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I came across something I wrote long ago when the world around me was frozen and the trees were bowing.

The frozen water lays it's toll. 
To last the winter, my dear lumber
you will need veins with soul.
The air is sharp with pain.
The sky is gray with cold.
Until this frigid winter ends, 
may your roots cling strong to the soil.
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My new home as of April.
Any suggestions on photographic places in which to take models and explore is welcome.
If you see fit to recommend, that is :)
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For those who choose, enjoy...
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It's almost summer, I just had my baby, and I'm ready to start shooting again.
Happy days, Deviants :D

InstraGram: SnailsLoveTea
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Through the years, so many things have changed. Those of you who have loyally followed already know this, but I figured it only fair to post an up to date journal of all of my links and such for those of you who are still interested.

I have grown pickier about who, what, when, and where I photograph anything any more. Through learning trials, bad experiences, and an ever-changing point of perception as the world changes around me, I am not as easily intrigued or impressed enough to designate my time to certain aspects of the art. There is a rarity in uniqueness any more, and the people who create for the reasons I desire to be a part of seem to be fewer and further between as the years go by.

My time is important. I am not the mother of two, and my world is theirs completely. If I'm taking time away from my kids to create, I want every aspect of the experience to be worth it.

With all of that being said, I am so much more passionate about what I create, and those who help me in the process now than I ever have been. I'm ever grateful to every single one of you for not just supporting me, but sticking by me and giving input. I live to learn and love, and I love to create. Thank you so much for every bit of that care.

My images may state several different links, but most of them are inactive now. I have separated myself from certain aspects of the internet and the photography/modeling world. Reason being because I desire a more simplified and deep life.

My links; and an updated supply of places you can follow my work and many other aspects of my life:

InstraGram: SnailsLoveTea

I wish you all peace and love in all the right places. :heart:
I needed one separate from my photography. Because, well let's face it... I have a dirty mind sometimes.
Not always good for business. When I start my fetish work, I'd like it to be separate from family portraits and maternity gigs for obvious reasons.

If you're there, leave your link below. :heart:
Merry Christmas, loves.
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In appreciation of those who inspire me, even in my lowest of moments. These artists have pushed me into the light when I have secluded myself in darkness, refreshed my memory of times I needed to be reminded of through their own view, and brought beauty to the moments where I truly needed to find it.

Even if you don't realize it, your passion could touch the souls of anyone in this world.
Never give up. You never know who can relate to you.

Thank you all, so much for the view.

Mature Content

The Eye II by MarinaCoric

rooms and bicycles by LichtReize 

Mature Content

Scenes of the Floating World by rdhobbet
  The Skin I Live In by MarinaCoric

Mature Content

Mable - 7348 by grodpro
  Last roses by NRichey <da:thumb id="478214215"/>
<da:thumb id="565583904"/> 

Mature Content

You Can't Be His And Still Be Mine by nikongriffin

Mature Content

leaning. by musicandphotography

inez by axegor  Corrupted Innocence by TaraLundriganPhoto 

Mature Content

Keep Distance by TrizTaess

Dusty Moths by NataliaDrepina 

Mature Content

Lace. Tulle. Shoes. Lee. by LeeLooLa
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My cousin, Kyle is a strong mofo, but even the strong need help sometimes. He pulled himself from the wreckage, and is still recovering from this horrific accident. My hero, and inspiration through my own recovery (I recently broke my collar bone and finger after a fall). He is an amazing person, and anyone who knows him will tell you the same. Quiet, but unforgettable...Strong, but sensitive. He loves animals and love itself.

Please, if not a donation... Take a moment to read about his fight and/or share. Thank you SO MUCH.

