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RoundKnob 2.0

By smurfier
** Required Rainmeter 3.0 and Windows 7 **

A simple volume control skin.
Click on the grey circle to change the volume, the center to toggle Mute. Shows the set volume level while muted (must not be muted at least once when the skin is loaded).

2.0 (3/15/2014)
*Greatly simplified the script used
*Added a music skin
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2018 Perfect! Better then ''sliding'', clicking is more convenient thanks....
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what's that font you're using?
skin came with "Joystix Monospace".

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No prob with it! I am depserately searching for a skin to modify the "windows sound mixer" (y'know, with the indicator for each software -Itunes, internet...-) i even tried to make it myself but.... Any idea?
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This is good stuff. Thanks for doing all that pesky trigonometry! I also like how you use the script to display what the current volume setting is even while muted.
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You can do that with a calc measure as well, I just figured since I was already running a script...

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Yep. This is very useful. :peace:
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Cool, Might come in handy :)
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