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The Smurfs (1981 - 1989) Review - Let's Get Smurfy
,Hanna-Barbera is one of those animation studios who has a reputation of making some of the most iconic cartoons of the 60's and 70's like Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, the Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, you name it, and it'll eventually be part of their line-up, even spin-offs. However, the most interesting to me is that there would be one show that would have one show that was based by a Belgian comic that spawned 9 seasons, and was one of the longest-running shows of the 80's, along with Disney's Gummi Bears on the other hand. You know what it is, the Smurfs. The show rescued Hanna-Barbera from making any more shameless Scooby-Doo clones, which were already done in the 1970s. I mean, I liked Jabberjaw, as it tried to be original. Now unlike most 80's cartoons that lasted for a limited run, this one in particular, has the most seasons. There's 9 of them and there are big amount of seasons for a show like this at the time. I mean, the Smurfs were a spin-off of Johan and Peewit and when it comes to spin-offs to any show, they can be either good or bad, and this being the prime example of a spin-off done right. And yet, people don't notice it.There are a lot of creators who end up resentful that something they didn't care about that much ended up being way more popular than the thing they were far more invested in. But still, those spin-offs are still got to be profitable and the original source material was overshadowed and has like a chunk of fans.,In a small mushroom-like village, live a species of tiny blue people known as the Smurfs. They're little over 100, population-wise, that could even top the original 151 Pokemon, I assume. (Then again, each Pokemon game has the nerve to add more Pokemon in each generation, so there's way too many to count here!!) Their leader is of course, Papa Smurf, who acts like a father figure to them, and also the wisest in the series. However, there's an evil wizard known as Gargamel who has a grudge against the Smurfs his motives varies depending on the episode or the media he is presented in. Sometimes he wants to turn them into gold, or to eat them, or even the most villan-y way, to destroy them. Um, didn't his song hints that he wants to do all three? Here, I'll show you."Oh, I'll fry a few and pickle a few and serve a few real cold, Then I'll toast a few and roast a few and use the rest for gold." Why can't we have nice things, Hanna-Barbera? Oh, but just like any cartoon from any decade, the villain usually has to lose his goal, because status quo. His catchphrase? "I'll get you, I'll get all of you if that's the last thing I ever do!" That'll never get old! He also has his cat, Azreal, who occationally wants to capture the Smurfs so he can eat them, but he always fails every time. That cat can't catch a break. And of course, who can forget its trademark theme song, The Smurf Song? You know, the one that goes, "La-la-la-la-la-la, sing a happy song"?. I'm sure anyone remembers it because it's iconic as the Ducktales theme song!Seasons 1 to 4 - The Rise,Now, since this is an adaptation of the original Belgian comics, the comics sometimes would have anthologies of several stories of the lives of the Smurfs, and we get to see how their world works in each episode. However, notable differences had to be made either because of social and cultural differences, or to fit them into 11-minute or 22-minute episodes, or to be consistent with the cartoon show universe. Like there's a scene where Smurfette is brought to trial in the Smurfette episode before she was 'converted' by Papa Smurf as well as disguising herself as the Lone Smurf, which was used to defeat Gargamelís plan to capture the Smurfs, as usual. Oh, and they changed a certain running gag, at one point. In the original comics, Brainy Smurf is bonked with a mallet whenever he talked too much. This was changed to him being thrown out of the village, because of the FCC guidelines at the time.This isn't isn't a plot-driven show, but we still get to know who are the Smurfs and their Smurf Village. Also, I like that the first season it started with adapting Peyo's original Smurfs comics such as King Smurf, The Smurfs and the Howlibird, The Smurf Apprentice, and The Black Smurfs, which the latter is surprisingly disturbing. I mean, they were being turned into evil purple versions (in the original comics, they were black, but was changed because the same reason happened to Jinx in Pokemon later) of themselves that could say nothing but "G'nap!", and bit each other on the tail to spread the infection. If Digimon were infected by a virus that can Dark-Digivolve into evil Digimon, it can have a similar premise as this, oh wait.... We already have one with the evil Kokomon from the Digimon movie.Since this show just started to air, most of the episodes heavily rely on slapstick antics with very few hints of story. A few new villains and allies are added to the series, making it feel far from formulaic. Of course, that includes the female villain Chlorhydis. She's more smarter than Gargamel, who's always incompetent of actually making genius plans to capture the Smurfs and his never ending quest of eating them (mostly). All she wants is to make the world as miserable as she is. Possibly the best Smurfs villain in my opinion. Then there's also Hogatha, the one witch whoís obsessed with her beauty, despite looking ugly. Yeah, itís one of those tropes. The basic characterizations of the Smurfs are more or less the same as in Peyo's original comics, which would be developed or toned down in later seasons. The look of the series hasn't been nailed down because the animators of Hanna-Barbera are still learning how to draw in the Peyo style, and animation errors are more prominent in this season (Papa Smurf's pants are miscolored white, Greedy's hat is misdrawn as a regular Smurf hat, animating a character to the wrong voice, the list goes on).However, Hanna-Barbera thought, "Why not we should make original stories that stayed true to Peyo's source material? Wouldn't that be radical?" thus we had plenty of original content from that show. There's an episode where they went to the Smurfic Games, which after seeing the Pixie Hollow Games special, I noticed that every fantasy world in media usually has to include some Olympic-like event for expansions to the world, while also new adventures, and starting in Season 5, adding brand new characters. And also in the final season of the series, they had to have a random time traveling plot which is out of place for the Smurfs series for cripes sakes! We'll get to that in a bit.The series became more story-driven in Season 3, with better plots and new one-shot characters to keep the storylines fresh. Remember Johan and Peewit from The Magic Flute? Well, the cast of the original comic series were added into the series for the third season as main and supporting characters under the "Smurfs" title, after their segment was dropped from Season 2. Handy's inventions are more homage to modern technologies, unaware to the humans that are still using medieval techniques. This is more of tie-in with familiarities of the modern world in this season and each season thereafter. Such examples include The First Telesmurf dealing with telephones, The Golden Smurf Award dealing with awards, and Smurfy Acres dealing with neighborhood projects It is a vast improvement over the episodic one-off stories that emerged in the first two seasons, which are more slapstick-driven. We even got introduced to Laconia, a wood elf who can only speak in sign language. I really like Laconia since sheís a good representation of people who use sign language instead of talking due to that said person being deaf or canít speak verbally at all. And Season 4 have new villains such as the Wartmongers, these amphibian looking monsters, who hunt for Pussywillow Pixies to make them their slaves (damn, pretty dark), and speaking of which, these fairies are new characters added in as well, such as Holly, Elderberry, Lilac and Acorn, to name a few, and Smurfette's invisible horse friend Blue Eyes. Seriously, that season was the last good season of the Smurfs!Speaking of the Smurfs, I just have to say that the Smurf language is probably the most confusing thing thing I have to sit through because at times, I have no idea what theyíre saying. Some occasions I figured it out, and other times, I just standing there, like ďWhat?Ē let alone how to even speak like a Smurf. I mean, itís not common for them so say something like, ďHere's the smurf ó when you are done smurfing, smurf it back", wait a minute, I finally got it. Hear me out. *clears throat* When you smurf a particular word as a different part of smurf than it should be used as. Pretty smurfin' simple, right? In other words, they use the word Ēsmurfď as a replacement for a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Again, you need to think hard enough of what theyíre even saying, you know? Now let me explain some of them I remember. Papa Smurf is the leader of the Smurfs and originally had an aggressive and short temper in the first two seasons. Geez, I never knew that he was that harsh towards the other Smurfs up to that point! Over time, he would transform into the kindly father figure we know and love today. Brainy usually acts like a pompous know it all, which gets annoying seeing that again, and again, and again like a broken record. Good thing he gets thrown out, because we all know he talks a lot! Clumsy is one of the more nicer Smurfs while also being a lovable goofball. Then you have Smurfette, the only female Smurf in the Smurf Village, who was created by Gargamelís. Peyoís original vision of Smurfette was sweet, feminine and cute like Minnie Mouse -- a traditional European feminine ideal. But Hanna Barbera changed Smurfette from a dainty damsel in distress--over Peyo's initial objections--into the self-confident, brave yet still charming feminine creature we know today. So much so that every Smurf in the Smurf Village (except for Papa Smurf, and Vanity) has a crush on her. Yes, even my man Clumsy. By the way, she just the token girl character