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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 23


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Edwin, use your inside-the-panel voice!

(and I didn't forget the backpack - its straps are under the fold of the blanket now because Zach's apparel needed some serious work)


Art by me

Story by TokoWH

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Edwin can be pretty scary tho.

thatguybrody's avatar
inside the panel voice.

y e s
Battledroidunit047's avatar
And the bickering begins... But seriously, why is Edwin the way he is? It's getting OUT OF WHACK!
hell yeah more of this amazing comic
FountainHQ's avatar
Your expressions are on point dude, love your style!
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Woah... Two things:
1- zach probably touched the wrong button... Oh maaan.
But I sense that some amazing character development is coming, can't wait!
2- did you switch something on your brushes? I feel that this page feels more... Polished?
Snapinator's avatar
1- :parasmug:
2- Thanks! And no, it's not my brushes - I've just gotten a ton of practice in between studying for finals and the holiday rush! I also did this page on stream; I'm not sure if that helped the quality, but it made it surprisingly easy to concentrate.
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
I see.
Anyway, keep it up! This is one of my favourite comics in dA and I am super excited!
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Oh wait, I did start using a new brush for shading! I figured this technique out almost immediately after going of break, and it's been so long that I forgot I did anything different.
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Don't worry Zach, you only need to turn off the 3DS and turn it on in the last checkpoint.

Oh wait
Snapinator's avatar
Oh no, I don't think Zach has saved at all this run. I really don't want to replay the preschool levels.
NextgenPMD's avatar
"You know this isn't a game, right?"
Yeah, it's a comic based on a game. There's a difference. (Good job snap!)
wolfdragonblade64's avatar
I thought he said "this is a game", either way it's good to see a new page.
TheFuzzyVulpine's avatar
Ooh, looks like Zach might've touched a nerve.
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I think I know what's bugging Edwin. He's always been compared to his parents, and has really high expectations thrust upon him, and he doesn't think he can live up to said expectations. Am I right?
Spartan-771's avatar
How to cross a line. By Edwin
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Last page of 2018. 

I like the expressions. 
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CANIDStheInnovator's avatar
I was thinking the same thing
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