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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 20


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Rocks are neat.


Art by me

Story by TokoWH

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title is missing an i
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That is really weird. Thanks for pointing that out.

Ooooooh, I merged the panel layer on top of the title/margin layer instead of the reverse.
Every great pokemon has a great trainer to go with it.
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The amount of rock puns in the comment section is waaaaay top much to handle.
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my emerald  Common sense: Wait, WHAT?!

                             ey mighty ey ray Commenters: right teachin’ method, always works

sonic no Me: is making a irrelevant joke, forbidden? Dont worry, im doin’ it anyway.

                            knux don't know Common sense again: this is illogical

       miles 'tails' prower 1992-2018 choked on chili dog  Uber fans: so FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

sonic no  Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I think everybody is ok with these kinda jokes so im posting it.

knux don't know  O yeah and nice comic btw I guess, I really like it lolIdunno
Huh, Edwin's a fast learner with the right teaching method!
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that really ROCK his world
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Yeah, and you could say that his teaching skills are ROCK solid.
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That puns ROCK.
Snapinator's avatar
Stone cold delivery on these jokes.
puppycatfan13's avatar
let just ROCK and roll with these puns
Yarrix's avatar
We will turn every ROCK to find more puns
NextgenPMD's avatar
These puns are all sedimentary. Though I lava them a lot.
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now we've really hit rock bottom
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Dont get too carried away, he's just starting to get the hang of it.
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