of this franchise. Like, the only girl that lives in the Smurf Village. One of the show's beloved running gags was Smurfette hugging and kissing Papa Smurf (because he's like her adopted father) as well as the other Smurfs and Smurfette criticizing Brainy. Oh I also have to mention Baby Smurf, because oh my smurf, he's so damn adorable because I'm a sucker for animated babies for crying out loud! But his wailing can sometimes come off as annoying, so what can I expect much from him, anyways?Seasons 5 to 9 - The Fall,Seasons 5 to 9 is where the show basically goes downhill after Season 4. Don't get me wrong, the first four Seasons were good, but after that, these next ones are nowhere near like those seasons. I liked how Hanna-Barbera began to farm their animation work overseas, which has better animation. Starting in season seven, half of the episodes were colored by Hanna-Barbera's computerized digital ink and paint system. A majority of season eight had been digitally colored as well. Then the later seasons started to gain dynamic camera angles and paid less attention to repetitive background pans and recycled animation from earlier seasons. Characters started to gain line-of-action and squash and stretch, thus making the animation more cartoony and dynamically posed. Like I said before, they added additional characters that are in Peyoís creations specifically for the show itself, such as Puppy, a dog who was only animal other than Feathers that was allowed to live in the Smurf Village, and can scare Azrael when he's after the Smurfs at times, the Smurflings, which are young Smurfs who were de-aged to around 50 years old due to Father Time's backwards-running grandfather clock. Theyíre cute characters, sure, but the idea of de-aging of the three original adult Smurfs characters was unnecessary to happen. I mean, I liked Sassette because sheís basically Smurfetteís sister, and Snappy was okay. Slouchy is cute, and Nat is Charlie Adler's first character to start voice acting. Technically, they're can be either adorable or annoying, so its debatable.Season 6 had Grandpa Smurf, the original Papa Smurf since the current one used to be a Smurfling. His knowledge of the world is a valuable asset to the other Smurfs, not to mention various items he keeps stored away in his beard, even the most strange, a magic hot air balloon. Also, we have Scruple, Gargamel's apprentice, who's mischevious and a troublemaker, but he isn't technically evil per say, a little bit of good inside of him you know? Also, he has a New York accent for some reason, despite taking place in the medival times... He's not terrible, but then again, at least he's better than Scooby-Dum from Scooby Doo and kinda Scrappy-Doo, but the latter is much more obvious because hatedom. And also, Gargy must stop treating his apprentice like crap! What did he ever done to you, Gargamel? Heís trying to learn something from you, and you scold him for the wrong reasons! Just give him a break! (I was messing around)Season 7 had Wild Smurf, who's this Tarzan-like Smurf, which has an origin story about him being lost as a baby Smurf in the infancy of Smurf Village. When he was found 150 years later, he is welcome to visit from his hut.Season 8 had Nanny Smurf, who acts like the grandma figure, and has a pet rabbit-like creature called a Smoogle. He speaks like a Pokemon and seems to have an strange ability to replicate noises. He's like the Pikachu of the Smurfs, but isn't really the mascot.Who's that Pokemon? It's Smoogle!"Smoogle!"As a result, the stories became even more watered down than before, the dark elements have been downplayed, toned down, sure, and there aren't as much strange adventures as in the previous seasons.And then comes season 9. This would definitely be considered the "jumping the shark" point for the cartoon show, since its original premise was shifted to that of time-traveling, a "goal-oriented" plot that certain viewers feel is the final nail in the coffin for any TV series since very few series that have "goal-oriented" plots reach the intended climax. They have the nerve to slap in a "time-travelling" sequence where the Smurfs get lost in time after they tried to return a baby triceratops to the Stone Age in the season 9 premiere, "The Smurfs That Time Forgot". When they were planning to leave back to their original time era (which turns out to be the Middle Ages of course due to what was shown in the previous 8 seasons), the key to the time-travelling crystals falls into the lava and is lost forever. So they now took place in various points of time and around the world, thanks to the legendary Time Scrolls that Papa Smurf had to assemble together without the use of said magic key. Although it could have been implied that they went back to their time period at the end of the series finale, "Hearts 'n' Smurfs", where they are seen hopping into the portal the crystals formed and left the time period they were (although according to the wiki, the show was cancelled and the cliffhanger of the saga was sadly unresolved because it was the result of lower ratings and a new live-action block replacing Saturday-morning cartoons on the NBC, leaving seventeen of the Smurfs wandering endlessly in time-travel.). Due to Peyo's ill-health, he was unable to supervise the scripts and gave Hanna-Barbera more creative freedom (such as the presence of bubblegum, most prominent in "Gnoman Holiday"). Iíll admit, I like how it can be creative at times, especially at one point where thereís an episode where the Smurfs are turned into objects, like my god, itís pretty cursed! The downside is that the stories became over-the-top cartoony and less believable at the same time. However, the season also began to show that the creative well for new stories and characters was running dry, as the Smurfs now ran into time-period variations of existing villain characters such as Gargamel, Azrael, Scruple, and Hogatha (most likely their ancestors). That season basically was the final straw that broke the blue-colored camelís back, before nearly two decades later, Sony to make two terrible live action movies, and a third one (which is a reboot) which was much better.Overall, The Smurfs is a pretty charming and wholesome show that basically shaped for generations in multiple countries, even in the United States. I mean, I loved these tiny blue people since I watched it on Boomerang when I was a kid.As of right now, the show's reboot was announced in 2017. Which has leaded up to Smurfs: The Lost Village. Dupuis Audiovisuel is planning to make the show more faithful to the comics. New stories would be made without the involvement of Hanna-Barbera, and it won't be a continuation of the 1980s series. Hopefully, this reboot will be good like The Lost Village, and will have a strong legacy that lived up with the predecessor. But for now, I have to take a look of what I consider the dark age of the Smurfs. Have a Smurfy day, folks!
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The Smurfs (2011) Review - A Smurfed Up Mess
,In case you are new, I love the Smurfs with its lighthearted and playful tone, and even the theme song that still hum to this day! If it wasn't for the Hanna-Barbera series I watched as a kid, I wouldn't have filled my heart with joy than these childhood memories.But, apparently, Sony decided to release this mess of a live-action/animated hybrid to cash in on the ranks of Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Garfield to name a few. Remember The Smurfs and the Magic Flute? That movie was amazing first off, and strangely enough, the Smurfs weren't really the stars of that movie and they didn't show up until 35 minutes later. So some people might find that part underwhelming about the movie. However, the Flute movie functions more like a crossover between the two Peyo comics. Johan and Peewit were not that well-known outside of Belgium, which can throw Smurfs fans off about their introduction. While the movie is not the best, it's still the truest and respectful Smurfs movie by default since Peyo wrote the script and it's based on their origin story.However, a second Smurfs movie made by Sony seems like a far-fetched idea, and tell me that it went by the rule book on live action/animated hybrid movies out there.How to make a live action cartoon movie in modern day: Step 1: Have it be set in NYC. All live action cartoon movies MUST take place in NYC, because money. Step 2: Hire a bunch of random celebrities for the sake of having random celebrities. Step 3: Make the movie mostly about the humans are barely about the main cartoon character that the movie is named after.Step 4: Shoehorn in popular memes and jokes into the movie because thatíll keep the kids entertained. Step 5: Never follow any of the source material unless absolutely necessary, and those moments that you should follow the source material, itís for nostalgia pandering. Congratulations! You have created your live action cartoon movie! Soon youíll be raking in the dough!.... totally...And this is the huge disgrace to Peyo ever made, thanks to his familyís approval! Let's see how this movie made him roll in his grave for sure, shall we? We open with Narrator Smurf, which shows that Sony really wanted to cash in on the franchise too because they said, ďLetís add more Smurfs so they can be like ton of them like Pokťmon. We gotta include them all! As Narrator Smurf introduces the Smurf Village and who are the Smurfs anyways, several Smurfs are showing flying on cranes, with one of them being Feathers. The designs of the Smurfs however, Iím sorry, I didnít like them at all! The original ones look cute as hell (thank you, Peyo for doing that iconic look), but in here, they have to make them realistic to compliment the NYC city, and thatís not executed right. What Iím saying is that they went too far. Anyways, back to the movie itself. Right off the bat, everything seems to be par for the course. The Smurfs you recognize are all there, they all have names that match their one personality trait, or hobby, and even the evil Gargamel, played by Hank Azaria, plots to catch them. But thereís a catch thatís exclusive to this movie. You see, in this version, he wants the Smurfs' essence to increase his magic, not to make gold or eat them. And as you can see, he's not very good at it, as he spends most of his time playing with puppets rather than getting any real work done. You know, thatís just how he is, just to introduce who he is. I like the puppets there, because it has the Peyo design. However, there are some cases that are off... Gargamel: Alakazoop! (Swings his wand, accidentally causing an explosion to happen that damages his lair. Gargamel is shown sitting on the ground, with his cat Azrael sitting on his head) Ye gods, Azrael. You're a boy?