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MLP OC Olympic Dreams pony creator vs. me


:iconevasky123: has my permission to RP with this OC.

Thought I'd do one of these. 

Olympic Dreams original:…

Character Creator meme:…

I don't own MLP and I receive no money for this fanart
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Isnt the one on the right a base? I saw a base of it earlier
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ya, I made a base of it a few years ago.
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Its So Adorable Do You Take Requests???
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Yeah, what are you thinking about?
Eeveelucario5561's avatar
well i've been wondering if anyone can make me a Mlp Oc But Im Not Sure If I Have To Do It Myself Its Because Im Not Good At Drawing And I Don't Have A Pc Thats Why You Can Do It If You Want Im No Forcing Just Asking :)
snakehands's avatar
do you have a description?
Eeveelucario5561's avatar
For The Oc? If So Then It Doesn't Matter What It Looks Like I Was Thinking Having It Be A Pegasus I Can't Think Of A Cutie Mark. I Like Music And Video Games So Probably One Like That. Im A Boy So Probably A Blue Color.
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Oh my stars! your art is simply gorgeous, and I hope to achieve this type of beauty in my art.
<3 simply gorgeous keep up the good work
Glitt3r-Fox's avatar
Oh wow, this is amazing!
I'm working my way towards this kind of skill, it's just so ok pretty!
Martiiee's avatar
WOW Big difrenc
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PonyHeart11's avatar
I luv your drawing <3 its so pretty!
Flutters101's avatar
I love the your vision side. Its beautiful
Could I use this one?
snakehands's avatar
ya (just so you know since you can't tell by this drawing her eyes are golden/yellow)
MlpGlittershine's avatar
do you take requests?
if so can you maybe do my oc??
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Hiya, umm, I know you said that you only do requests sometimes, but, I was wondering if perhaps you could draw a pony for me? I can't really draw too well XD and I love your artwork <3 Heart 
snakehands's avatar
Can you send me a link or description?
chocolatejazz's avatar
okay heres a link if u post this code in generalzoi's pony creator game on DA, a pic of my pony will come up just make sure its in the create box at the bottom of the advanced section in create: 3U3T000100FEF0F0F9FE9E0010100A6FEUK143C000000000Y1ADEFFE68B1E808107F3FCC004CB2
thx btw
chocolatejazz's avatar
its also the original pony creator, not the recent one
ZipitLockit's avatar
agreed, but I only use pony creator because my hands can only work with curtain styles, sure the darn thing could use a spit shine but hey ya do what ya do
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