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Effervescence - Star Wars VII (OC x Poe Dameron)



So, I never read fan fics with OC characters... like ever. I go out of my way to avoid them. I also have been at a loss for ideas of what to draw. Enter 'Effervescence', a fan fiction of the new Star Wars VII character Poe Dameron.

This story is written by one Commander April, who against all odds has made me fall in love with an OC. The story stars Keylara Novan, Resistance engineer, builder of BB-8, and Poe Dameron's best friend. However, feelings for Poe are surfacing that may prevent her from being satisfied with being 'just friends'.

I know it sounds mushy, but I promise it is well done. I'll link the story below and you check it out for yourself. The story is 3 chapters as of right now, and Commander updates often.


In the picture, Poe is peaking in on Keylara as she tinkers with a micro-droid called MINI. One thing I liked about the story is that the author describes Keylara's workshop with minimal detail, only describing the important things. This allowed me to use my imagination to come up with what the space may look like.

It took me 9 hours to do, one hour alone was spent on Poe's face. Wanted him to look at least a little like Oscar Isaac.

Poe Dameron is the intellectual property of Lucasfilm (or Disney maybe? Not sure, but he doesn't belong to me)

Keylara Novan and MINI are the intellectual property of Commander April.

A big thank you to the author for inspiring this piece! Keep up the good work.
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This is so cool--his face looks great, and all those's such a great depiction of the fic (which thanks for introducing me to, btw)! :D