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Percival Chapter 1.0
The early morning sunlight streamed through the tall arched windows at the back of the royal throne room, hailing the dawn of a bright new morning. It illuminated the combed blonde hair and heavy red cloak of the King, who stood in its path and peered moodily out the middle window, as if there were a personal score he wished to settle with the landscape.
His Royal Majesty did not often look agreeable. He was the kind of man who treated every day as if it had just insulted him. The sort who had been raised to understand that his own wellbeing mattered above all and everything else. Such people, it can be said, were born to rule.
 “You know what I hate about magic users, Quincey?” he asked. The little man standing obediently behind him shifted uncomfortably. His round face quickly set itself into a look of concentrated blankness as he realised that he had partially dozed off. 
 King Mathias had addressed his manservant as ‘Quincey
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Percival Prologue
Engang for længe siden...
Es war einmal...
Hi havia una vegada....
Once upon a time…
They always start like that. The old stories. They let you know exactly what you’re in for. Something about the words just reaches down into the depths of your childhood and tugs at heart strings. They make you feel safe. When something takes place once upon a time, that’s the sign that you can snuggle down next to the fire, safe in the knowledge that there will be Princes and Princesses lying in wait behind the next page, alongside Wicked Witches and Ugly Stepsisters, talking Mice, Three brothers (or tailors, or goats, or rats depending on the telling) A glorious triumph of Good over Evil.  
But really, we know that’s not the case, don’t we? Because all fairy tales are built on foundations of blood and bones, on sightless morals and lessons hard learnt but seldom won.
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Don't feel the need to thank me for faveing an artwork of yours- make more biatch!


You can now find me over on:

Gosh, hi! I feel like every time I come on here I have to make a comment about how long it's been since my last visit!
And this mega-hiatus of mine is partially why I've come to the above decision; I'm moving across to a new account.

I was barely a teenager when I first found my way on to DA, and the things I've learnt and people I've met on this account have been astronomically influential in how they've shaped me as an artist. But, given just how long I've spent away, and how much my situation has changed, I feel it may finally be time for a fresh start.
Of course, if anyone is still following me after nearly...two? Two years of barely passable activity, I'd love to pick back up where we left off, and I'll certainly try to follow as many people as possible from over here!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
:heart: :iconmystic-snail: :heart:

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? Someone paying me an actual visit? How wonderful! Do sit down and make yourself comfortable; I hope you like strawberry tea!
Nice to meet you- My name is Snaggle.
I'm small, of the teenagery girlish persuasion, and I, like you and (I hazard a guess to say) most of the population of this little site, enjoy my fair share of art.
I'm not a brilliant artist- heck knows I have a long, long road ahead of me on the way to saying that I'm good at what I do.
But I like to think I'm a nice artist- not good, not bad, just...nice- you know?
I'm really too young to be anything but.

I have my own little webcomic dreams here too (heck- who doesn't?). If you'd like to take a gander and maybe be slightly entertained (or at least mildly distracted) by the story of a girl and a puppet then please, by all means take a look at my gallery (I adore critique, every nice artist should).

Well, that's me. Please, feel free to drop me a message, note or quick critique- I love to know that someone's noticed me in this huge, big city of a place.



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thanks for faving my Luggage cake :dance:
snaggle-berry Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! Your cake work is utterly amazing~
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Hmm... My notes seem intent on not sending... =3= It'll be a bit before I can properly respond. XD
snaggle-berry Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, I had that problem! You just delete a few from the bottom of our stack ovo
It's because the entire length has become too long.
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Oh lordy. <XD
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Hi there :D I'm here on behalf of :iconworldwide-war:, an upstarting OCT.
If you're up to the challenge of an intergalactic tournament, we hereby invite you to join us in thrilling clashes between competitors of any species from all over the universe!
See you around~ :D
Mystic-Snail Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
my iPod died and my phone is about to too ono Ill talk to you later darling. loooooove
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WOW your Deal With It webcam is way better than my owl one. LOL. Love it.
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