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Stock photo project has begun!

The rules:



:bulletred: GET CREATIVE!

Seriously, that's it. My best ones are for sale, but you guys get some great shots for free, so have-ats.

Credit me, if unaltered, where you used it. I love you long time! :D
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I need responses from as many people as possible on this, I'm on the fence of whether this is a worthwhile project...

I want to make a photo site / fotolia / stock section dedicated to texture photos.

Texture photos have been a huuuuge part of my gaming/recreational art, but I'm not sure if others also feel this way. I mean, textures of every form are used in media... site backgrounds, manips, games... you get the point.

My question is... would this be a profitable project? Would YOU use macro/non-macro texture photos for anything ever?

I have a shopping list worth of ideas and the resources to do it, BUT I don't want to become poor in the process. I'd charge a reasonable small fee, just to offset the travelling/camera fees. (hence why free stock photos won't fly, well maybe some would)

Do you think setting up a site and/or selling here would be decent business with 500-1000+ very high quality texture photos? :hmm:

I look forward to your thoughts!

EDIT: Nobody cares?? :( oh well
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To all my followers of "Inmate": I've begun construction on Inmate II, if you care. The way its laid out, to me it looks a little easier. Here goes nothing! :D I'll keep you updated.
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So by now you've all seen what I was scheming and hiding forever, hope you got a chance to enjoy the game. It turned out to be an unexpected smash hit judging by the sheer amount and quality of the comments I got, which leads me to my next scheme >.>


Yes'm, it's been requested.. no, AHEM, DEMANDED.. no no, ahem PIES WITH RAZORBLADES IN THEM WERE THREATENED TO LAND IN MY FACE if I did not produce a sequel to this game. So, being the totally awesome wonderful nicest sweetest bastard there is, :giggle: I'll give you a part II at some point. Hold your applause, don't patronize me you douchebags. :lol:
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I found a way to make high scores to work on my games without the need for a pop-up game window! Sooooo I'll be updating all my games to be played directly from dA!!!~!@$ :boogie:

Also, it might just be me, but Firefox on Mac seems to have trouble with the hi-scores and such, so use another browser if something doesnt load...
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Ok so this concludes the server maintenance that took a whopping.... 11 hours :sarcasm: but hey, it saved me $65 so I'm thrilled :D

go play and be merry.

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** My games will be offline for the next day or two at least. I'm switching hosting accounts cuz GoDaddy can go suck it. **

Hopefully in a day or two I'll have everything updated and you can play again...
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Like, yay. 3000 views! And I haven't even updated this in a really long time? So should I care? Eh. Where am I going with this journal? Nowhere fast. So I'll stop now.

ok now.

ok now.

Now. I mean it.


:giggle: just a bit bored duh
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yeah you...

over here!!

I've got a little secret and you might be interested....


word on the street (or the information highway in this case) says that Smurfy is up to somethin...

sources tell me he's workin on a game of epic proportions...

but shhh... this stays between you and me, got it?

:iconmooka1219: ;)
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Games of all shapes and sorts are taking all my time... playing, making, eating, drinking, breathing, and well ummmm... gonna upload another for you wonderful game-playing peoples real soon.

Also wishing I had more friends that knew flash. Doing all this solo is reeeealy a headache. like. f'sure.

Now what was it I was gonna make for lunch? Oh yes possibly pizza. No wait I just ate a while ago, pizza might be too much, well maybe as just a snack I could make half of one, but who really makes half of one... maybe I'm better off just waiting till later to make one. Maybe you would like to join me in eating one, since I can't eat it all, that way I wouldn't feel guilty about making one now, it does sound delicious but I don't know...

I better wrap this up before I start rambling...


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2000 views. am I really deserving of such an honor?

=3 <3
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1) What color is your favorite hoodie?
It was gray but now i needz a new favorite one ._.

