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Commission: Watch Who You Eat
Drake Redhide awoke from his slumber, his serpentine form uncoiling as he yawned and stretched. As the eel-man smacked his lips and tasted the ocean water, he noticed a peculiar taste floating around. It seemed as though the spinnakers had got into his coral garden again.
Drake sighed, letting out a steady stream of bubbles from his chiseled jaw. The muscles in his humanoid torso were a little stiff from the night’s rest, and he could feel a small but insistent craving for movement in the back of his mind.
“Time for a hunt,” he muttered to himself, turning over in the water until he was facing the door. A wave of his arm sent a current through the modest little undersea cabin, pushing the door open as though by magic. With the way clear, Drake gave a single thrash of his mighty tail, and shot like a bullet into the open ocean.
It is difficult to describe how free and open the ocean can feel. When one needs to breathe air rather than let water move over gills, being un
:iconsnapcentino:SnapCentino 2 11
Coronation Pandemonium
“Pandora, darling! I do believe you’re ready!”
After Celestia knew how long, the iridescent blue of Madam Rarity’s magic finally stopped dancing through Pandora’s mane. The draconequus began to raise a paw to pat at the hair and see what horrors had been wrought on it, but Rarity just shook her head and levitated a mirror.
“There’s no need to disturb perfection, my dear. Just take a look.”
Pandora looked into the mirror, and couldn’t help but smile as she saw what the stylist had wrought. The alternating stripes of white, magenta and indigo in her mane had been woven intricately and expertly together, in a style reminiscent of the Crystal Empire ceremonial headdress. It was far better than the adolescent draconequus had been expecting, and far more than she had ever given the aging unicorn credit for.
“Well, darling? Say something.” Behind the mirror, Rarity had an expectant look on her face, and she also seemed tempered
:iconsnapcentino:SnapCentino 16 6
The Ballad of Barley
Imagine darkness washing over the world,
Seeping into the hearts of men.
See them fall, clutching at their hearts.
Then see them rise, reborn with nefarious purpose.
Lights gone from their eyes, kindness gone from their hearts.
Within minutes, there are mobs across the country.
Within hours, the dead are a crashing wave.
The present takes up arms to strike down the past,
And stricken down they are.
For we knew the enemy before they were made.
The world has plotted how it might strike down the dead.
For many years, all the world has made ready.
And human hands now tear the apocalypse asunder.
But there is always cost to greatness.
Though the tide has calmed, the dead still stand.
The world has sent its best to make clear the paths.
I long to count myself among that number,
But I am made the enemy by my bravery.
I held back the tide until my clips ran dry.
Then I cut through the dead until they made me die.
I am lost, and every day I lose.
I lose my flesh with every step.
I lose my stren
:iconsnapcentino:SnapCentino 4 0
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Nate Unger
Artist | Student | Literature
Hi. I'm a student at university studying for an English major. I'm here to favorite art. That's about it. Yeah, there's some shit here from when I was more active, but I don't really show up on dA that much anymore.
  • Listening to: Road Rage by Miracle of Sound
:icondawn-sunset-evening: tagged me. Blame them.

1. Write down every letter of your name or username, vertically.
2. Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter.
3. Count the number of letters and tag that many people in your journal.

S: Shipping Up to Boston - the Dropkick Murphys
N: Neverdark - Two Steps from Hell
A: Acid Rain - Liquid Tension Experiment
P: Poor Unfortunate Souls - The Little Mermaid
C: Centuries - Fall Out Boy
E: Everybody Do the Flop - TomSka
N: Negasonic Teenage Warhead - Monster Magnet
T: This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars
I: I Can't Decide - The Scissor Sisters
N: Neighbors - The Rolling Stones
O: Ode to Joy: Beethoven

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