(Azrael meows)I didnít say that I laughed of any of his jokes. So much for the PG rating, how did it got past the censors. So stop being a little b - - - *cuts off*Meanwhile, the Smurfs are still celebrating the Festibal of the Blue Moon, in which Papa Smurf has the ability to see into the future. Since when they are psychic now? In this case, he sees a vision of all the Smurfs being destroyed because of a mistake Clumsy made, because foreshadowing? Uhh? But didn't they explain something about the Blue Moon in the original series?"Once in a blue moon, a baby smurf shows up for all of us to love. It is a great mystery."That right there, deserves Sony a good kick in the smurfberries because they totally screwed up the continuity here!Also, there are various more cameo appearances of the other Smurfs like Jokey, Baker, and even Vanity, who the latter wouldnít appear until the sequel, where he became a bigger part. Here, heís just...Vanity Smurf: Oh, marvelous!Yeah.... It's just phoned in for a single line. Anyway, Gargamel finally figures out that the Smurfs have kept hidden because of an invisible force field, for some reason, but some of them (which are Papa, Brainy, Clumsy, Grouchy, Smurfette and Gutsy) stumble across a magic portal thatís in the Forbidden Falls where Gargamel has them trapped.Gargamel: Looks like you got the short end of the stick, eh, Papa?Papa Smurf: Not this time, Gargamel.(Papa Smurf lets go of the stick he was holding onto as he and his band of Smurfs are sucked into the portal)Donít tell me that they didnít stole it from Disneyís Enchanted...Gargamel: Must...have...Smurfs!(Gargamel dives into the portal, getting stuck halfway in)Yep, they did. But arenít theyíre 94 Smurfs in the Smurf Village? Couldnít he chase these for the essence? But no, he had to go there for the sake of the plot. I get that he's incompetent, but the writing for this is awful. This leads them to the overused location, New York City. Smurfette: I don't think we're in Smurf Village anymore.*pulls up list* Step 1: Have it be set in NYC. All live action cartoon movies MUST take place in NYC, because money. Check. I have said that the first few minutes are the best part of the movie, hands down. But when we see Neil Patrick Harris' character, Patrick Winslow, it all goes downhill from here.Patrick Winslow: Oh, hey, can we get a photographer over there? There's an arrival happening. Thanks. Welcome.That!s a double whammy of Steps 2 and 3: Hire a bunch of random celebrities for the sake of having random celebrities and make the movie mostly about the humans (in this case, Patrick and his family) and barely about the main cartoon character that the movie is named after. But hey, since this is a Sony movie, that means it has product placement!Papa Smurf: We rescue Clumsy and get back home. I need you all to stay close.Did I just saw the poster for Aardmanís Arthur Christmas? I liked that movie. Now itís Step 4: Shoehorn in popular memes, pop culture references, and jokes into the movie because thatíll keep the kids entertained. (Azrael coughs up a hairball)Like that. At least itís not bad as this next one.Gargamel: Tiny locks of Smurfette! Ohh, sweet folicular ambrosia.It all seems good at first until...Gargamel: Oh, I must find a laboratory. (Walking into a port-a-potty) This should do nicely! (He then comes right back out!) Somebody's been working a dark and terrible magic in there. That right there deserved a facepalm and a side of groans. But hey, at least we have Clumsy Smurf tripping around the bathroom, which means we got a wacky shenanigan, right? But when Patrick pens up a box that the rest of the Smurfs are in, and they spot him, they decide to attack him. As for Clumsy, Patrick's wife is terrified of him after cleaning the toilet (that has him inside), that she throws him into the damn window!Patrick: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THEIR CUTENESS!Cuteness? It's not cuteness, they're montrosities! Have you even seen the original show before? What is this movie!? So he's told who the Smurfs are and, big surprise, he finds it all kinds of confusing.Grace: How crazy is this? They're little blue people!Patrick: So you're sticking with your "This is actually happening" theory?I think someone has never done their research on Peyo unlike a certain person that does so.Patrick: Hear that, honey? They're only staying till an actual blue moon rises, which could happen if the little blue Santa man makes a magic potion, which at this point, seems completely plausible. (Suddenly one of the Smurfs bursts out of his creamer) And you're all named after your personalities? Do you get your names when you're born or after you've exhibited certain traits?Clumsy: Yeah.Smurfette: Yep.I regret saying that. Smurfette: What? You had one outfit on, and now you're wearing something completely different!Grace: Yeah.Papa Smurf: Now, Smurfette, she probably got the other one dirty.Okay, that's one way to teach Smurfette about changing clothes. I mean, she was created by Gargamel, remember? You know what? That's one of those cliches, that being the "character reacts to something common on Earth, but doesn't understand it" cliche. Anyway, Patrick is meeting his boss Odile, while the Smurfs are basically making wacky shenanigans, and not the way you think they would do, but they do in this movie. Patrick: I had a crazy morning--aaah!Odile: What are you doing?Patrick: Um, nothing. I'm just excited. I need to hone my message here.Gutsy Smurf: Ooh, how about "Grab life by the grapes?"Brainy Smurf: "Have a Smurfy day." Smurfette: "I kissed a Smurf and I liked it?"WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Since this Smurfette is voiced by Katy Perry and NOT Lucile Bliss (RIP, you lovely angel), they have the nerve to make a reference to one of her songs (step 4), and its just force as hell. You know the song, "I Kissed a Girl and I like It"? Now that I think about it, no wonder she's the only female in the Smurf Village, all the dudes there are simps! Mostly Clumsy in my opinion. And when the Smurfs start singing their theme, I'm glad it satisfied my nostalgia, but for the wrong reasons. Step 5: Never follow any of the source material unless absolutely necessary, and those moments that you should follow the source material, itís for nostalgia pandering. Check. Yep, that is 100% nostalgia pandering.Patrick: Stop! Come on, none of you find that song just the tiniest bit annoying?Grouchy Smurf: I find it annoying.I mean he's not wrong. #opinionsarevalidGargamel uses a Smurf hair to make his magic better, catching the eye of none other than Odile. But then *sighs* this happens...(At a restaurant, where Gargamel and Odile are eating at, a waiter passes by with a champagne bucket)Gargamel: Thank the gods, a chamberpot!(He then proceeds to fill it up with pee in front of everyone!)Sweet mother of smurf, you gotta be kidding me. What did the man Walt Disney said about the "Its for kids" excuse is wrong? "You're dead if your aiming for kids, adults are kids grown up." Sony, you're literally stabbing the Smurfs franchise in the back! No wonder Peyo is rolling in his grave!The Smurfs end up in FAO Shwartz where, of course, all sorts of misunderstandings take place.(Grouchy Smurf's talking to a Green M&M pillow)Grouchy Smurf: I'm just tired of the whole dating game. Just say who you are and be who you say.*rolls eyes* Really, an M&M's reference, in a Smurfs movie? BTW I'm with the Orange M&M right next to Green, because I'm not happy about this "dating game" moment.Meanwhile, Smurfette's walking down an aisle full of doll heads. You know, one of the most important doll parts. (I'm not a toy making expert....)Smurfette: Ohh, creepy. I hope they weren't looking for a Star Gazer, too. (Suddenly she sees a line of Madam Alexander dolls) Dresses! You mean I can have more than one kind of dress?Again, that's Smurfette being Smurfette. Maybe? Possibly? But then Gargamel shows up and tries to catch them, but then ends up getting tased by security. Now back at Patrick's home, in their spare time, Smurfette reveals her troubled past.Smurfette: I was created by Gargamel to trap the other Smurfs.Grace: Then what happened?Smurfette: Papa saved me. He cast a special spell, and then helped me become the Smurf I was meant to be.Oh really, you mean that's literally the whole plot of "The Smurfette" episode of the Hanna-Barbera animated series, and that was in the original comic? Pandering at its finest, anyone? But who cares? We have Harris' advertising job to worry about. It's not like this movie is about the Smurfs or whatever they're called. Step 3, you know.Patrick: Time to either celebrate or file for unemployment.And then we have some product placement for Guitar Hero, and it drags on for way too long. Patrick: (singing) Walk this way!(We get scenes of Patrick playing the game first using his chin, then one scene shot from the crotch up.)Why is this necissary!? Oh but wait till it gets better, because Gutsy, Brainy and Grouchy start rapping along with the music to be cool and hip to the kids! *laughs* I'm being sarcastic. Of course no one likes that part. At least it's not bad as... *sighs* The Digi-Rap. Just play the entire song while I need a break.(The opening credits from Digimon: The Movie play with Digi-Rap playing) Rapper: The Digivolution is up and running!DigiSee, DigiHear, DigiKnow it was coming? Our Digi-Destiny starts today, let me hear you say.... Chorus: Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions! Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions!Rapper: With Digi-Will and Digivice in handThere's a Digi-Dynamic force in Digi-Land!When the Digi-Past and Digi-Present collide, time to Digi-size! (Digimon!)Chorus: Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions! Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions!DIGIMON!Rapper: The Digi-Dudes will Digi-Rule with Digi-Ability and Digi-tude.Save the World from a Digi-Disaster The threat from the 'net meets the Digital Masters! Chorus: Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!Digimon Digital Monsters, DIGIMON!(Back to the actual Smurfs movie)Patrick: (Talking to Papa Smurf) Doesn't it freak you out sometimes? Little guys depending on you?Papa Smurf: That's what being a papa is.You get it, because Patrick is gonna have a kid soon? Eh? Eeeeeeehhh? But who even cares really? Gargamel's put in prison which there are two prisoners about to beat him up to distract them. As he magically summons an army of flies to save him.(Gargamel, being carried by the flies, gets caught up on some barbwire, screaming in pain)Why?? That doesn't make any sense. And even by Smurf standards, that's just nonsensical. But when Clumsy accidentally tripped and sent the wrong design to the firm, the wrong ad is sent all over town.Patrick: You said that they would bring good luck, this is anything but good! I never should have let this happen. I never wanted a house full of little people running around!(Grace takes that the wrong way)Grace: Of all the people in the planet, those magical little creatures came to us. They chose us. Don't you see how absolutely amazing that is? This is a once in a lifetime thing, Patrick. This is our blue moon.Lies, lies, lies! All you said nothing, but dirty lies!Meanwhile, at an old bookstore, the Smurfs are looking for a book of spells, which seems to be, weirdly enough, a Smurfs comic book.(The Smurfs are reading a Les Schtroumpfs book)Papa Smurf: The secret runes are hidden in the drawings.Grouchy Smurf: You see all that in there?Papa Smurf: Look here at the patterns on this page.So Peyo wrote a book of fictional creatures, yet not only do they exist in this film, nobody else seems to be aware of what they are. It's a clever nod, sure, but still, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.Gargamel tries again to capture them, but Papa Smurf stays behind to get captured. But he couldíve just escaped with the other Smurfs. Why?But they get the portal to open up and bring tons of Smurfs back to save Papa.(Gargamel is surrounded by several Smurfs who sing the Smurfs theme as a war chant)Well, that was something. Never expected that a cute and cheerful theme song to become a war song all of a sudden. Nostalgia pandering? I think?While that's going on, Papa Smurf is being put through a machine to extract his essence.(Papa Smurf tries to break out of his bonds when he sees an onion get diced in front of him)Papa Smurf: No! Onions! Augh!Okay, I know this is way to get the magical smurfy essence, but the idea of a Smurf being afraid of onions is odd for some unexplained reason.But Smurfette eventually saves Papa Smurf, only to immediately have him captured again. *sarcastic* How convenient.Gargamel: Gotcha!(Gutsy Smurf knocks the wand out of Gargamel's hand)Clumsy Smurf: I got it!But Clumsy is about to perform the action that Papa Smurf saw would doom them all.Papa Smurf: Vision's never been wrong.(Instead of zapping the Smurfs with Gargamel's wand, Clumsy turns it around on Gargamel, zapping him)*to the tune of Here We Are from Steven Universe: The Movie* Here we are in the future and it's smurfing wr-o-o-o-o-ong! I can't believe it has so much plot holes. Happily never after, here we go!Papa Smurf: I owe you an apology, Clumsy. I believed more in a vision than I did in you. I should get going. I got a Smurf village to rebuild. Your village has given me some ideas.And of course, the Smurfs say their last goodbyes to Patrick and his wife, and they return to their home as the portal starts to close. Patrick receives a call from Odile that he still has his job because he finally gave her what she wants after she noticed the blue moon that Brainy created. Guess what that is..... Later during in the credits, Patrick and Grace have a baby boy, whom they name Blue to honor the Smurfs, who rebuild their village in the style of New York, but they're totally gone and back to the regular mushrooms again next movie. Consistency, what's that? You want to leave the room? Speaking of credits, there's a mid-credits scene, Gargamel is alive even though he's defeated and still has the wand unbroken just so he can blast the fourth wall after saying, "What are you looking at?", ending the movie.I love the credits where they used the Peyo artwork with some additional sound effects to make the Smurfs (and even Gargamel and Azrael) feel a bit more alive.And that was the Smurfs, and this was a terrible movie to sit through. I was pouting the fact that they stained the franchise in the wrong way, calling this the dark age of the Smurfs franchise. Yeah, the time traveling chaos that was season 9 was problematic, but it was better than this pile of crap, as well as the epitome of everything wrong with hybrid movies in general. Also, they didn't even bother to put Johan and Peewit in this movie, and probably for the best, because there's no way you can New York them since they are in a medieval setting. But there's no excuse for the 2011 Smurfs movie as just a good movie, since its either mediocre at best, or a disgrace to Peyo at worst! The animation for the Smurfs and Azrael is decent for the most part (but sometimes they can be ugly at times), and the sets are actually good, not gonna lie here. The music is pleasant at times when it doesn't shoehorn some pop songs in our faces. The rest are pretty much bad, without a doubt. The story has already done before, the characters like Patrick are bland and uninteresting, and went by the list note-by-note, and felt like a huge cash grab by the get-go. I say skip, I mean, smurf this movie entirely, and its a huge waste of time, and it gets a 4/10.Let's see if the sequel will be better or worse next time.
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The Smurfs 2 (2013) Review - Smurf It Worse
,Oh my Smurf, here we go again. Since Sonyís infamous 2011 film, the Smurfs was a huge hit in the box office, it only figured to do a sequel with the exact same people. The upside is, it made a lot of money, and, of course, that's what matters most. And to think that it can be worse than the original is possibly the best way to explain this sequel. As for my handbook, it got destroyed by a rainstorm, so bare with me, okay? Maybe I can remember them from my head. Can this sequel be better than the original, or worse? Letís check it out.The film opens with a book of Smurfology as the narrator gives the backstory of how their only female, Smurfette, entered their group as a creation of Gargamel to infiltrate them. For the third time because again, I have to say this, how many times you heard that same backstory before regarding this franchise? That must be step 3... Wait a minute, I just remembered! Iíll get to that in a bit.But it seems like she still may have a little bit of evil in her, as she turns from blue to gray, which means she's evil again, and she encounters some Smurfs and decides to attack them.Psyche! It was all just a nightmare, and Smurfette wakes up in her bed.Papa Smurf: (enters the house) Smurfette, you okay?And oh yeah, Papa Smurf is here as well, and comforts Smurfette by saying that everything's going to be okay. But luckily, I managed to make a paper list of last time, but like a grocery list! This handbook did have a spare paper copy after all!How to make a live action cartoon movie in modern day:Step 1: Have it be set in NYC. All live action cartoon movies MUST take place in NYC, because money.Step 2: Hire a bunch of random celebrities for the sake of having random celebrities.Step 3: Make the movie mostly about the humans are barely about the main cartoon character that the movie is named after.Step 4: Shoehorn in popular memes and jokes into the movie because thatíll keep the kids entertained.Step 5: Never follow any of the source material unless absolutely necessary, and those moments that you should follow the source material, itís for nostalgia pandering. Congratulations! You have created your live action cartoon movie! Soon youíll be raking in the dough!.... totally...Then we cut to.... Entertainment Tonight? Where it is announced that Gargamel is a stage magician, in Paris, France for some reason. A reverse Step 1, but itís in a foreign country? Okay....Nancy O'Dell: "Gargamania", the magical sensation that has captivated the nation...Since when was this established, Sony? This career that wizard has, with little magic from his wand, displeases his pet cat, Azreal. He plays with a laser light dot on the floor, much to Gargamel's amusement; the light is being controlled by two Naughties of his creation, Vexy and Hackus. Basically, the Naughties are basically evil gray Smurfs in a way. That's all I can tell you.Gargamel: That's it, get it. (laughs)Vexy: Father's going to love this!Hackus: (snatching light away) Hackus wanna play!But there's big trouble brewing down a Smurf Village, like Smurfette thinks everyone forgot her birthday, when really, there's a surprise party being planned!Farmer: (to Smurfette) Occasionally, it's good to have a little... (clears throat) alone time.Grouchy: Yeah, so take a hike.Brainy: Yeah, we don't need you here, we're good.Smurfette: (at the verge of tears) So no one remembered my birthday?Would you please stop complaining about your birthday? Itís not a big deal, you know! I'm sticking with the original Smurfette and the Lost Village counterpart instead.We're back to New York, where we're shown Patrick and Grace Winslow celebrating their son's 4th birthday. I take that back, this is the real step 1. And even Step 2.The Winslows: (singing) Happy Birthday, dear Blue...Oh boy... Here we go with these guys. Then we meet the arrival of Victor, who is Harris' stepdad. But Harris hates him, because parent issues. We gotta keep the plot forward people.Victor: And you must all be his friends. Which makes friends! You're all getting hugs. (hugs a male guest)Guest: Hey!Patrick: (to Grace, quietly) You'll want him to leave. Just wait.