3) Do you plan outfits?
hmmm depends where i'm going... like an outdoor concert... otherwise whatev i grab from the pile of wearables first =3

4) How are you feeling RIGHT now?
still a bit sleepy from getting up a while ago, otherwise happy since i have foodz!

6) Who was the last person you kissed?
my little kitty =3

WHERE IS 5 and 7??? <over there>!

8) Person before that?
b4 what? oh my kitty?? umm prolly my puppy ^^

10) What are you craving right now?
Actually a hot fudge brownie sundae! *daydreams for a sec*

11) What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
nothing, i just laugh because its a fuuny word if u say it a few times and smile :giggle:

12) Do you make prank calls?
nuuu, but when i was 5, i dialed like 10 random phone #'s and laughed when they answered...

13) Ever hooked up with some one out of state?
nope : the idea seems weird

14) Do you sleep with any stuff animals?
well they usually end being unlawfully ejected from the bed, so in the room i have a crab, a lobster, 2 scooby doos, a widdle teddy bear, and a kitty bus. mhm, thats right =3

15) Would you dance to the taco song?
no >_>

16) Have you ever counted to 1,000?
Who the hell counts to 1000 D: ksrsly.... i mean really no one is that bored ; ;

17) Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
iwell if its a cone i bite the top because all pointy and biteable ^^ but after thats i licks it or it gets all drippy ; ; nothing is worse than ice cream dripping on your fingies =D

18) Do you like anyone right now?
hmmm...a bunch of ff people, and the makers of cheez-its =D

19) What do you think of crickets?
they sound pretty at night ^^

20) Have you ever met a celebrity?
nooope im not that special

21) Do you like cottage cheese?

22) What are you listening to right now?
nothing....for once.... D: now that you mention it its kinna creepy so ima find something after this


25) Would you go sky diving?
D: umm.... with enough morphine prolly

26) Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
ya i wouldnt mind so long as we dont talk bout boring politic crap that idc/k bout

27) Would you throw potatoes at him?
lol...uhm? no? i think id get in a little trouble for im a food lover...i dont waste sucha good f00dz!  ....and potatoes would hurt... the freshly picked ones are like rocks ; ;!

28) Is there anything sparkly on you?
just my personality ^^!

30) Do you rent movies often?
nah... i just hope for the random good flick on tv

31) Who sits behind you in your math or art class?
._. i dun have classes anymore...

34) Can you count backwards from 74?
maybe? ive never tried! i've only counted back from 73.... i'd imagine 74 cant be that much different =3

35) Who are you going to be with tonight??
nobody, my mommy, daddy and myself... guess that really isnt "nobody" is it

36) Brown or white egg?
umm, right! they both exist >_>

38) Ever been on a train?

39) Ever told someone you loved them?
>_> well in theory, using different words but meaning it

40) Do you have a cell phone?
yar~ but its dead half the time

43) What is [one of] your best friend[s] doing tomorrow?
im not a stalker so ill just guess going to skool or work!

44) Ever had cream puffs?
eh.. they give me a headache

45) Ever had Breaded Shrimp?
yes but i hate shrimp Dx

46) Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?
nah, looked dumb to me

47) What was the last question you asked?
"you think you'll really have this place clean in 2 weeks?"

48) What was the last CD you bought?
uhh... Allen & Lande's The Revenge, amazing cd... but that was a long while ago :O

49) What is/was your bus number for school?
*thank gawd for amazing memory* back in grades 1-6, bus 293, route #8... *scares self*

51) Is your hair curly?
No it wont curl worth anything ><

52) Last time you cried?
a month ago for personal reasons </3

53) Ever walked into a wall?
into a wall nope, but countless times into a door, a table, a chair, a railing, my own foot.... how embarrasing ><

54) Ever walked UP a wall?
only in my mind O.O

55) Have you ever bought anything from PacSun?
whats this "pacsun" that u speak of? >_>;;;

56) Favorite time of the year?
A clear summer evening or a snowy winter night... they both are great =3

58) Favorite color(s)?

60) Do you have any tattoos?

