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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 24


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Hey, guess what! PMD Evo's SmackJeeves page is finally live! No longer must you wade through seas of debauchery to find it.
You can check it out here!


Art by me

Story by TokoWH

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pbugle's avatar
Gotta love Zach's communication skills in this page. When you're working with someone with a polar personality, I believe one of the most important aspects of making it work is compromise, and both you and TokoWH show it well here. Let's hope it lasts...
altervirtue's avatar
Your drawing style with riolu is new to me and it's refreshing.
Social link go!

all joking aside, it’s nice to see they’ve agreed to work together
VulpineCrew's avatar
I just love your comic. Wouldn't you mind if I draw the duo one of these days?
Snapinator's avatar
Thanks, and that would be really cool of you!
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Dang, I just noticed the parallels between Zach and Edwin. Zach did something that he was in way over his head over, and Edwin is showing how dangerous vigilante action like that is if you do it recklessly.
Teravoltic's avatar
Ah man, this is looking great. Can't wait to see more. Some friends of mine have set up channels for announcement when PMD comics get a new page and I was supa fast to slam that enter key.
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
That's quite good character development, there. Love it!
CANIDStheInnovator's avatar
I was thinking the same
SlyGames's avatar
It's so well done, and some character development :o ! Good job :D !

Is it me, or there is something new on your style about the colors ?
Snapinator's avatar
Thank you!

And yes! I have a new method of shading. I think it blends with the colors much nicer than before
SlyGames's avatar
I see :o ! The Shadings are really nice ! It makes the colors more natural :D ! Keep going >3< !
Spartan-771's avatar
Well, at least he will listen... for a bit.
CurcedInfinity's avatar
I've noticed the new shading you're beginning to do! I like it!
Snapinator's avatar
Thank you! It takes a while, but it's way more fun than cell shading
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