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MultiBar WIP

By smurfier
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**This is a work in progress**

MultiBar is a flexible launcher bar with folders that allows for an "infinite" number of entries thanks to a scrolling effect.

Included example icon thanks to ~chrfb and

Please leave any feedback you have. I cannot take this out of beta without feedback telling me if it works perfectly or has flaws.
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This is an awesome idea to work on. There are so many stuff can be done with it.
My suggestions;
It can be better without arrows. I mean you could use just a simple hover effect and this effect can be like just change on transparency. You need a smooth font too :D
Did you try it vertical?. With only icons it would be wonderful. Arrows on the drop down menu don't looking fine for me. I prefer 2 simple lines on edges.

What is the license of the project. I want edit to chill with if you don't mind :D

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The project has been pretty much abandoned. The code needs to rewritten and I just don't have the time or energy for it.

As always I use the Share and Share Alike open license.
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Very nice - works great on my 7 x64. is there a way I can easily change mouseover on the folders from blue to red? Thanks for your work!
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Not a bad idea at all.
Wonder how well the scrolling goes... will see to it!
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I'd advice somehow reducing the lag on scrolling... it has a kinda annoying latency to it, at least on my comp. I'm sure this little issue could be cleared up.
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I don't really see any lag on my end. It's probably due to the method I'm currently using to parse the settings file. I'm looking into a better method.
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Thanks, looking forward to it!
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Much better even than what I expected.
Will dig in a bit more, as it may be one of the ultimate text-based docks for RM.
Anyways, with a good configure tool, I'd even bet on it'd become SotM... least it'd have a good chance imo.
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Im about to download it and see what exactly it does. But looks awesome though..
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