61) Who was the last person you held hands with?
my friend Emily yesterday, she was testing how cold my hands were XD

62) Do you sleep with the TV on?
nope but i can, until a loud commercial comes on and wakes me up O.O

63) Where was your default picture taken at?
i dun have a default piccie, but my avatar is courtesy of Silvy =3

64) Why was your default picture taken??
um... didnt u hear my response to the last question? >_>

65) Do you like your life right now?
meh... could be 80% better, like it used to be

66) How do you feel about 'love'?
it came and it went, hopefully theres another rest stop on this road someday

67) What is your favorite animal?
kitties =3

69) Do you have good vision?
really good vision! =D

70) Can you hula hoop?
no clue....

71) Could you ever forgive a cheater?
lol im not sure O_O

72) Do you have a job?
i wish i had one XD

74) What are you wearing?
jeans an brown retro nintendo tshirt =3

75) What does your hair look like?
longer, straight, dark dark brown with more and more gray showing through :

76) Ever climbed out a window?
uhmmm yes, and into one!

77) Can you handle the truth?
uh depends? ><

78) What was the most recent thing you bought?
a 3-scoop maple walnut ice cream cone!

79) How often do you talk on the phone?
mehish amount

80) What's the longest you talked to someone on the phone?
hmmm prolly 2-3 hours

81) Do you hate/dislike more than 3 people?
nope, just one or two

83) Are you sarcastic?
lawlz i cant help it

84) Have you ever slapped someone?
nope, just in ff :giggle:

86) Do you use chapstick?
almost everyday :O

87) Are you too forgiving?
depends on what it is

88) Do you own something from Hot Topic?
lol nope... that stuff makes me giggle with kidz trying to look kewl XD

89) Do you own a gun?
my mind is the gun and my thoughts are bullets! =P

90) Have you made a prank phone call?
:O its dejavu all over again!

91) Have you ever been in a castle?
no ; ; but seen some!

92) Do you like your hair?
its ok, needs work though... need the top half longer and the bottom half shorter... its opposite right now and looks a lil weird i think <_<

93) Do you like yourself?
yep! mostly!

95) Are you more pissed off, upset, or happy most of the time.
happy =3

96) When was the last time you talked on aim?
like an hour ago

99) What are you doing today?
playing ff and resting my feetsies from yesterday

100) Tag 5 people.
nuu! ; ;!
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Ello' anyone who actually reads these!

I'm working on a flash game for a contest. I have one month as of writing this to get it done and submitted, and i have a TON of work to do as far as programming goes. SOOOO.... in case im getting pressed for deadlines, i may need a hand with some of the artwork for it. (dont worry its not terribly time consuming)... It's going to be a large game so i'll need to devote most time to programming...

Basically, if you have any interest at all in lending a hand, do tell me! Doesn't mean you have anything to do, but you're just a backup resource if i need it. thx!!!!!

[If i need the help, i'll post another journal!]     :]

:beer: woo!
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Hey you terrific guys and gals, I fixed up a few things on Yahtzee! If you played and couldnt upload your high scores, of if you played and couldnt play a second game, your worries should be over! If you haven't played, give it a go!

That's all for now... next game upload coming soon!

Also, it's just a maybe at this point... I MAY be taking requests for games. keyword MAY... it may turn into more work and confusion than I can handle...

Drink up! :beer:
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Guess it's about time I do this before :iconque-ink: beats me to a pulp ^.^ :hug:

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person should post 8 aleatory facts of themselves.
3. Tagged people should write a JournalBlog about these facts.
4. In the end, tag and name 8 more people.
5. Go to their DA pages and comment saying that they are tagged and hugged.


