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Gallery Folders

Rattlesnake by MonsterBrand
Moira asking for some ratz by slitheringscales
Snake on a Bone by CraniatesCloset
Python with apple 01 by feanen-lazuli
What Lurks Among the Green by ManitouWolf
Wagler's Viper by ManitouWolf
Deadly Yawn by ManitouWolf
Relaxed Death by ManitouWolf
Cinner - cinnamon ball python female by runninghorsespirit
Cinny - Cinnamon Ball Python female by runninghorsespirit
Gabby by ManitouWolf
A Delightful Scaley Fellow by SpiderMilkshake
Black Ratsnake Portrait by SpiderMilkshake
Lampropeltis getula nigrita by Savage-Mojo
Mexican Black Kingsnake by theperfectlestat
Ree Ree spider ball python outdoor pt2 by runninghorsespirit
Ree Ree spider ball python outdoor by runninghorsespirit
Pastel Ball Python Hatchling by runninghorsespirit
Sharky - Pied Ball Python - Pet by runninghorsespirit
Curvy by ManitouWolf
Brown Snake Portrait by SpiderMilkshake
Harvest by runninghorsespirit
Orange Devil by Sapphiresenthiss
Golden Coils by ManitouWolf
Scowl by ManitouWolf
Then there was two.... by runninghorsespirit
Ava by runninghorsespirit
Frank by runninghorsespirit

Guidelines To Submitting

So how the folders work is pretty simple: whichever color on the snake is most dominant (say 3/4 of its color) is the color folder it should be put into. If a snake is a even mix of two or more colors, into the Mixed folder.
Not too strict about it, but that's the general idea.
Requests to join are automatically approved, submission limit is nonexistent, and submissions to Featured aren't allowed.
So, without further ado, have fun, and remember to treasure these beautiful creatures as everybody should. They're beautiful, elegant, thrilling, and a lot are really damn cute as well.



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Is this group still active?  I've been away for a few months, but have some lovely snake photos I'm attempting to submit.....
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Hello. Is this group active, please?
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