Click here to donate or read his story:
If you like my work, please feel free to like m FB fan page. Every bit of support goes a long way.
Thank you SO MUCH.
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I need an account upgrade. :/
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My laptop wont let me upload anything. I've been trying for weeks and have so many pictures. :(
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Some of you may already know that my former domain "StoryofMyEyes" (when was my copyright since birth, basically) was stolen. I have created a new fan page, and am finally starting fresh with all of my work. I'm excited, motivated, and appreciate your support now more than ever.
Thank you for all of you, and everything you guys are. I hope this day is as good to you as you deserve. :heart:

The new fan page, for those who are interested and would like to see more frequent posts of my work:
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I'm curious, what is the difference to YOU?

Mature Content

Waiting Socks by MoofyModel
 <da:thumb id="416407866"/> <da:thumb id="150374881"/> 
The bearded man in the flower field 2 by Estelle-Photographie  Tim by Alyz  man by MartaSyrko
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So, someone recently stole "Storyofmyeyes" from me. It has been my alias for as long as I can remember. I even used it as an AIM screen name back when that was a thing! Anyway, rather than be upset about this... I'm starting fresh in 2015.
"Storyofmyeyes", I used to abbreviate with "S.O.M.E.". With that being said, as soon as I can afford a Premium membership (taking point donations on my page if anyone feels kind enough) I'm changing my name, cleaning out the images I do not want, and as mentioned... Starting over. It's an exciting process, and for those of you who have followed my work, thank you for doing so. I would be nothing without your support. Though I don't frequent this site as much as I'd like to due to my constant traveling, you can find me on FB:
All I ask is that you keep it professional, artsy, and business related if you decide to contact me. Thank you very much all of you. The holidays had better be treating you guys well!!! ;)
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I still love you guys! I've been traveling a lot and recently lost power, so I haven't had time or access to the site. Thank you all so much for your continued support. I promise I'll respond to all of your kind words as soon as I can.

In February, for those who may be interested... I will be moving to North Carolina. So, perhaps we can work together!
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If you like any of the clothes you've seen me wear in my images, you might want to check out my Etsy below!…

I don't like to shoot in or with the same thing more than once, so I put a lot of the items that I have made myself, as well as vintage-wear and props up for sale. Take a look! I sell my prints there too if you are interested. Let me know if you have any special requests!

Thank you!

Also, feel free to like either of my FB pages! I always appreciate the support if you see fit to take a peak!
Thank you!!!
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... But if you follow me you would have already noticed due to the recent flood of lovely ladies I've been uploading and am going to upload :)

Oh, and there's a dude somewhere in there too. Also lovely. Enjoy, and thank you for all of the love while I was gone!!!

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It's vacation time. See you in a month or two! Enjoy your spring!
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Let's be friends so we can friend safari! Just leave your friend code in a comment on this journal or send me a private message and I will return the favor with mine so we can get more pokemon! I'm a total nerd, and this would make my day a little bit more epic :)

Thanks guys!

If you don't know where to get your friend code:

Click the little smiling box at the top center on the HOME page. Once you get there, click your character and there should be a 12 digit friend code number undernieth your avater. 
I'm happy to tell you how to add my friend code once you send yours, just request it :)
Remember! We can't be actual "Friends" on the game unless we both add each other. I don't know why they did it this way, but it's the only way! 

Looking forward to gaming with you!!!

-Sophia :heart:
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At the moment, these are my top five favorite photographers. There's always so much to see...
Feel free to share with me your favorites, as well. Who knows, maybe I'll find some new ones. 

Fashion inspiration.
Shadowed by Queen-Kitty  Rose Daughters by Queen-Kitty  Aquatic Gamine by Queen-Kitty

The prettiest.

flower field by vampire-zombie  where trees are born and where their branches by vampire-zombie  red and blue by vampire-zombie

A haunting, lovely reality.

<da:thumb id="396744932"/> <da:thumb id="421625866"/> <da:thumb id="288931006"/>

She finds beauty in darkness. A good friend.

<da:thumb id="204976233"/> <da:thumb id="344343428"/> <da:thumb id="197640831"/>

I aspire to be so talented.

  She by NataliaCiobanu  In autumn time by NataliaCiobanu