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Company of Heroes: Vierville Part I
POV: Hall
The ground was rushing up increasingly quickly!
Hall sat up and rubbed his backside. He then rubbed his jaw as he stood up and started un-clipping his harness. Transport planes roared overhead, and anti-aircraft guns thundered in an attempt to bring them down. He got out of his harness and stretched, his back popping as he let out a sound of relief.
Jameson Hall looked over at some bushes.
"Flash, dumbass."
Hall chuckled to himself and said. "Thunder." Soon, another paratrooper emerged from the bushes, scowling. "Geeze Jimmy, don't look so at ease. You're lucky it's me and not some jerry." Hall laughed again, and did some stretches. "They are too preoccupied, Tim." He said, and then he leaned down and picked up his Carbine and checked the chamber. He then slunk closer to his friend, and somewhere off in the distance, someone said "Flash." Hall tilted his head, and he and his friend went off.
"Flash." Hall called.
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Company of Heores: Omaha Beach Part III
POV: Hall
Hall looked up from his prone position as the explosion shook the bunker overhead. The riflemen rose to their feet. On of their raised his rifle into the air and shouted, "Yeah!" as they all surged forward. Hall and most of Able Company surged up the embankment. The rest of Able Company was trapped on the left flank.
Right atop the embankment were two MG teams and an 88 emplacement. The two MG Teams put up a good fight, but a few well-placed Pineapple grenades soon took care of them. The 88 crew went quickly as well. Deadly as the 88 was, the three crewmen were soon overwhelmed by the wave of riflemen. Three riflemen ran over to re-crew the 88, and they started to turn the gun around.
"Those bunkers are reinforcing the German position!" McKay yelled. Hall, Summers, and four other riflemen started fighting their way towards the nearest bunker. A German popped up, but a crack erupted from the sniper's Springfield (from somewhere behind Hall) sent the man
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Company of Heores: Omaha Beach Part II
POV: Sharpe
Corporal Dylan Sharpe and three other engineers who had managed to get off their boat were hiding behind the wreck of another Higgins boat. Even being made of wood, it was doing a decent job at stopping the bullets. By that he meant that none of them had been shot yet.
Having lost their CO right off the boat, they now took their orders from Sergeant Collier. Collier gave orders to leave the cover, and the four of them manage to get near a pair of tank traps, and Collier recognized Captain McKay. Collier called out over the din of the fire, and McKay crossed over.
McKay then said. "About damn time you showed up!" He said, trying to sound angered at the group of engineers. Yet, you could still hear the relief in his voice.
The group of engineers now added McKay and Conti to their number. They spent the next seemingly endless long time darting throughout the various pieces of cover, avoiding the bullets being thrown at them at a rapid pace.
Upon reaching the seawall,
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A Company of Heroes: Omaha Beach Part I
POV: Hall
June 6th, 1944. Just off Omaha Beach.
The seas were not that rough, but the Higgin's Boat was still being tossed around like a cork. In all honesty, Daniel Hall felt like throwing up. The Garand felt heavy in his hands, and the fact that a few of the guys with him had already thrown up, added to the choppy sea, made him sick to his stomach. they had been fed a huge breakfast (someone had said because people knew they weren't coming back), and the food was now waging a war in his stomach. Hall did eventually fall to his knees, and he promptly threw up all over the floor of the craft. After he had emptied his guts, a strong grip attached to his arm and hoisted him to his feet.
He looked back behind him and into the face of Sergeant Summers, who grinned at him through nicotine-stained teeth, and he patted Hall's shoulder. "Glad you got that out!" He beamed, before returning his gaze back outside of the boat. Hall followed his gaze, and placed it upon the armada
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The Long Rifleman
The tree is watching
It sees you
Yet you can't see it
An officer in the open
On a horse
He does not see
Single muzzle flash
Officer down
Angry, vengeful muzzle flashes
The rifle clatters
Caught by the grass
The holder caught by the tree
To be cradled eternally
:iconsmurphy365:smurphy365 1 0
The Line Infantryman
Shiny buttons
Muskets shouldered
Stop of the march
Musket aimed
Trigger pulled
Flint sparking
Fire returned
Falling forward
Meeting the grass
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Alien Assault Meme 2 by smurphy365 Alien Assault Meme 2 :iconsmurphy365:smurphy365 3 1 Alien Assault Meme 1 by smurphy365 Alien Assault Meme 1 :iconsmurphy365:smurphy365 6 2



*Last Post Jan 7 2019*

Well, RIP my words of coming back and being more active on this site. All I seem to do is find cool people to follow and watch and just kind of read my notifications like once a month. If I can ever drag myself to do so I do have some old sketches that may be fun to upload here, but they're cringey, just like the Doughboy upload and just as old.

I do suppose I could *not* upload art, and just kind of use this as a testing ground for ideas and stories kind of like I did with A Company of Heroes, but that does require me begging people to read it... well, why not. It won't kill me, anyway.
This is an area suggestion for an RP nation. Not too much to see.
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Wow... it's been a very long time since I've done anything here. I come back every few months to basically sort through my notifications... that's about it; and honestly it makes me kinda sad...

HOWEVER! I have been working on a few small art pieces, and whether or not I think they're any good, I do believe I might post a few on here. We shall see what happens.^^


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I'm not an artist, but I do get inspiration from things and create a picture in my head. If only I had the talent to make it into art.
Other than that, I occasionally do things.


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Thank you so much for the watch, I really appreciate it. :) (Smile)

If you don't mind, I would like some feedback. Which one of my stories did you read?? Why did you read it?? What did you like about it?? What did you dislike about it??? Was there anything confusing in my story that you want me to clear up???
smurphy365 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I read a few of your stories about RWBY.^^ Not that I don't like the others, but I'm not too familiar with the series they come from. It's just that RWBY was the only one I was really familiar with from the get-go, since I've been (rather slowly) catching up on that.
NehpetsSanders Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
That's okay. :) But I'd really appreciate it if you try to look up some of them when you have the time. 

And thank you for the feedback. :)
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May I offer my humblest apologies for being really late on the reply.

You are very most welcome for the watch, and yes, I shall consider supporting your works.^^
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