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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 21


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...I sure hope no one was on the other side of that blockage.


Art by me

Story by TokoWH

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This was the first page I saw 🤣 what... is this?!

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Oh well i can wait another week for the next page, take youre time
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OMG ! I just discovered your Comic and it's Awsome :o >w< ! Because of this, I'm re-playing PMD on Desmune ;3; ! Keep up the Good work !!! ( Hi from France )
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Thank you! It's really nice to hear that! And have fun
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Hehe, Edwin did improve his skills really quickly :3

I love this comic.
Looks like Edwin's been granite some metamorphic force! Remember to apply psych-pick force vigneously to cave-ins like these. Hopefully their rescue mission doesn't end up stone cold.

Awkward questions like these are reasons for having your memories wiped by godlike beings. Those lazy bastards!
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I love how cocky he looks after he finally gets it.
Bearinbigbluehouse's avatar
Well, at least they're both friends now.
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Some learnin' never hurts
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well those rocks really got floored
Noa-ritrox's avatar
A ROCK solid pin you have there
It totally ROCKS
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
Leave the stage, NOW.
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Okay, honestly, every time this updates, I get a little smile on my face. X3
KuroOkamiGamer's avatar
.. You know, that works too. Throw caution to the wind, destroy all obstacles!
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insert rock pun here
I think the page speaks for itself: Edwin is much boulder with his moves now.
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that pun really shifted my stones
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