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Homestuck: DVD FIGHT

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Published: July 16, 2010
Homestuck: [link] [Read it]

My favorite character is John Egbert (left)
My favorite troll is Karkat Vantas(right)

They both like bad movies so I imagine that if they ever met they would have a blast watching them together.

Of course, the would probably fight over who got to pick what to watch.

And then something like this would ensue.
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FursonaAngelHobbyist General Artist
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AvyeHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha this is amazing. Love those two.
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I just googled for homestuck gif, and this was the first that came up.
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TheTheifofTimeStudent Artist
Hahahaaha XD They would.

I am the Thief of time, it is me.
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flying-wolf-32Hobbyist Digital Artist
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XoSoGoHobbyist Filmographer
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rai-no-name Traditional Artist
Yes they would have fun!
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Hah, I just pictured them watching Con Air together, and John is reenacting the "bunny back in the box" scene, and Karkat is slamming his head against the wall! Pure hilarity!
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The John/Karkat broship would be adorable and hilarious.

Dave would hang around just to be safe. I mean, John was killed by a troll.
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I know! I am so excited to see how this story plays out, because I really do want them to be friends in the end. :D
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Ah, most definitely!

Man, I have no idea how it's gonna end at this point. The kids (and trolls (!!!!)) are in a really weird situation.

Of course, when it's all over, everything we've seen so far will make wayyy more sense the next time we read it.

Goddamnit Hussie. So brilliant.
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This is awesome, and the animation makes it even more awesome. I can totally see them acting this way too.
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I would luv for them to meet for real in the story - they would be the best worst friends. :D
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They sure would :XD: I think that they will definitely meet up eventually.
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This is quite epic right heeere.
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DastreusHobbyist General Artist
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You KNOW this would happen.
My two favorites as well :3
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It would. :D
I luv these two. So ridiculous.
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I got you a present, Casey.

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I am overcome with emotion! ;_;
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