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Welcome to the Village!


SMVillage, or SMV for short, is a Sailor Moon community for all otaku senshi (fanmade Sailor Senshi/Scouts).

Here, your characters can meet other characters and explore the Silver Millennium Village, a resort in Crystal Tokyo specifically for senshi.

You may submit your character whenever you like -- there are no open periods or deadlines! We have all sorts of events for your characters to participate in. For more information, you can check out the links below.

Hope to see you around!

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Gallery Folders

SMV: Happy New Year! by MissLey
The Crowning of Miss SMV by nagoyamonkey-smg
SMV - The Arrival - Part 2 END by dedizenoflight
SMV - The Arrival - Part 2 Pg 4 by dedizenoflight
Character References
Smv Winter Rose by senshi-of-legend
SMV - Sailor Delta Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
SMV - Sailor Beta Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
SMV - Sailor Alpha Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
SMV Secret Santa 2017
Secret Santa: Sailor Irys by ChelseaDanger
SMV SS - Sailor Svartheim by nagoyamonkey-smg
SMV SS - Sailor Anathema by sweetsugariness
SMV Secret Santa Sailor Luzon by Chibi-Sugar
SMV Secret Santa 2018
Summer Secret Santa Miss Ley! by senshi-of-legend
SMV Secret Santa: Sailor Winter Rose by thelettergii
SMV Summer SS - Sailor Seraphina by sweetsugariness
SMVillage -Summer Secret Santa- by nephrite-butterfly
Summer 2018 Quests
SMV-Swimwear Quest 2018 by Animecolourful
Swimwear Quest: by senshi-of-legend
Permanent Quests
SMV Comic - Chapter 01 - Arrival - p 03-04 by nephrite-butterfly
SMV - The Menodoza's Room Quest by sweetsugariness
Blumi's Arrival pages 3 and 4 by senshi-of-legend
Blumi's Arrival pages 1 and 2 by senshi-of-legend
Miss SMV Pageant
SMV Pageant- Goddess Polaris by BishiLover16
Miss SMV Round 5- Goddess of Thermodynamics by SailorSwartheim

Mature Content

SMV Pageant- Evil Polaris by BishiLover16
SMV Round 4- The Scourge of Yggdrasil by SailorSwartheim
General Submissions
Mermaid Oceanea by MissLey
Summer Quest Comic by MissLey
Sailor Vapor by Animecolourful
Mermay Mother's Day by sweetsugariness
Official References
SMV - Sailor Delta Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
SMV - Sailor Beta Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
SMV - Sailor Alpha Reference Sheet by dedizenoflight
Columba and Ramsay by thelettergii
Past Quests
Spring Quest: Flower crown by MissLey
Spring Quest: Flower Crown Lucidia by MissLey
SMV Spring quest part 02 - Sailor Trifolium - by nephrite-butterfly
SMV Spring quest part 01 - Sailor Phoenix - by nephrite-butterfly
SMV Trick or  Treat FIN by Wildnature03
Secret Santa: Summer





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SMVillage Recap

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Quests! We’re moving the Village Recap to seasonal features for the time being. Check out these cute entries if you haven’t already:

Alyssa Winter Outfit 2017 by Animecolourful SMV Spring quest part 02 - Sailor Trifolium - by nephrite-butterfly Pastel by senshi-of-legend Spring Quest: Flower Crown Lucidia by MissLey

This season, in addition to our regular Quests we’re bringing back a classic: Summer Secret Santa! It’s like Secret Santa, but in summer! So if you’re interested in this fanart exchange, check out the link. Remember you have to have an SMV Character Reference filled out to participate, so take the time to work on it and get it accepted!

:star: Sorry about the default journal layout by the way -- we’re going to get that fixed this weekend. :star:


:bulletblue: Quests must be completed through any visual medium. This includes comics, but can also include single illustrations. If you choose to do the latter, it is encouraged to include a written description to flesh out your character’s story.

:bulletblack: You are not required to complete all the Quests by the deadline. Pick and choose what you like!

:bulletblue: You may combine multiple Quests in one submission.

:bulletblack: Permanent Quests may be submitted to the Permanent Quests folder whenever you like. Seasonal Quests must be submitted to the Summer 2018 Quests folder by August 31, 2018, 11:59 pm PST.Quests that are submitted after this deadline will be redirected to the General Submissions folder.

Permanent Quests

Permanent Quests are Quests that will be offered every season, so that any characters may complete them. Therefore, you do not have to complete these by the seasonal Quest deadline, but it is strongly encouraged to do them ASAP so we can get to know a little more about your character.

:bulletblue: Entrance Comic Quest: Draw a comic depicting how your senshi arrived at the Village. Only senshi who have completed Entrance Comics will be featured in the Village Recaps as newcomers.

:bulletblack: Room Quest: Each senshi is offered an apartment in the Village’s housing complexes that is specifically catered to their needs. Depict your senshi’s living quarters, whether it is this apartment or whether they choose to live elsewhere.

:bulletblue: Friend Quest: Draw your senshi making friends with at least one senshi in the Village who doesn’t belong to you. You can do this Quest even if you’ve done it in the past, and you can complete this Quest multiple times (i.e. depict making friends with multiple senshi)

:bulletblack: Admin Senshi Quest: With the re-opening of the Village, the admin senshi are getting acquainted with members old and new. Draw your senshi getting familiar with any of the admin senshi. You can complete this Quest multiple times, with multiple admin senshi.

:bulletblue: Outfit Quest: Fill out the SMV Outfit Meme! If you have multiple senshi, make sure to fill out one for each of them.

Summer 2018 Quests

:bulletblack: Swimwear Quest: Design a swimsuit for your senshi!

:bulletblue: Sand Castle Quest: Your senshi builds a sand castle with some other members. What’s your inspiration and is your sand castle a success?

:bulletblack: Smoothie Quest: Make a new smoothie flavor that represents your senshi!

:bulletblue: Summer Secret Santa Quest: Participate in the Summer Secret Santa!

Once again, the deadline is August 31, 2018. Happy Questing!
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