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PMD Evolution: Chapter 3 page 17


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Montages are tricky to keep interesting. I think I tried a little too hard, but the results aren’t bad.


Art by me

Story by TokoWH

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joycon's avatar
nice face zach (in the corner)
SamPD2's avatar
Your montage is adequate for the task at hand.

No need to worry, as long as you preserve the momentum you have at the moment.

Keep up the good work.
TheFuzzyVulpine's avatar
Primaldonna's avatar
amazing,,,,, true art,,,,
CUGamerXDXD's avatar
Omg this page was so lit.
TeeterGlance's avatar
dang, I really like how you conveyed their journey through the dungeon. I also love how you added a Spin Trap and the both of them climbing the stairs. Makes the environment look like an authentic mystery dungeon!

hopefully Zach survives until reaching the top
GreenShadow069's avatar
Zach just screaming is )@#$%!& amazing.
Dedalo-el-Hispano's avatar
I am mad.

This montage should have happened right after one of them said something along the lines of "nahhh, everything Will be fine!".
This in an extremely creative montage!
Good to see Zach is still standing
Garon642's avatar
That image of Edwin getting clocked in the face was done so well.
NextgenPMD's avatar
Bottom left corner: TFW you think you are done with a very difficult test and you see there is a back to it
Spartan-771's avatar
Well, at least 75% of the damage is received by Edwin
i-Sparki's avatar
Zach's forever screaming is fun to see
Xael-The-Artist's avatar
Heh, Edwin got wrecked XD
EeveeLutionSquad20's avatar
Wow there having a hard time to get to the peak of Mt.Silver and you didn't do bad on your artwork
Blueeyeddrago's avatar
With those oran berries and the Vulpix. it's a 50/50 chance you'll live.
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