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Shot by Cupid

Destined to join a monastery.

I won't fight destiny this time.

Knight is [link]

Knight and I have been texting back and forth. I suggested he hit the strip club for his birthday. We spoke about the strip clubs and stuff. ( LOL I went to one for my bday)

I was down from my best friend leaving.

Aidyn: I'm in dire need of a lapdance to cheer me up.
Knight: I'll give you a lapdance haha

he didn't text me until 10:42PM of the next day
Knight: Hey, this week is kind of crazy with family and everything, but we should still get that yogurt.
(I was surprised and happy he suggested "yogurt" instead of "strip club" like I've mentioned.)
Aidyn: Yogurts would brighten my day. But are you willing to make that one hour drive?

This was sent last night. He hasn't texted me all

I grow tired of this lol...I'm just going to call this Knight chapter, CLOSED.

....My heart breaks more over the math test that I completely bombed today than by his whole "messing" with my head thing. Hahah
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At least you get attention. -3- He shoves me over to hustle to my friends. Or sits on my head and takes aim next to me where they are talking about their latest crushes. And then his love aura infiltrates my head and turns me into a shipper... *stares at favorite couple from Fairy Tail* It legit started around here. And then I shipped. I shipped hard. And then my ship was blasted to pieces by a canon, and I had to be rescued by an enemy ship and have been swabbing decks aboard it ever since.
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Hahaha, just like the same as you xD
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that bitchass...
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XD LOLZ wrong arrow thats me as well every year
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ì've never been hit by his arrows (seem to evade them)
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How I felt when I think about my ex-crush... He's a good person to talk to, but horrible to 'love' anymore.
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I felt ya before..
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Then he wonders why I'm taking a break from love at the moment.
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That happed to me before..
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:pat: Mind sharing your side or no? I can understand and respect your decision.
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I'm sharing for what I felt.
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Cupid looks like someone that would be from Pon & Zi.

It's cute; even if romantic love is gross. 
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I think I based Cupid face on those things. hahah they're cute. 

lolz eff romance. And V-day is coming up
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Don't remind me...I forgot about the dreaded V-Day, but then I was wondering why my friend kept trying to set me up, even my Ex is doing it.

I finally told everyone too "Stop trying to shove a relationship down my throat like some big overeager inconsiderate cock!"

Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

Also...I drink tea a lot, I'm assuming that's why I never get angry often. lol
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I still have a scar from when cupid struck last.
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Cupid be tripping lol
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godammit cupid label your freaking arrows.
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And don't shoot until you see something that's our perfect match! Gawd, get glasses or aim better or something, Cupid.
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Woops put thumb should have been: [link]
Angel-Dust-Ryuuki's avatar
Hey! =) Featured this in [link] for V-day.
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Ha ha....cough...[straight face]

The person who says they will be monk/nun is usually the first to get married off.

My sister said that...and was the first one to get married in my family. [She wanted to be a nun, and was a tomboy through and through.]

This is true...although I have stranger stories of persons who fought like cats and dogs all throughout their lives and got married to each other so eh.
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hahahahah XD yeah well, that's not applied to me .
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