(Victor gives Patrick a big hug and shakes him up and down)Patrick: I...don'!Victor: Ah, there's nothing like the embrace of two proud Doyle men.Patrick: I am not a Doyle man.Victor: I'm going to present each and every one of you with a free corndog!(Suddenly, one of the kids who has eaten a corndog gets an allergic reaction)Great job, you just nearly killed a child with a food allergy! Whereís the authorities when you need them?Patrick: (to Grace) He shows up, and he ruins things. That's what he does.See? Even Patrick knows that he's a d**k to everyone. In Gargamel's lair, he's using the Sony tablet (*cough* part of Step 4) to watch the drawings for his next plan: he wants to kidnap Smurfette to figure out how he can make blue Smurfs, so he can steal their magical essence to take over the world. Gargamel: And then, the entire world shall bow before me!*thinks* So my theory is that Gargy made Naughties by two gray lumps of clay, like how he did with the former Smurfette, and since Vexy and Hackus are on his side, he can make more evil Smurfs, only blue, to conquer the world. Am I starting to think that he's running out of ideas? First he wanted to eat them, then he wanted to turn them into gold, then he wanted to increase his magic, now he wants to conquer the world. You are not Hacker from Cyberchase, stop it! Then again, he could be like him since the Naughties are like Buzz and Delete. So he opens the doorway to Smurf Village, through, I kid you not, a portal in the sky. And as he does this, Vexy travels to the Smurf Village through the aforementioned portal, and after yeeting Smurfette through it, she sees some other Smurfs running to the creek.Clumsy: Smurfette!Vexy: So long! Meeeeeh! (and she jumps into the closing portal)Now that's what I call, laughably bad dialogue! Even Digimon Adventure had better dialogue in the English dub than this?Brainy: My powers of deduction lead me to believe that this is the work of Gargamel.Well, obviously. I'm expecting a smurf throwing him out of the village like in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, oh wait, never mind! So, while Papa assembles a team to go and save her, Harris is dealing with real troubles of his own. Like, his stepdad wants to put a crown on the birthday boy himself, Blue.Patrick: You didn't bring the crown. Don't put the crown on him.(Victor puts on a cardboard crown, and then he puts the other crown on Blue. Blue blows a raspberry on the corndog puppet Victor gave to him)Victor: This is the way you do it, look.(Victor blows a louder raspberry. Exasperated, Patrick closes the door and talks to Grace)Patrick: You see what is going on out there? Oh, yeah, he's a terrific role model.But then we get to a backstory here. He also gave away Patrick's bird when he was younger, because the stepdad was allergic.Patrick: dad took off, he left Zeus, and...I loved that bird.I take that back, at least his dad is doing the best for him conceptually, but the execution falls flat. Do better Sony, do better! But a portal opens up, and the Smurfs return to take credibility away from Patrick Star once more. Yeah, I have to make that joke.(Victor gets closer to where one of the Smurfs fell from the portal, until he gets jumped at by a corndog puppet, scaring him. Victor and Clumsy scream at each other, and Grouchy in the corndog puppet runs into Clumsy)Grouchy: Clumsy, is that you? I'm blind!Patrick: What are you guys doing here?Clumsy: Smurfette's been taken.Grace (Jayma Mays): Wait, what?Patrick: Take...what do you mean, taken?And this is why he is going to be pointless from now on, no shock at all, folks. What happened to step 3, people?Grace: (to Patrick) I'll call the dog-sitter, you get Blue's passport.So Harris and his family agree to help them by going to France to find out where Gargamel's performing, and Grace tries to find out which room Gargamel is in, but the hotel won't let her. But she dresses up like Audrey Hepburn, with a disguise, so they will tell her. Thank you for making Steps 3 and 4 worse, you corporate product...Grace: (imitating Hepburn) No one wants to be on the...the...Hotel employee: The fifth floor.Grace: (turns away) Oh. (goes to the elevator)Gets them everytime! Patrick is secretly watching Gargamel's show near the entrance. Victor appears with Blue and taps on his stepson's shoulder, for some reason.Patrick: WhaĖBlue (Jacob Tremblay): (speaking in a typical baby voice) Hi, Daddy!I'll admit, he's a cute character, but he's so darn annoying! Why? Because he states the obvious every time he talks! Gargamel uses his magic to turn Patrick's father into a duck and fling his son around the room.Blue: (looking up) Daddy's flying! Daddy's flying!See? What did I tell you about Blue? *Blue from Blueís Clues barks* No, not you Blue, I meant Patrickís kid. I should have done that joke beforehand. And then Gargamel tries to feed Patrick to Azrael, who's a giant now. Yes, this is happening.Gargamel: Enough fooling around, yes? Open wide, Azrael!Victor: (from this point forward, as a duck) Put him down!*as Digit from Cyberchase* Never fear, Victor the duck is here!Of course, Victor flies into Gargamel, who loses control of his wand, and Patrick is saved. Wow, that's underwhelming. But then we get a later scene of Patrick, Blue and Victor arguing in the street.Victor: What are you so cross about?Patrick: You always barge in and ruin everything! You're like a walking disaster!Victor: Look me in the eyes and say that.Patrick: I can't!Grace is surprised by seeing Victor in animal form, while Blue is obviously happy, as you do.Blue: Grampa Vic-ster's a duck!This, of course, just adds to Patrick's anger of his stepdad.(Victor is peeking from the corner and watching Patrick and Grace talking about him)Patrick: I'm gonna strangle that duck. Vic's like a black cloud that follows me around.Grace: He shows up.Patrick: Yeah, whether you want him to or not.Grace: A lot of fathers don't even do that.Patrick: He's not my father.We know, we know!! Just get to the point!(Two Smurfs fall into Patrick's grocery bag, and the latter starts leaving)Blue: Good luck, Daddy!Well, that was pointless. But that doesn't stop his stepdad from coming anyway and getting caught by the chefs.(The chef wearing headphones goes into kitchen with Victor in his hands, not hearing that the duck is talking)Victor: Oh, yeah! It starts with the ducks! And soon, no one's safe!*sighs* The writing is just terrible... Smurfette encounters Vexy and Hackus for the first time, is getting more friendly with Vexy, but, unfortunately, something fishy is going on. Vexy: I'm sorry Papa Smurf didn't come for you. It's one of those movies....Vexy: Maybe your place is here...with us?Smurfette: Yeah. Maybe it is.(Papa Smurf and his team are watching this conversation through the glass in the door)Vanity (John Oliver): Why is she being nice to them?Grouchy: She's just identifying with her captors.Clumsy: No, she thinks we don't care anymore.Oh yeah? Remember what Cody said to Armadillomon in Digimon Adventure Zero Two at one point?(Random scene from Digimon Adventure Zero Two)Armadillomon: Is he a bad apple or a good one?Cody: People are like milk, they can turn bad.You can learn a lot from him, you tiny Smurfs. And because of this, she thinks Gargamel is a caring father, simply because he gives her a gift and that gift is a Gargamel action figure and a "Authentic Mini-Wand", as the caption on the box says. Then Hackus takes the figure out of the box and plays with it.Hackus: (laughing; bending Gargamel's figure up and down) Bow! Kneel!How fitting... Smurfette also seems to get her first taste of real power when Gargamel gives her a tiny magic wand.Smurfette: How do you know I won't use it on you?Gargamel: (nervous) Smurfette, I am...I am your father! Search your feelings. You know it to be true.Really, a Star Wars reference in a Smurfs movie? Disney didnít even bought Lucasfilm yet, and I think this is uncanny now with that fact out if the way!Smurfette: (smiling) Sing the La-La Song.(Gargamel hesitates, and Smurfette shoots with her mini-wand around her creator)Smurfette: Sing it!Gargamel: (with reluctance) La, la, la-la, la, la... Egh...(Smurfette shoots the bowl Azrael is hiding in, and the cat jumps into the air, with the bowl falling back on him when he lands)*casually sings* Sing a happy song.... What? If itís Step 5, doesnít mean I have to always shoot it down. ItĎs pandering, sure, but at least I still got to sing. Remember last time? *in The Smurfs* And when the Smurfs start singing their theme, I'm glad it satisfied my nostalgia, but for the wrong reasons. Step 5: Never follow any of the source material unless absolutely necessary, and those moments that you should follow the source material, itís for nostalgia pandering. Check. Yep, that is 100% nostalgia pandering.*flashback ends; *laughs* Gets them every time.She seems to enjoy doing evil...especially when it's inconsistent, like not breaking mirror glass, but breaking window the Smurfs are launched out while Patrick Star saves his stepdad.(As Patrick takes Victor away from the restaurant, more ducks fly out of it)Victor: Take to the skies, lads! Free at last! FREE AT LAST!Patrick: What are you, Martin Luther Wing?*sighs* And then Victor catches the Smurfs just before he turns back into a human.Patrick: Where's Smurfette?Papa: Too late.(Patrick gives Victor a look of disapproval)Patrick: Nice going.Well, you know what they say about magic, itís temporary. Then it's revealed that all of Patrick's anger towards his stepdad was for nothing. Oh, not because Patrick was being a total heartless jerk! But because the bird that was taken away from him as a kid wasn't because the stepdad was allergic, but because Patrick was allergic.Victor: Your mother and I both knew that it'd break your heart to think the bird had to go away because of you. Sniff my feathers.(He takes some feathers out of his suit, and Patrick sneezes)Victor: Truth itches, doesn't it?And because this film totally doesn't care that it wants the main theme to be "father issues", exactly like the last film, we once again have another balcony scene between Patrick and Papa Smurf, EXACTLY the same as the first one!Papa: I haven't done enough.Patrick: Gargamel just made her, but made her what she is. No one asked you to, you just did. That's a...pretty special...kind of love.