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LuaCalendar 6.0

*** Requires Rainmeter 3.3.2 or higher ***
Before upgrading to a newer version, back up all settings, holiday files, and personal style sheets.

A simple calendar powered by Lua with many customizable options.

Options and Features include:
  • Uses Style Sheets for easy customizing.
    • Includes three default styles and an Enigma style.
  • Start the week on Monday.
  • Use localized month names.
  • Show holidays and events.
  • Move through the months.
  • And many more!

For more information visit:…
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There's a file in this zip that appears to be infected - I just got a call from my security team listing a bunch of red flags. In @Resources\addons\options\rainlist.exe was the culprit. I've removed it to make the antivirus software happy, and the calendar appears to still be working.