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Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders
[Edit: To prevent any further misunderstandings and unecessary flaming, please, for the love of all that is good and lovely in the world, read the damned description.]

...Are not cool. Seriously.

[Long and rambling post ahead, with dollops of personal bias.]

I don't know much about the Internet world, I have to admit, but what I've seen of it often times makes me cringe: for some inexplicable reason, kids nowadays seem to think proclaiming to the Heavens that they have something wrong with "their heads" is OMGLIEKTTLYKEWL, and it's become like a fad to have OCD/Depression/Panic Attacks, or what have you. I can't be sure whether these kids might actually have something wrong with them, per se, but the reality of individuals with actual mental disorders is that it does not make you more of a SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE, and OMGAWESOME; in my experience, it can, in fact, be pretty debilitating.

That said, just reading the DSM-IV [link] does not make you a specialist on mental disorders, nor does taking an online quiz about the sort of mental disorder you have is any indication to whether there is something wrong with you; in any case, if you think you might be troubled, it's always best to get a professional opinion.

Apart from that, your OC with the plethora of mental disorders isn't OMGKEWLDESU, either. I can tolerate realistic depictions of mental disorders in fiction, but not when it's dumbed down to the point that it doesn't even friggin' match the definition of the disorder the character proclaims to have-- maybe investing in complex characterisation might be a better idea, who knows?

Yeah, I probably should take things a little less seriously.

[/End of rant]
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November 28, 2009
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