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Alien corpse

By snaku6763
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Amazing work, does this creature have a story behind it?

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It has a really large nose
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Is that a setup for a Jewish joke
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Like, I think my biggest problem is that I'm just completely lacking in creativity! I could never imagine something like this, let alone draw it! It's amazing. Enormous creatures like these, extraterrestrial, alien things like these are my weakness, I always adore them cause they make me feel this type of way. Overwhelmed, helpless, I just love it. Really amazing work! :)
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Epic! It reminds me of ''Arrival''. I love the color palette you picked.
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Beautiful, scary and surreal at the same time.
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great works!
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Wow! Very nice! It might be my imagination, but is there a somewhat human-like profile on it's...front(?) carapace(?)
Very very nice!
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You´re right, there is indeed human-like face on it ;)
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Hadn't thought of it before, but thats very Duwich Horror-ish in it's own way:)
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that is awesome!!!
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That's one big grasshopper. Awesome scene.
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i just have this image of this being the day the whole WORLD changed.. as images of this alien corpse lies in some farmers field in Europe
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I cant stop staring at it, amazing.
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This is absolutely phenomenal!
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Looks like what would be leftovers from Saitama punching a hole through a magicicada in One-Punch Man.
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Imagine the smell...
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Extraordinary artwork!
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imagine that ...Just thought i'd stumble over that one while walking my dogs ...  thats so creepy :) really well done!
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This face is so damn creepy
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I like how the picture has an open ended story to this was a destroyed alien invader in a war generations before..
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