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Love Wins
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Published: June 28, 2015
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^^ Just a quick sketch to celebrate.
It's nice to know whoever I choose to marry is no longer the government's business or anyone else's.

Congrats to couples and people who have been persecuted, bullied and shamed for simply wanting to love another consenting human, regardless of gender. Your battle has been won. Marriage equality in the US is confirmed.

~If loving another consenting human is wrong then I don't want to be right! XD

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#LoveWins thank you Milord for another beautiful piece of work
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MshislHobbyist Filmographer
This is wonderful
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Lich090Hobbyist Writer
Why did I not find you sooner? You are amazing
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This piece would be perfect for our anti-bullying project -- an online gallery for artists who explore the theme of bullying in their work. It's called the You Will Rise Project. Check it out here: and read the "Submit Work" section to read how to share your work on our site. Thanks!

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xelanesqueStudent Digital Artist
As a gay man I am overjoyed. But as a man with Asperger's Syndrome, I am unmoved and unimpressed.
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MasterCactieHobbyist General Artist
you sir are magical
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xelanesqueStudent Digital Artist
I am tired seeing my people swept under the rug being turned into a permanant underclass.
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TinyandHugeStudent General Artist
Love always win, no matter what
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batgoil123Hobbyist Artist
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Si1ver-PrinceHobbyist Artist
I was jumping up and down when I heard the news.
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Wooooooot! I was so excited when I first heard this!
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xDiannaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
In Netherland it luckily was legal 
My nephew married his boyfriend last month! So beautifull!
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littlesnowyfoxStudent Digital Artist
Australia next please :D
But we have idiots as bad as bush sitting at the forefront of our leadership ^o^ yay!
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GoldenNocturnaStudent Writer
You live. And yes, you should be able to marry who you want.
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But it feels... Bad in a sens, I dont feel good about us humans finally winning over our right to love who we want... Because we should have already been able to. We shouldnt have to fight for more freedom because we already shed blood in the past for freedom, why do we still not fully have it? Ima just go and roll into a ball in my corner of depression and eat some cupcakes because cupcakes.

Woooot! Now my gay friends can get married and stuffsss.
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RavenFly13Hobbyist General Artist
i know right....
why are some people still to dumb for shit....
we are all equal and we should all have a home, food, water & love :heart:
everybody keep strong, have a wonderful day
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Well thats the thing, you have a mind set almost like mine that scares other people. There are people who want an opportunity to be able to advance threw society threw hard work and what not. In a society of equal gain, a doctor works harder but gains the same as someone who works in mc donalds. So you have to think about it, is that fair? Someone who doesnt work or do anything is merely bringing society down. Or at least that is what they say, and yes in a way it is true. But there are people in this type of society who figured out how to not work as hard and even gain more than most. Ruling over people is hard, you cant make everyone happy, and not everyone likes being controlled. But I do know the most ultimate power over all humans >;D Its called cuteness x3 and adorableness. And in fact, it is biological for us as humans to lvoe cute things, even some animals experience this. That is also why when men are raised to act a certain way. Such as being "masculine" They are taught to stride away from what is in there blood and that can break there mind. More divorces happen because of that, we have more abusive husbands, as well as more depression. We as humans, truly are the same, even when our bodies may be different, our minds work in about the same way..... Wait... I think I got carried away, what was I talking about again? Dx
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RavenFly13Hobbyist General Artist
i didnt understand everything xD
but the things i understodd, you are right about.
also, i think a job were you save peoples lives, or help people should earn you more money then being a sports star..... -.- that pisses me off
but i cant change everybody else, i can change me and i can try to teach young people (i'm not grown myself but hey) that we are all the same :)
Ch1biKuro's avatar
You know that each job has its own benefits right? Look at the benefits of a sports star in comparison to someone lets say in the army or even a doctor. Also in order to even make money as a sports star you have to be good and work really hard, even then you may not even be so lucky.
RavenFly13's avatar
RavenFly13Hobbyist General Artist
yeah it has.
i'm not saying sport stars are bad people, or that they dont work hard.
it's just that they get so much more money (some of them) while people who served their land & people land on the street?!!
i just think the ones saving people should get more payback :)
I didnt mean to offended anyone
Ch1biKuro's avatar
Do I sound offended? o-o Ya you are right, it kinda sucks and allot of people feel that way too.
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RavenFly13Hobbyist General Artist
nah you dont, but i meant to say that to anyone reading it ;)
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I know! This is how they getcha. Make male members of the proletariat abusive so they break their children's revolutionary spirit. But now the Bourgeoisie are getting behing the LGBT movement, and who knows what they're up to? I bet soon they'll be gay people demanding more rights above straight people. Can you prove the cutness theory? :3
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