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A Xmas Card I made for our Roommate and long time friend, ~Rindis8:iconrindis8:, this year.

So, *Baron-Engel:iconbaron-engel: and I wanted to get Rindis some eBooks this year so that he can start amassing his collection of reading material on his new Surface Pro 2 instead of lugging huge, heavy hard-bound books to and from work everyday, throwing his shoulder out. But Amazon was either being hammered hard, or having difficulties, possibly both, because the 'Buy as Gift' button kept linking to a page that the server could not find, so it took me a while to get them all processed. While fighting with this at O'dark hundred, I suddenly had the image of Invictus Moonraker, my Guardian Fighter in Neverwinter, grumply farming ebooks, trying to get them to drop. Thus, the hand made Xmas card, that included all the gift codes, was made.

Yes, it's a bit of an in-joke between me and Rindis , since we're the only two that actually play Neverwinter, but it made him smile so it was worth it. ^.^
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It was a great way to handle the problem.