(After Papa leaves, Patrick looks at the night sky alone)But Gargamel finally shows his true colors and tells Smurfette that if she doesn't give the secret formula to changing the Smurfs blue, he'll let Vexy and Hackus die. Well, see for yourself.Smurfette: I'll give it to you. Just feed them!Gargamel: The formula first.(Smurfette starts writing with a quill)Smurfette: One hopeful thought... A dab of royal jelly...You can see where this is going. I donít even wanna show the formula for the sake of moving forward, not backward. And after waking up, Vexy and Hackus turn from grey to blue which means the formula works, and he puts them in an evil machine to suck the life out of them to gain their essence. Vanity and Papa come to rescue.Vanity: There she is!Smurfette: Papa? (She is released) Oh, Papa. I gave Gargamel the formula.Vexy: But she saved our lives!But they all get captured, and soon Gargamel is taking all their essence away. But that's not gonna happen, because Patrick and his stepdad reunite and destroy the evil machine, resulting in blue fireworks burst out of the sewer into the streets!And yes, the Naughties Vexy and Hackus have become true Smurfs and that's the movie.(Patrick and Victor finally share a sincere hug)Blue: Daddy and Vic-ster!And then the Smurfs went back to their Smurf Village and do the obligatory dance party, which they are celebrating Smurfetteís birthday, with Vexy and Hackus joining in, which is the same ending scene trend in recent years. Oh phooey. But the credits are nice as always, and I liked how Vexy and Hackus managed to translate into Peyo's iconic and charming art style. That looked more blessed than we actually got. And then The Lost Village came out, and the franchise was saved at last!That was The Smurfs 2, and it as a terrible follow up to the predecessor. The jokes are bad, the acting is so cheesy, the characters are unlikable, and everything else is made even worse that it was before! Again, I want you to skip this and the original, and I give it a 2.5/10.However, there is a sparking diamond in the rough, that people don't notice until now, and I consider to be Sony's best take on the Smurfs. I think you know what I mean based on the context I said before.Have a Smurfy day, folks! Wait...
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Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) - A Smurfy Return
,At last! The cute little Smurfette dramatically got her very own movie! No really, it's been 6 years after Sony's 2011 Smurfs movie and the 2013 sequel, and finally decided to pay respects to Peyo for once! *cries happily* I've never been this happy in my entire lifespan since Nickelodeon did justice in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie as a revival to my favorite Nickelodeon shows of the 90's! *gets tissue; blows nose on it* What a time to be alive!So as you might know, I actually like the Smurfs. Somehow, I was attached to the playful and silly tone of the Hanna-Barbera series when I was a kid. Nowadays, people are split on this franchise with its fans and haters, and even the fandom. You know just like every other franchise there is? I mean, whatís good in 2017? Pokťmon Sun and Moon? Digimon Adventure Tri? Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie? I mean thatís what the new generation of kids want, right? However, I found this test footage of the movie still in development at the time and having this little audition thing, which is cute. Also, Vanity meets his hybrid movie counterpart, what the hell? ďYes. Uh, your agent should have told you. Iím afraid weíre trying to take this new film in a- well, DIFFERENT direction. Youíre FABULOUS, but you just donít have the RIGHT ďLOOKĒ.Ē At least Sony finally answered everyoneís complaints about those infamous hybrid movies. But in all seriousness, now with this movie being released to the public at that time, can this movie be wonderful or just another terrible movie out there. And please, donít make Peyo roll in his grave and make a racecourse in the process like the last two times!*hears a phone call chatter* Wait, wait, wait, before the review of the actual movie, I have to point this out. Now right off the bat, what they did with the Columbia logo is just adorable. You know that iconic torch lady? Yeah, it's a wooden standee now! Apparently, it falls over, revealing Smurfette. What you think this isn't real? Man, you know what? I better show it to you.,See what I mean!? Everyone put on your Surprised Pikachu faces on because I have to.. Nah I'm just kidding. So then Smurfette holds up a mushroom in a manner similar to the Torch Lady, finally beginning the movie!,I see what you did there. Again, that was adorable and charming. *squees; calms down later* Not even the first minute, and Iím already pummeled by cuteness! Why is it always the logo gag?Now moving this out of the way, let's get to the actual movie, shall we?In the Smurf Village, as usual like in every single episode, comic, movie, whatever, because franchise, (this is what happens when you over rely on a single franchise for a review like this..) we get an origin story of Smurfette on how she was created by the evil wizard Gargamel to basically infiltrate the Smurf Village and create discord among the other Smurfs so they would destroy themselves. You know, for kids! In turn, the Smurfs turn the Smurfette into an actual Smurf via his own magic... Wait, isnít that the same backstory told not once (the Hanna Barbera episode), not twice (The Smurfs), but THRICE (The Smurfs 2) in a row!? It must be the fourth time here! That deserves a facepalm! Itís already been done before, why did you have to do it yet again!? I get is for newbies, but we already know!! Spinel, say it like it is.Spinel: *singing* Thatís right, I heard the story over and over again....I really wanted to make a Steven Universe joke in this review. Now before I can continue, I have to say this: The designs closely follow the artwork by the Smurfs' creator, Peyo. No more creepy realistic designs like the last two times, but actually adorable and fluffy looking! No really, you can tell how much I loved this change better in this movie.After this backstory happens, we finally get to the actual movie where begins to wonder what her purpose in life is, as do the other Smurfs who couldn't particularly define what a Smurfette is supposed to be. Heck, that one line summarizes it perfectly here! "Smurfette's name doesn't tell us who she is or what she does. So, what exactly is a Smurfette?" Remember that for later, its really important. Apparently, Brainy has invented a device that can record Smurfetteís hidden traits, but it failed because it exploded. ,Suddenly, a mysterious map sets Smurfette and her best friends Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty on an adventure to find the lost village, the Smurfy Grove, thatís in the Forbidden Forest with magical creatures like Glow-Bunnies, those glowing rabbits who act like horses, and Dragonflies. I mean, these guys breath fire, so kudos for creativity there Sony! Right up there with the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs movies! I wonder if these dragonflies had the Pepper Breath like how Agumon did. But in that village are plenty of Smurfettes. Yep, I said Smurfettes, plural. I thought they were the Green Eyed People! You know, just like in Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie? I guess Smurfette isn't called Smurfette anymore, she's THE Smurfette! Since Papa Smurf knows the fact the Forbidden Forest is dangerous to go through, he forbids Smurfette and company from going past the border, but of course, the gang eventually sneaked out for the sake of the plot. But Gargamel is on their track as well, and I think you know where this is going... To become the most powerful wizard in the world by stealing the Smurfs essence to do so. And so, both villages must stop this wizard in a battle with him and his latest creation, freeze balls, which according to him, can only "work on real smurfs". However, earlier we saw a freeze ball working on a mouse at one point. So... a little inconsistency there.,Unlike the previous Sony Smurfs movies, this one is completely animated and aimed at†slightly younger kids (in other words, there's less potty humor and†iffy content this time around, though definitely still some slapstick moments). Oh my god, thank you Sony for doing something right! You can expect†scenes of peril with the Smurfs in danger, as well as†basically the Pokemon: The First Movie/Care Bears 2: A New Generation scene of Smurfs,†the sad sequence in which a Smurfette has (sort of) died. No really, she's turned into stone (technically clay where she originated from) by Gargamel and they throw a funeral for her with flowers, hand holding and all. You wanna know how I felt? Well... That explains it all. Basically, I cried like how T.K. did. (Digimon anyone?)Of course something randomly magical happens that changes her back: The magic "Power of Crying". No really, think about this Smurfs movie and Pokťmon and that makes you think, "What a coincidence!" because that's a similarity I wanted to point out. And better, may I add...because it happened directly in Pokemon because Mewtwo hits Ash Ketchum (or Satoshi in the Japanese version) and the "resurrection" ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING because it teaches Mewtwo a lesson. As for the Care Bears one, it made Dark Heart to become a better person, and start to care to other people around him. The Lost Village on the other hand, felt like the usual "deux ex machina" used in animated movies like this. Hmmm....,Anyways, the movie has†a clear girl-power message, as well as themes of courage and teamwork. Itís not Steven Universe level good, but itís heart itís in the right place.While this isn't the sort of animated film that teens and child-free adults will want to see, it's got just enough heart to hook younger audiences and remind them to embrace their uniqueness. The plot is fairly thin, but this is a story aimed strictly for kids, so that's not too much of a problem. However, it's super predictible from start to finish, obviously that it went by a generic formula. However, I have a comparison to another movie that came out in 2017, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.You see, in my opinion, here are some similarities of the adventure aspects and even there are some blonde haired protagonists who are answering their questions from the past (in this case, Smurfette wondering about her purpose), and then his/her friends join in on a quest to discover a new world, while also meeting new allies. Heck, the Smurfettes from the Smurfy Grove are basically the Green Eyed People, but girl Smurfs. The rest, they are completely different from another. As one person would put it, "Smurfs: The Lost Village felt pretty generic and parts of it felt like they were following the standard "paint by numbers" storyline. Even kids who watch a lot of media recognize a lot of the tropes and cliches! Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie did feel more original and less predictable, and was pretty fun and upbeat in its execution. I feel a bit disappointed that Helga, who's all about how tough she is, doesn't attempt to fight the bad guys (even if she'd lose, it would be nice to see her try)." And the reason why it was so mediocre to some audiences is because the writers did it for the money (with the notable exception of Smurfette's backstory pulled from the comics and cartoon). If only the rest of the Smurfs had more screen time (besides Papa, Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy and Smurfette) and less focused on montages with real-life pop songs (including an explanation of where the Smurfettes from Smurfy Grove came from), then the movie would've been considered as decent or good., The Smurfettes are like Amazons in the Smurf Grove compared to the Smurf†Village cohort. There's warrior archer Smurfstorm, perky and sweet Smurfblossom (who I swear reminds me of Hammy from Over The Hedge with her hyperactive personality, Spinel from Steven Universe, and Pinkie Pie from MLP, especially when she sings, "Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-heey-hey!" at one point of the movie), smart and decisive Smurflily, who is actually my personal favorite female Smurf, and, of†course, the wise and maternal Smurfwillow. Now that's interesting that there are rarely any female Smurfs in the original comics and TV series. But as someone who as been watching the TV series, and re-watching it years later, I know that there were really cool Smurfs, really silly Smurfs, really cute Smurfs, I just love Smurfs, you know? Oh, I forgot to mention Frank. The caterpillar who had like two lines that appeared like a few scenes, even the spa one. Heís definitely one of the minor characters that didnít offered much. Besides, heís the only bug who can speak English as far as I know.,Also, I forgot to say this, but there's this cute ladybug called Snappy Bug which literally works like a smartphone, and that's clever right there! She doesn't do much other than taking pictures, using her feet to turn them into photos like a dot matrix printer of sorts, a pseudo tape recorder, walkie-talkie, and being like Brainy's assistant, but I will say that she's still a cutie. Basically, Snappy does everything a Smurf does simple and seamless.,Technically, she becomes valuable near the end of the film when she replays a message recorded by Team Smurf for Smurfette, which encourages her to rescue her fellow Smurfs and Smurfettes when they were captured by Gargamel. Like she's the Blaze (from the Tinker Bell movies, mostly the Lost Treasure and maybe The Great Fairy Rescue) of the Smurfs, because she's the true hero, and you should know it!,But then we have Gargamel in this movie, and is played in the standard, somewhat over-the-top manner, while†his two minions, Azrael the cat and Monty the vulture, strike the right balance between "dangerous" and "not quite killers."†Now I have to mention Monty here because he isn't a really good comic relief henchman. Throughout the series of The Smurfs, it always Gargamel and his cat, Azrael. But when the filmmakers added this vulture as Gargamel's other pet, its questionable to me. Like why? I don't really hate him, its just its unnessicary. Donít give me wrong, he brought some good slapstick comedy, which is Season 1 all over again, which is good, but then again, itís unnecessary like I said before. Speaking of the iconic wizard himself, Gargamel's new voice, Rainn Wilson, while he does a decent job, didn't bother using Paul Winchell's interpretation of the character in my opinion. However, I really liked the ending, where Smurfette became the new leader of the Smurfs, and most of all, a true Smurf. And oh yeah, the Smurfettes from the Smurfy Grove are joined in the Smurf Village, so that makes like one big happy family of sorts, if you ask me.The best part of this movie was the mid-credits scene with Gargamel and makes fun of the credits and the jokes he makes are hilarious!"I can't think with this music! Can someone please shut off the music?! And what's with all words, scrolling in front of me? Did the Smurfs do this so that I would be distracted and not be able to destroy them as easily?"""Matte Painters?" How do I even though what it means? Someone just made that up, right? Though I feel sorry for whoever Matte is."""Look Development Artists"? Oh yes of course, let's develop some looks, like maybe a very angry look, because you two totally ruined my plans!" *Azrael meows* "Am I going mad Azrael? For the last time, get them to shut off this music!"No really, this is a funny segment that you don't wanna miss if you decide to watch the credits in its entirety while hearing the most legendary suite playing in the background, like damn, this is Disney Fairies or Pokemon levels of fantastic music in a smurfing Smurfs movie! Which brings me to the music, since the composers were putting their sweat and tears for a movie magical as this wonderful adventure with little blue people with tails. Seriously, "You Will Always Find Me In Your Heart" is probably one of the best songs in the movie and it felt like it was a non-Disney movie of sorts, and this is song should be more remembered so that people can do awesome covers of it in the future. It isn't iconic as some Disney songs from their library, but on its own, and by context, its a good song, and it shows how impactful it happens during Smurfette's "funeral" where every Smurf cries at the loss for their long time friend. But then again, there are some licensed songs like again, "I'm Blue" by Effiel 65 that almost felt like they were made for those montage scenes, and keep the kids entertained by it. With maybe the exception of "I'm A Lady" by Meghan Trainor, which was made for this film, which is also a pretty good song as well.,The animation in this movie is possibly one of the best to come out of Sony in recent years in my opinion. It felt they were ripped out of the Peyo comics or in the Hanna Barbera series, mostly with Gargamelís castle or the iconic Smurf Village. I would even want to point out the epitome of creativity in this film, the Smurfy Grove and the Forbidden Forest. Itís like this huge forest with unique flora and fauna everywhere you look. Plus, the detail they put in there was amazing! I'm almost convinced that the Smurf-eating flowers look like they're real! Not Disney quality, sure, but you can see they did the best they could out of this gem. Again, the character designs stay true to the source material, and because of this, it made the new characters blend into the franchise like Monty, Snappy the ladybug, the Smurfettes, Spitfire the Dragonfly, and even Bucky the Glow-Bunny, possibly the cutest bunny since those bunnies from Secret of the Wings! Also, missed opportunity to give him the last name "O' Hare" because, that would be pretty decent to make a reference to that videogame of the same name on the NES in 1992!Also, the voice acting is mostly top notch here! While some of the choices like Demi Lovato are basically for money purposes, I can tell that they feel like they're trying their hardest to let the characters sound naturally down-to-earth, to hilariously comedic at times. Frank Welker as Azreal from the first two Smurfs movies, actually returned for this movie. Rainn Wilson as Gargamel does, again, a decent job of providing the evil, but comedic wizard himself, and even the voice actor for Felix from Wreck It Ralph, Jack McBrayer, is the voice of my man Clumsy, and OMG, I love him so much! The rest, I'll say that they did a pretty decent job of bringing these characters old and new to life.Overall, Smurfs: The Lost Village an okay and enjoyable movie that's leagues better than the last two Smurf movies, and not to mention that stayed true to Peyo's source material. Again, I hated the first two on being another uninspired live action/animation hybrid following the checklist in that guide following those cliches. But in The Lost Village on the other hand, while the story is very predictable, its a decent concept. However, it has some flaws, as it's plot is rather generic, and it does not explain where the Smurfettes came from other than just living in the Smurfy Grove. Where are the petitions to put that in the upcoming Smurfs TV series, huh? But still, I think this movie is what the first Smurfs movie should have been. Itís not perfect, but unlike Sony's blunders of 2017, which are Surfs Up 2: Wave Mania, The Star, or the Emoji Movie, I think it had more effort put into it like they actually cared. Honestly, this felt like a spiritual successor to Disney Fairies' Tinkerbell movies in a way, mostly with the animation, its decent story and even the voice acting as well. Is it a great movie? No. Do I enjoy it? Yes! Do I consider the Smurfs' renissiance period? Of course! I give it a 7.5/10.Also, this movie is dedicated to Janine Culliford, who was the wife of Peyo and original painter of Smurfs comic books, passed away in 2016. Just a year before this movie was even in theaters. That's actually pretty sad ever since the original creator passed away in the early 90's, and I hope they might hear more fans old and new, gazing happily on the clouds. I guess you can say, I finally talked about the most smurfing good franchise still thriving to this day, with the good old blue people, it was worth it, for the most part.
