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Baby ring necked snake

i baby ring necked snake compared to a quarter!!! i also caught yesterday! hiding under a rock by an old bullet factory. he was the same general area as the bigger one.
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May 6, 2004, 2:17:23 PM
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THIS IS SO FLIPPIN CUTE <3 :iconvros3buds: LOOK AT IT! <3
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'Tis cute, but I has to... Sleep. It's 12:04pm my time :sleep:
Akekai's avatar
3:04 my time, I have to sleep too XD  :sleep:
VRos3buds's avatar
Lol. See ya tomorrow then ;-D
Akekai's avatar
oyasuminasai , ii yume , mi te ne !
Igloo9201's avatar
That's soooooo cuuuute!!!
Jabber-Wock's avatar
How do we know the quarter isn't just really big?

I kid. That is the most adorable snake I've ever seen.
Annatiger1234's avatar
That is sooo freaking cute!
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The proper name is King snake, sorry im a snale nerd and can sound a bit rude at times ^^;
PKBitchGirl's avatar
It's not a kingsnake, baby kings are larger than this, ring-neck snake is the name of the species
malcomwilk's avatar
i remember one time i caught one of these snakes it was a baby as well and what i thought was so cute it wrapped its body around my finger around like a ring.
Boo2197's avatar
this makes me sad, i had a little ringneck about a foot long, and he was my baby.. And this morning my grandmas house cleaner drowned him in the sink.. im ready to kill her.
PKBitchGirl's avatar
Why did she drown him?
FluffySpiderz's avatar
Nyahhh how cute. I just hatched one and it looks exactly like that!
Spade9's avatar
i love catching snakies ;0
awwwww...sooo cute! =D
Bat-Snake's avatar
Duuude, I've seen one this tiny! In my friend's pool too! Plucked it right out, showed it to my mom, then hid it from their dog!
ancestorsrelic's avatar
Ooops... first i thought, it's a fully grown, female green Anaconda! ;-)
Just kidding... That's really an amazing shot.
sweet-tea-86's avatar
i rescued one of those a few months back. aren't they so adorable?? :)
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