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Thanks for the +watch. :)
Hiya, Names Lilly Onihane the Otter, i know you probaly get this alot but, i have seen you on animal planet meny time's and i wanted to chat to you, it sead you help uther furrs with makeing furrs suits's and i wanted to know if its true and if you wouldnt mined teching me how to make them, i have have been wanteing to make them for a wile but alas, i have no clue where to go or what to do, i would also like to chat as well ^,=,^ you seem like a very nice tiger and would be a good frend, i hope to here from you soon Mr Snap E. Tiger
hello Lilly. I sent you a reply on your DA page with my info :)
Hi Snap I'm Saber, Saw You On The Animal Planet On The Weird True & Freaky Show! I Loved Your Tiger Suit! Way To Go Snap, Love Yu!
just now saw this message... sorry for the late reply.

thank you for the nice comment :) that was shot back in 2002 and that tiger suit is long gone... he's had 2 remakes since then. check me out @ [link]

thanks again!
I found you!!! Your sooooo cool. I love your fursuits!!!