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My Bio

A robot who felt nothing was left wondering what it was like to be human, and he so desperately wished for a purpose. After searching online through some questionable websites, he found an application that said it'd give him emotions and feeling.

He downloaded it, ready to be human, but once he became conscious, something wasn't right. He had gained feeling and emotions through his system but an unyielding hunger now plagued him. A virus that made him crave pain and punishment. He was never the same. He was Virus.

I want to change my username! Ideas greatly appreciated

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Something to do with Virus
Something to do with pain
Something to do with Android/Robot
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Time X:XXpm, Day XX, Year XXXX Test one: Waterproof and Leakage Virus lay on his back uncomfortably, his hips angled upward so they were nearly above him. If he had a human spine, this position would be entirely short-lived. Green eyes looked over his visible bottom, nude and open to the laboratories chill air. It made his member twitch in chill and anticipation. The small whirling noise of his disembodied hand snapped him back to attention, his gaze darting to the appendage as it approached, a long cylindrical bottle in hand. A wine bottle, his scanners showed. Just to where his hand had gotten such an item, he hadn't a clue. Virus had realized that, despite his hand being his own, it was like it had a mind of its own. If he was to guess, it was probably from the downloaded virus. If he was to further hypothesis, he'd guess that that's where the file had loaded into first, to give him sense of touch, but due to the Bluetooth and magnetic field of his lack-of-arm, distorted it and
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V-X10 stood still in front of the mirror, looking over his reflection. He was a robot, he knew that from the moment he existed. Though his arm, hand, and eye, was also a dead giveaway. With the manipulation of magnets and radio signal, he was able to move his disembodied hand like it was connected to him, but wasn't limited to reach or strength if it was his own hand. It was a perfect tool, and he'd assume that was one of his purposes before his memory wipe. But now he had no purpose. And he'd be empty and hollow till he powered off for good. He didn't want that. He wanted to feel. He wanted a name. He wanted a purpose. Using his ever evolving ai, V-X10 delved into the Internet, surfing cyberspace in search of something that would help him in his mission. There were lots of questionable websites in passing, but he only had one goal. That's when he found it. Uploaded ai-managment and advancements. Free upgrades. He spent no time in downloading a file into his system, his body vibrating in what he could only explain as excitement, but he knew he couldn't feel such emotions. Till now. The file finished downloading and V-X10's system shut down for a reboot. And with what felt like just a second for him, was days of his system being rehauled. The robot stared at himself in the mirror, reaching his disembodied hand out to touch his face. Instantly, he pulled back, his face heating up. He could feel! He touched his face again and smiled. His face was warm! He could feel his fingers going across his cheeks and they were warm. Quickly, V-X10 helped himself to stripping down and touching himself all over. He was warm, as if pumping blood like a human. This was incredible! The ravenette ran his hands up his bare chest, feeling over his nipples only to let out a hitched breath and stop. These were...very, sensitive. He rubbed over them again and felt his face heat up more. It felt... He didn't have a word in his systems dictionary for it, but he didn't want to stop. He used his finger tips to run over his erect nipples, rolling over the nub before something inside him made him pinch them. V-X10 gasped loudly, his legs buckling slightly. What a powerful feeling. An... incredible, feeling. He pinched them again, groaning out as his fingers squeezed tight on his artificial flesh. What was this feeling? He didn't want it to stop. He continued to pinch, twisting the nubs as if his hands had a mind of their own and all V-X10 could do was moan. More. He wanted more. He flew his disembodied hand from his chest to down his stomach, dipping his hand into briefs. As expected, his appendage was hard, hot, and throbbing. He wanted to rub himself to this feeling. Slim fingers wrapped around his shaft, giving slow and rough rubs in unison to his other hands pinches. It wasn't long before he was panting and bucking his hips into his own touch. More more more! He let go of his nipple and suddenly grabbed the front of his briefs with both hands, yanking them up in a Melvin. He groaned loudly, his head tilting back as the front of his underwear crushed against his erection and nuts. It hurts. It hurts and it throbbed and he wanted more! He pulled tighter, crushing his front even more till his legs were buckling and V-X10 was falling to his knees. More more more... He lifted his head to look in the mirror, his green eye dialating like a camera lens repeatedly. Look at him. He was living. He was alive! V-X10 laughed manically, his face flushed. He finally found a purpose. To seek out satisfaction and this feeling that made him feel alive. Punishment. Pain. It all excited him and his body craved for it. That file he downloaded definitely has a virus, no human would want to be like this or have a purpose like that. But everything in his body was begging for more. Virus... It was fitting, honestly. From today onward he had a purpose and now a name. Today, Virus lived.
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