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The Smurfs and the Magic Flute (1976) Review
So I recently heard that thereís going to be a new Smurfs TV series following the events of The Lost Village. However, I have to go back to where it began where creator Pierre Culliford or more well-known as Peyo, created a series of Belgian comics featuring Johan and Peewit, who are a squire and jester respectively, and they go on adventures in the Middle Ages. The comics where made in 1952, and they sold pretty decent. However, it would make a change where the Smurfs arrived 6 years later when Peyo released The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, which in turn got an animated adaptation in 1976. Strangely, the United States didn't have it until 1983, and it was a huge hit in the box office. You wanna know how much it grossed? $19 million!!!For a Smurfs movie, this sure brought in money for Belvision Studios, who originally distributed the movie. Besides this was the only movie at the time, until the 2011 live-action Sony movie arrived and changed everything. So, without further ado, let's check out the tiny blue people's first movie, The Smurfs and the Magic Flute.,It features the story of a young court entertainer named Peewit who came across a magic flute that made people dance when they listen to its tune, though extended playing would cause them to pass out. Okay, when overthinking this, its pretty dark. I mean, Eventually, it was stolen by a thief, Matthew Oilycreep who wanted to use it for robbing people of their valuables. Peewit and his friend Johan seek out the help of The Smurfs, the creators of the magic flute, in order to find a way to get the flute back.Now, before I get to this, this movie isn't canon to the Smurfs cartoon or the comics its' based on. That along with Cartoon All-Stars, and the infamous UNICEF commercial were the Smurf Village was in war (yes, this is 100% real), and that was the most brutal thing I've seen from a lighthearted franchise like that! Seriously, that was for mature audiences! But enough of that.The story uses the characters' actions to highlight positive choices and show the repercussions of negative behavior, with the consequences of selfishness, haste, and short-sightedness, for instance. And yes, this does show its age, and, for better or for worse, by today's entertainment standards, it can have it's flaws. It's driven less by action and more by dialogue -- and even at times plods along without any of that, either and even the casual and die-hard fans who are used to the Smurf TV series' 30-minute format will find the movie's production value somewhat subpar (wait to you hear my true opinions on it) and the story a little long, especially considering that nearly half of it is spent without the friendly blue gnomes in sight. Instead, we got these two characters, Johan and Peewit.Now I will say this, Johan and Peewit are underrated characters compared to the Smurfs. Not saying that these tiny blue people are overrated (and yet they are staying for a long time as Pokemon), but I just wished that Peyo's original creations need more love than just this movie. Granted, they did got their own comic series, but I would love to see them appear in the upcoming Smurfs series made by Sony (not the live-action one, to be specific). I'll get to that in another time. Back to Johan and Peewit, they are driven by duty to their King and the courage to defend the under powered in their kingdom, and defeat villains as they usually do in the comics. Gummi Bears, anyone? With Johan being the more brave and adventurous one, and Peewit being more of the semi-comic relief with him being hungry, boastful and being a terrible musician and singer (even he thinks he's good at it, he's not). Smurf fans may not know that these two even exist, but theyíll enjoy them. While others think that these are responsible for the show jumping the shark, but it isnít the case, that would be Season 9 with the time travel theme. And hey, they returned in season 2 with their own segments in the Smurfs cartoon. Thatís cool.As for the Smurfs themselves, they have their signature element that they all have in common: each Smurf as a simple, one-note personality to make them different, despite looking similar. For example, Papa Smurf being the leader, Hefty is the strong one, Brainy being the smart one, Vanity being a total narcassist, and Grouchy Smurf is like Grumpy Bear if you ask me. Yeah, they don't have much of a fleshed out set of layers, but that's just how they are. They're originally intended to be supporting characters to Johan and Peewit (who were the main characters of the story), and it shows for an adaptation like this. Thank god that Peyo was the director of that movie, or else it would be shredded into pieces! Then we have the main villain, Lord Mumford, a wicked and greedy official who's always after more money, and has had an association with Matthew, the aforementioned thief.As for the animation, and for a mid-70's movie, its fluid and very well animated. Even the character animation is pretty solid! Not Disney-level good, but its something among the lines of great if you know what I mean. Oh yeah, the soundtrack is also pretty decent. Not as memorable as the Smurfs' TV show, but itís worthwhile to listen to. Overall, The Smurfs and the Magic Flute is a pretty cute and fun movie all the way through. There are admonishments against greed and selfishness, examples of the benefits of patience, but there are flaws like the somewhat subpar animation at times, despite being good, and the length of the story for certain people. Even though it isn't like the Smurfs you know, it did came from Peyo for once, and it was a nice movie for me to watch. I give it an 8/10.But later on, I will get onto the series, and see how high it rose, and how hard it fell from season to season. Plus, I'll mention my favorite episodes of the series, so stay tuned for that.
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Saint George and the dragon by mbo70 Saint George and the dragon :iconmbo70:mbo70 2 3 Junior and Tulip, you are with the Smurfs! by Gumball1999 Junior and Tulip, you are with the Smurfs! :icongumball1999:Gumball1999 12 0 The Smurfettes by VampireMeerkat The Smurfettes :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 326 60 He-Smurf by Italiux He-Smurf :iconitaliux:Italiux 39 22 I Am SkooBy Dawg! -SkooB 11/22/17 by SkoobyForever I Am SkooBy Dawg! -SkooB 11/22/17 :iconskoobyforever:SkoobyForever 6 0 Attorney Angelica - Smurfs vs Gargamel by Jose-Ramiro Attorney Angelica - Smurfs vs Gargamel :iconjose-ramiro:Jose-Ramiro 111 306 MASHI's SMURFY IDEA by DeadDog2007 MASHI's SMURFY IDEA :icondeaddog2007:DeadDog2007 134 36 Power Girl Smurffette by RickCelis by cerebus873 Power Girl Smurffette by RickCelis :iconcerebus873:cerebus873 124 17 The Scarlet Smurfette by Citrusman19 The Scarlet Smurfette :iconcitrusman19:Citrusman19 10 2 Silver Smurfer by Citrusman19 Silver Smurfer :iconcitrusman19:Citrusman19 6 0 Captain Smurfmerica by Citrusman19 Captain Smurfmerica :iconcitrusman19:Citrusman19 7 0



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