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This artist obviously has superb painting and rendering skills. The strokes are well defined and broad but work expertly to create a wh...

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So I was tagged by Itz-Me-Again to do this list and and it seemed like a lot of fun so here I go!
~Say 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms (any medium, anime, manga, novels, movies, etc, Whatever you like) and tag 10 people
~She didn't say to include reasons why but I'll include a small blip to explain (vague spoiler warning). And also, this is not really count down, so the numbers mean very little. It was very hard to decide which characters to choose, so ranking them would be even harder. 

10. Kaori Miyazono - Your Lie in April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Although not the most developed character, she is one of my favorite characters because of what she represents. Kaori represents life and vitality; she is the music that Kousei can't hear. She is beautiful and teaches him to fall in love with music all over again, just as the audience falls in love with her too. 

9. Syaoran Li - CLAMP universe: I have a weakness for mangas by CLAMP, so of course I had to choose a character from them. I love Syaoran because no matter what universe or series he's in, his love and loyalty to Sakura remains strong and admirable.

8. Gin - Into the Forest of Fireflies/Hotarubi no mori e: Kind and caring, he shares a beautiful but tragic relationship with Hotaru, never having what he needs the most except for one sad, fleeting moment. The poor thing, I love him ;-;

7. Migi - Parasyte the Maxim/Kiseijuu: weird choice but allow me to explain: Migi is a character that you least expect to love, but as the anime goes on you see the full extent of his humanity and his love for Shinichi. Beyond just parasyte and host, they develop a true and strong friendship.

6. Kamina - Gurren Lagann: An astounding leader, amazing friend and brother, and a badass, Kamina is strong, passionate, and fearless. He continues to encourage his bro Simon throughout the series and has a great relationship with Yoko. 

5. Hatchin - Michiko and Hatchin: I can sing this show's praises for hours, it's easily one of my most favorite anime. Not only does Hatchin share the strongest mother/daughter relationship I've ever seen with Michiko, she is full of spunk and sass and is completely adorable.

4. Okabe Rintarou - Steins; Gate: HOUOUIN KYOUMA!! Man, I love this character. He's a self-proclaimed evil genius, and he  proves himself to be quite smart, caring, and kind. I love his relationship and clever banter with Kurisu and his friendship with Mayuri, along with the other members of the Future Gadget Lab.

3. Clarisse McClellan - Fahrenheit451: changing it up with a novel for #3. Much like Kaori, Clarisse radiates life and vitality in a world that would be otherwise bleak and cold without her. Except instead of loving music, she teaches the protagonist to love living and human interaction. She herself is delightfully human, and she shares a beautiful, although brief, father/daughter relationship with Montag in a dystopian society where family doesn't even exist. 

2. Shichika Yasuri - Katanagatari: An amazing character from a phenomenal anime. Through his relationship with Togame we see him go from human weapon to just human. And his humanization is so well done, leading the show to a great last episode. I'll stop here to avoid major spoilers, but please know he's a fantastic character. 

1. Jay Gatsby - The Great Gatsby: My favorite character from one of my favorite novels for #1. Gatsby is one of the most well-written, complex characters I've ever seen. I sympathize deeply for him and think that this little paragraph can't do justice to his character. Although he may seem like a shallow character from his reputation, prone to overindulgence and crazy parties, when we see the truth behind those parties, we learn that he is a broken man with a broken dream. Although he has a criminal past, his pursuit of love and the American dream makes him honorable and misunderstood. Gatsby was not materialistic himself, just driven to do bad things out of the materialistic world he lived in and out of love, setting him apart from most other characters and landing him the #1 spot on my list. 

Wow, this ended up a lot longer than I thought it would. Thank you so much if you actually read all that. 
Tagged people:  (I don't know too many people here so if I tag you and you don't want to do the list, don't feel obligated to)
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Hello there!
So after procrastinating for a lot longer than I should have I finally made an account for Deviant-Art (Yay!)
Art is something I've always enjoyed and I mostly draw in pencil or ink. I prefer to do more traditional art but I like all types of art. I don't get to draw that often because I don't really have much spare time (the struggle). Even then, art is still my favorite hobby.
I love this site because you can freely express yourself without fear of judgement and flame wars, can't get that on Youtube XD.
Oh, and I really like snails, I think they're adorable.


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