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Published: July 17, 2014
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Hahah, as you know, my humor is darker than my soul.
But this dark humor keeps me alive all these years. Hope is a beautiful thing <3
That and the desire to see the first snow fall for the first time in my life. =)
Which ironically once I saw it, I effing hate it. Shoveling snow. Eff that.
Did I just share a black star? Maybe.

Now suicide is a touchy subject. I'm going to touch it. Touching "Do not touch" signs are one of my favorite things to do.

I actually am all for "A person's life is his/her to end. Their lives. Their choices." There's no use asking someone who lost the will to live to go through life an empty shell......
with that being said. I have nothing else to back up.

Other than, now fantasize about your own death, who would be the first to discover your body? How distraught would they be? Think of a person who loves you most. Imagine the expression, the scar you'd cut so deep into their hearts, by leaving abruptly. Think of the tears they'd cry from missing you. 

Now back away from the tool you're about to end your life with.

Think. The scent of your favorite food. The breeze at your favorite place. The sound of a loved one calling your name.

Back. The eff. Away from the tool you're going to end your life with.

Think. One reason. I don't care how trivial. That you would want to hold on to life to see the next sunrise. And the next. And the next. 

You're still reading this. Then you're searching for someone to stop you. Look in the mirror. Have you mistreated someone else in your life? Why would you mistreat that person staring back at you? That person deserves to be happy. Not dying alone by his/her own hands.

7 billions people in the goddamn world. One more person dying doesn't even matter. And yet, here I am, giving a crap whether you live or die. I don't even know you.

Think how devastated someone who actually knows and cares for you would be once they learn you've taken your own life.

I am all for "A person's life is his or her own to take" However, before you do, don't. 

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I disagree that suicide is never the answer but this was actually really funny
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Like your humor.
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MisLuckHobbyist General Artist
I know I'm a cynic and this sentence would make me four times dead but I just shrug and say "Let the problem handle itself.". We're overpopulated as it is. 
And yes, I'm a terrible hypocrite (people I hate more than gum in my hair) as I'm still not over my soulmate's suicide (soon 20 years). 
And no, suicide isn't the answer. The answer is to grow a back bone, rise up, look what you have left and start over. Every time time life beats you to face and ground and runs you over with a bulldozer just get up, look what you have left and go with that. If you have nothing left, go with that. Yeah, easier said than done but it's not impossible. 
Mad to this? Go read the first five words and have a hug. 

(And yes, I was violently bullied for 13 years. On ninth year I started to fight back and I was the one who ended in trouble. Later on, on adult life I've met several of my bullies and they bullied me because they were insecure that I seemed to be brave and have my own mind and not do what others did. SEEMED. So think what you seem to have as a strength that they might want/fear. Then make it your strength.)
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kek kek
bullie isnt a reason to commit suicide.
belife is one.
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That face though
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Neshi-FarfarerHobbyist General Artist
Agreed on all points above. Agreed whole-heartedly. Excellently put. More power to ye. Keep up the good work!

And, if I might add...…
Whether the foes are within or without: KEEP ON FIGHTING. 
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I remember considering this shit once. One side of me was like, "MMM YES YEAH BABY SUICIDE MM YEAH SO TANTALIZING MMMM YEAH" and the other side was like, "ew nah bro". And right before I finally let myself end, my happy side of my brain was like, "what about all those people that care about you?" And the depressing side was like, "WAT"
Depressing side: WHO
Happy Side: Her best friend
Depressing Side: Bu-
Happy side: her FRIENDS
Depressing side: Wa-
Happy side: HER PARENTS
Depression: I--
Depression: 0-0 okay
So yeah needless to say I DIDNT throw myself off a bridge and suicide IS NOT the answer, and never will be
Great comic
I liked it! ^_^
Gets the point across
LUV your stuff
Have a nice day...
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ForeverChetnaStudent Photographer
Bullied even amongst ghosts ... What will ya do now 😪
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HorriblySilentHobbyist Digital Artist
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Ask-TheForgottenGirlHobbyist Writer
haha i like its cool
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KyroseBatesStudent General Artist
Haha that would be my luck!
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Cody696Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The strip made me laugh pretty hard but your message in the description is effing amazing.
Thankyou so much for writing that. It struck every one of my feels.
Angler #696 is happier now ^_^
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QQI25Hobbyist Writer
:huggle: Thank you for saying that. 
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Phoenix8640Student Writer
this is like Foxtrot + Pearls before Swine.
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I don't know what to say... I thank you very much for saying that. thanks, really
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Dimension-ChroniclerHobbyist Digital Artist
I really like the sense of humor with this.  Its a very comedic and daring (with our society, to make fun of something so serious is frowned upon and its quite nice to see someone push that off the cliff with both middle fingers up and a dark grin on their face) and it actually made me laugh.
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ArtNooblyHobbyist General Artist
First time I tried to kill myself was when I was nine, and the last time I tried when I was 17.

Things seem a lot harder when you are younger because you can "see ahead" 

I know it's hard, and it doesn't always go smoothly, or get better right away, but if you fight hard enough, it will get better. 

On a more morbid/funny topic, don't try to hang yourself. 

All I got out of it was whiplash, a sore arse, and a bad headache. -___-

No one knows the right way to hang themselves anymore. lol
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Dang this really hit home hard... I was nearly one of those because (as I think I said in a note) my high school life was one of sheer hell.
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SPIKE295Student General Artist
Dark humor :clap:
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kagomegirl96Student General Artist
I really like this. I hope it's okay that I feature this in my journal! With full credit to you of course. :)
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SnaiLordsStudent Digital Artist
Go for it ^^
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huhahu68Hobbyist General Artist
suicide is the worst crime to do to yourself and to all who love you, and especially to the anime makers who work their heads off to bring you the next episode... 

the last bit was the most significant, maybe.
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Okay, I know this is really, really bad...but I laughed.
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