better plan for life's events.

One trick I have seen many creators do is they will work on pages but only release them on scheduled days of the week this is known as building a buffer that way your not working on a page every single day and it compensates for when things in life happens that puts you on hiatus this way you can still release what you want to, but its more within your own time. That way your work time can be more flexible and less stressful.

And if your just exhausted I suggest you take a brake from it all together like do your daily regime of things you would do normally but dedicate your free time to yourself for some time to let your mind rest and ease up. As I can say a majority of fans do care about the creators state of health and mental health as well.
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that does sound... well... sound in theory. In Practice, I've yet to make it work...
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Short and simple its TLC (Tender Loveing Care) for yourself and that varies between person to person. But it boils down to doing things that make you feel more achieved and better about yourself. And doing things you like to do and treating yourself with what you want.

Cause in the end its about you when it comes to personal health not what others say. The reason I am more determined about mental health in the prior comment is due to the fact I have seen good people go because of serious degradation in mental health. I was pretty adamant about this before but now more then ever because a persons mental health plays a large part in a lot of things.

Basically do not drive yourself into the ground for others if they really care about you they would not want you to push yourself so much.

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Nice... I'll read it, it looks great out of how its drawn and all, now let's hope the story is great as well
Battledroidunit047's avatar
O_O Well... that can't be good...

I take it this is going to be on a heavy hiatus...
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A great story with likable characters, will wait for the next chapter, enjoying your art in the meantime
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the faces zach makes on panel 4 and 5, 10/5
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when's this gonna continue? (what day? or what month? or what year?)
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Not sure. I'm going to be really busy the rest of this month with essays, studying, and a MAP animation project I signed up for (which shouldn't take more than a week to complete once I can actually sit down and do it).

I am also really sick of hitting walls while doing the comic (page 25 was probably the last good breaking spot for the rest of the chapter, and if this happens again there will be problems). I really need to revise my strategy for making pages and get a buffer ready. So this won't be able to resume until midway through May at the very earliest (though this might conflict with finals week).
Do you have a link to the MAP that youre going to do?
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Yeah! Here you go, it's directed by Flavia-Elric: Pose MAP Project [04/20 - 1 SPOT LEFT!]

Everyone else's parts are looking fantastic so far, and I'm hoping to get mine started this week... I just need to get a better animation program and learn it first because the one I've been using up until now isn't cutting it here. :sweatdrop: revamp v2 I already have a plan and a program in mind, I just need real life to relax for a moment while I do this.
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ok, thx for answering
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What's a detail that I'm surprised that nobody else has noticed is the smoke effect on the last panel. That is the same smoke effect for when Zach returned to the human world for a bit and everything went traditional art style. I am predicting that another one of those moments will occur in the next page. 

Just my thoughts
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this is now my favorite comic.
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4th time rereading it. ^^;

I kinda hope after all this that Edwin asks if he wants to join a proper team with him and Zach says no still, and the next few pages are of Edwin begging him to join or something since Zach is the first person he's gotten somewhat along with and been helpful to him, that would be funny (to me).
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