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You know, net neutrality in simple terms. It's not a series of tubes, it's the transparency and openness that we want. We want you to support net neutrality and make your voice heard to the FCC (which you'll only have this until the 15th). Without your voice being heard, this country will be falling behind on innovation and sciences, leading you with censorship without any voice being heard. Make them Title II and you'll never see this censorship problem.

Remember, all packets are created equal and censorship-and-surveillance-free, but some of them are beyond that, whether proprietary or open-sourced or semi-open-sourced, they must be created equal.

Update: Since the GOP took over the Senate this November, I really think that this issue might be touched as they go against it, making it harder for us to defend it somehow. *Although FCC's Wheeler had proposed a controversial hybrid regulatory approach about this, it's between wholesale and retail flow that they're talking about. Critics say that this rule may bring extension to defend big ISPs (but not of the internet users) and it's likely to fail in court.
*Sources: New York Times and FreePress on FCC's hybrid regulatory approach and proposed vigils to save net neutrality
Not only deviantART is alone whatsoever, but other sites could be affected since yesterday, according to some news reports. Security researchers found this vulnerability in the OpenSSL library yesterday, but you could find out more information there.
Well, this is the end of Windows XP, I'll hope that you should seek alternatives tho. If you want those alternatives even if you are tired of Microsoft, please consider using Linux. If you would like to keep up with Windows, you can either upgrade your PC to Windows 7 or 8 as you wish, but make sure that your PC is compatible as you upgrade its RAM and its CPU.

There are tips that you should keep it up with it, even if your work is in there, just back it up using your flash drive or extended hard drive that's worth 8GB+.

I hope that helps out.
Ciao. :)
If you want to replace both Explorer and ExplorerFrame files, here are some codes. Notice that it requires a resource hacker [Resource Hacker, Restorator] to do so.

64-bit users: Watch out for your system type, if you are attempting to replace a 32-bit ExplorerFrame/Explorer replacement on a 64-bit OS, it's impossible to apply the theme that way. You'll only need to do is to have them replaced in a 64-bit version of ExplorerFrame and Explorer only. The location of ExplorerFrame and Explorer are in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\.

OS: Windows 7, 8, and 8.1
Requirements: Downloaded .bmp files
Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Launch a resource hacker and open up both Explorer.exe and ExplorerFrame.dll files in order to replace the original files to modded ones that you have; gain access to their Bitmap folder.

Open up your downloaded theme's Explorer and ExplorerFrame bmp files to replace the following files I'm going to show you below:
[For Restorator users, just drag and drop one file at a time / right-click a file and click Assign]

6801, 6805, 6809:
Regular-sized Explorer start buttons

ExplorerFrame itself
The frame itself
288: GSRD [go, stop, refresh, dropdown menu] buttons

Back-forth buttons
578: Hover
579: Inactive
581: Pressed

Search/stop buttons
34569: Stop button inactive
34575: Stop button highlighted
34581: Stop button while being pressed

If you are finished with those replacement files, save them and close it out if you are going to make sure you install the theme at ease.

That's it. :)
If you feel like changing the way a visual style looks from a default visual style, here's you can follow along how to apply some visual styles the easy way (only applies to those with Windows 7). Visual styles, for starters, are the look and feel on the windows, start menu, and the taskbar.

Here's my method
Step 1: You only need to do is to perform a system patch by using an universal theme patcher, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it depends on your system type tho, but you suppose to run it as an administrator. Then you'll patch all three system files and restart your PC for the next step.

Step 2: After you have restarted your PC, you'll need something to manage your themes like Theme Manager, this tool is what I did recommend myself and your preferred visual style you have chose to download. After you have downloaded the complete package of your visual style, go ahead and access inside the zip or rar or 7z file using 7zip or your file extraction software and drag-and-drop to your desktop your theme and your 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Explorer.exe and explorerframe.dll files. Be careful though, once on the Theme Manager, it would not let you install your visual style system files though.

Step 3: Once on Theme Manager, you'll see a warning that tells you that you'll need to patch your files, just ignore the warning unless you have already patched them, click "OK" and then click "No Thanks" on a donation dialog to continue. Now on the Theme Manager, under the Theme tab, check to enable and to browse your preferred visual style that you have downloaded, do the same thing on the "Explorer" and "ExplorerFrame" tab to look for your dedicated system files, make sure those files matches with your system type. After you have completed the ones that you followed along, click "Install Theme" and name it and click OK, then click on the theme you have preferred to apply and click "Apply Theme". Now you'll see a confirmation that you'll need a system restart to take effect, just say "Restart later" to confirm and restart your PC manually, and that's pretty much it (but some visual styles may vary).

Notice that once you have applied your visual style like it is, you would like to have a wallpaper that fits to you, but be careful when you go on other visual styles which contain the Explorer bitmap files or explorerframe png files, because you would need some special tools in order to replace the current setup to its own customized way. Use both start button and navigation changers for better results; however, if you don't like my method on steps 2 and 3, you may follow along with other artists as well.

Themes I do recommend to apply
krissirk 's visual styles
 * Nude II:
    *Start orb:

K-Johnson 's visual styles
 * Clearscreen Sharp:

minhtrimatrix 's visual styles
 * Elune:

The Start orbs that I recommend
    Start Likes Systray / ArtByH |
    Metro Orbs / pedrocasoa |

* Follow along with my method (steps 2 and 3) above if both system files do contain either or both Explorer and ExplorerFrame files if you have any trouble with the installation of your theme.
I heard about what did happened last few hours, since I looked up on the internet, it showed up that people felt within anger and frustration over the infamous "Stop Online Piracy Act", which critics and civil liberties groups says that it takes away people's freedom of speech, personal property, and also their own personal thoughts and favorites. It would also quarrels innovation on inventions, viral videos, and even our own personal deviations and screenshots for copyright infringement  for sure.

Please don't let that happen to you.

:bulletred: Updated: ACTA is still alive, but still causing more problems than any other situation.
After you have downloaded a visual style, a Rainmeter skin, or something that goes into your PC, be conscious of scanning for malicious content before using it since I know a lot of people had noticed that some in this area had created fake accounts for instance. If your PC has been infected of any malware you have accidentally downloaded, please follow along with me, along with your secondary PC, smartphone, or a tablet with you.

To do a safe cleaning, restart your computer and press F8 for booting options, then go to "Safe Mode with Networking" because you'll going to do something to deal with later.

After booting up your PC, download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to update its own definitions and to scan your PC for possible malware in your PC.

If you have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware installed on your PC and booted into "Safe Mode with Networking", launch that and let it update its own definitions to be ready to scan your PC.

Scan the whole system, remove the possible malware detected on your PC, and reboot it and see if it helps alleviate the problem.

I highly recommended to download CCleaner, which it is a great tool that deletes your whole temporary history files, registry errors, and mostly common for getting rid of the slowness from the startup options there.

Once in CCleaner, on the Cleaner option (under both "Windows" and "Applications" tabs), go ahead and check everything excluding "Compact Databases" (in each browser) and "Wipe Free Space". Analyze it and get rid of the temporary files.

On the Registry tab, check everything, scan for issues and fix them. Do not put a backup registry or whatever, you'll be fine.

On the Tools tab, select "Startup", and then disable the programs that you won't need. Under "Scheduled Tasks" tab, disable the startup programs that you don't actually need. Restart to take effect.

Remember, always check for updates, scan for viruses, enable your firewall, whatever. I hope that helps, See ya!