1. I really like Flash. Gonna do it for a living one way or another.
2. <3 my kitties! they are prolly the best buddies I have right now... ^^;
3. I worship FFXI more than almost anything else in life right now :blush:
4. <3 A moonlit winters' night and/or a snowy winter day :heart:
5. I listen to bands and music that 95% of people in the U.S.  have never heard of :w00t: ..which ties into #6...
6. Can't stand being in the presence of "the typical male/female"... and you know what I mean, they're all the same... I prefer people with a smile and a PERSONALITY, not a looks-obsessed, lets-go-clubbing-every-night, dye-my-hair-blonde-every-3-days- person :giggle:
7. I would eat chicken parm and cheesecake every night if I could.
8. Probably the most stable, open-minded, anti-opinionated (usually) person you will meet. >.>


NOW THEN! um since I don't have 8 other people that would ever come online in the next year, Ima put a person or two who would actually do this!

:iconmooka1219: :iconshegreen: :iconkielime:

sounds good to me :3

blah I'm lonely, anyone wanna cheer me up? :(

Oh, and I gotta pretty neat Flash project coming soon... so far so good, it's silly!
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To all my buddies and watchers on here...

After 4 months of on and off work, my rendition of Yahtzee is completed, to an acceptable degree ^^;

It took a ton of dedication and patience, so i urge you guys to try it, that would make me happy :D


BUT, there is no sound controls on it (as of now), so if thats a prob, im sowwies ; ;!

On a related topic, im getting more heavily into Flash theory (hehe how professional sounding), so I will be uploading more gigantic stuff on here... which means... it'll be 3 months in between each upload lol >.>

I'm hoping I can do Flash crap for a living sometime soon, but I gotta get better first ^^ all right!

Anyways, expect this first game up in the next day or two, as i make sure i didn't majorly feck something up bigtime :D :dance:

...till next time! <3~
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after 4 years of playin FF, just got Bastok rank 10! one step closer to ending my eternal addiction with that amazing game.

now then... hmm i need to draw something :O_o:
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  • Reading: Actionscript code &gt;.&gt;
  • Watching: my kitty
  • Playing: FFXI...still....
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  • Drinking: grape drink mix stuff
its my b-day... yaaaay! >.> :party:

that's why im sittin here doin nothin with nobody home. ; ; /sigh

can i have a present? :O_o:
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  • Eating: nothing, I just woke up!
  • Drinking: (see eating)
EeeEeeEee!  After a long time, I'm only 38k exp away from my first lvl 75 job on FFXI!~ WHM POWER. :D

Even then... why is it so hard finding help for mission 5-1??? People should want to help others who need it... I've been stuck on that mission for lets see.... a good part of a year.... oh well, if there's a will there's a way.

Hmm after this it's either gonna be BLM (which I said I would leave at lvl 37 but idk), or continue on BST, which has to be the hardest job in the game, but hey it's a ton of fun if you actually get the hang of how its done.


In other news, for friggin sake, gimme the damn job i've been after for let's see... going on a month now. Either they're still deciding if I deserve the job, they're just slowpokes, or they've given the job away already, in which case I will be forced to /slap them and probably enjoy it. Oh well.  *still crosses fingies*


I don't know whats up, maybe just because it's summer, but I've a complete and utter energy drain from doin absolutly ANYTHING, like I can't find inspiration to do anything I'm even interested in!!! and its ANNOYING!! :( does anyone else have this problem? and if so, whats the friggin remedy????   *Calls a GM for help* :fear:  But if I do get a burst of motivation... I'll be postin pics on here! yippeeeee!

Mental meltdown....

.... that be all for now


Smurfage waves goodbye to <t>.
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  • Playing: an Ebaumsworld clip...
  • Eating: nothing, but in a min i will be
  • Drinking: nothin at the moment

I might actually be working soon!! *gasp* but it probably won't be doing artsy fartsy stuff like i had hoped...    ._.

But hey if it is, I think I can post it on here (unless its company property somehow, I'll have to check up on that...)

In other news... hopefully some b/w drawings are coming... no promises though. Actually scratch that... I'll be bored at some point... like right now... so maybe I will make one. or two. or two and a half... oops already got the half hehe

*this message will self destruct in 10 seconds*



liar! >.>