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Welcome back to another year of conventions and the like! This year I'll be attending a few to keep me super busy - kicking it all off with Supanova Gold Coast in two weeks time! You'll find me and my work at stall 101 in the artists alley, Come say Hi :3

I will write up a list on my profile of conventions I'll be attending this year as they come in - Keep checking back :D

Hey ya'll!
I know i dont post much here but believe me, I've been working on some big projects! 
I will be at Supanova this weekend - Come over and say Hi! You'll find me at Stall 52 right in the middle of Artist Alley :D
See ya there ^_^

Hey all!

My print selection for the conventions is completed (For now, One more Fallout picture in the works) and will be up for grabs at Epic Diem next weekend, and Supernova Brisbane the weekend after!
Come find me in the Artist Corner at Epic Diem on the 21st and 22nd of November, and at stall A160 in Artist Ally at Supernova on the 28th and 29th! 
Also I have added to this journal links to my various pages, come like them and show some support, kay? :D…
Hey guys!
I will be holding my first ever stall at SupaNova Goldcoast 2015! I'll be somewhere in the middle of the Ally, My big Smudged Pixels banner hanging on the font  (Stall A88) So come check it out!
I have a few prints from my gallery and a few that I have yet to post, in various sizes- 
A5 will be $10 each
A4 will be $25 each
A3 will be $35 each!

Heres some examples of what I'll be selling

Legend of Korra by SmudgedPixelsArt Gir by SmudgedPixelsArtOwl by SmudgedPixelsArt Mad Moxxi by SmudgedPixelsArt Dragon lady by SmudgedPixelsArt Pika by SmudgedPixelsArt Krieg: Pink Pandoracorn by SmudgedPixelsArtSasuke Uchiha by SmudgedPixelsArt

And more! :D

Don't forget to add my facebook
Or you can just send me an email :D

See you guys on the weekend! 
(I'll also be dressed as Harley Quinn or Faith from Mirror's edge! )
Ever heard of the switcharound meme?

Switcharound Meme Blank by AdriennEcsedi

Basically, I'm looking for someone interested in doing this with me and my friend :D I've always wanted to give it a shot, Have you? O_O
Selling quick digital sketches $5 AUD, $15 - $30 AUD for commissions in styles from my gallery. Message me for details

For Prints of anything in my gallery, Email me here  -

( AUD is Australian Dollars, People. )
Message me and we can discuss :D No points, PayPal only, $15 - $30 AUD (Prices vary depending on the request..)
Hey Guys! I'm finally back after lots of absolute BS and procrastination. I have some pictures to be uploaded in the next couple days - Just because I haven't been on dA doesn't mean I haven't been drawing :D
But ANYWAY - A huge WELCOME to all my new watchers, A very large THANK YOU to the millions of llamas* I received and a huge shoutout to all the people who faved my work! Unfortunately there are far too many of you to thank in person. ^^;
I plan on being just a tad more active here in the coming weeks, I didn't pay for a membership for nothing. haha. 
Anyone here in Aus passing through Supanova Brisbane in November? I know its a rather specific thing to ask but I'll be holding my very own stall if i can, selling my artwork to raise money for study next year at JMC Academy in Brisbane. Any support would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks guys - Happy sketching ^_^

*By millions I mean like, 20. xP

Soooo... Going a little crazy

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 11, 2013, 1:49 PM
I've never joined a dA group before. Five years and I've never done it. Why the hell have I never done this? XD


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 2:15 PM

So, I'm going to attempt to be a little more active on this account. I'm aware I'm usually sitting over there in a corner...
but yeah, I'mma post some more stuff soonish.
I'm gonna also open up commissions here again, but because this type of art is harder for me to do, they will be more expencive then my other account.
Also I'll only be taking one at a time, because they take me so long to do.
But before I open them, I'd like to ask how much you would pay for a commission of this type... I'm working with points only at the moment, Untill i can set up something for cash commissions.

Also if theres anything in my gallery thats not fanart that you would like to see as a print, just let me know.

Though I know most of you will ignore this journal... just like every other one i've posted, I'm putting it out there anyway.

I'm thinking of redoing one of my pics, but i dont know which one.
either this one....
Darth Revan by SmudgedPixelsArt

Or this one.
Revan by SmudgedPixelsArt

Haha yeah something star wars related.
But anyhowsen, i cant decide.
which one? Or is there anything else in my gallery you would like to see re-done?
But in the meantime i would like to direct you all to my Tumblr page, where I'm posting my WIPS. seemed like a better idea then posting them here... cause i never finish them. XD
feel free to comment / suggest things. I'd love the feedback before i post things...
even though none of you actually care...
My computers broken. so no art for a few weeks. but then again, thats nothing new.
HA! just letting you know - even though none of you actually care, that i am still active on this account, just not that much anymore. i will still renew my membership though :3
Ive been working on requests for my other account :icondwagim: so if you want to see my most recent stuff, go there.
I'm going to start submitting my work as prints.
If theres anything in my gallery that you would like as a print, let me know and i'll add it to my list of stuff to make prints. There are a few, however (eg: some Sketches and WIP's) that i cant make a print of. keep that in mind. if your not sure, just ask.

also, Kiriban on every 500 pageviews (1000, 1500, 2000 - ect) - must have legit screenshot)
Kiriban entitles you to a free request of whatever you want.

one last thing, the comp on my other account is still running - closes on the 19th of october. you can enter any OC that you have, weather it be animal or human or whatever, you may enter them :3 so get creative! details are here: dwagim points and art up for grabs!
Kiriban on every 500 pageviews (1000, 1500, 2000 - ect) - must have legit screenshot!
Kiriban entitles you to a free request of whatever you want.

Compettition with point and request prizes here!! :icondwagim:
If you have an OC from ANYTHING you can enter them in my contest :3
Please take a look!
I would just love it if you were to enter :3
Got a premium membership, and i feel as though i havnt done anything with it since i got it. :/
i will probly add heaps of stuff to da during my trip to europe next month, i have the feeling i will be doing ALOT of Sketching.

Also, if anyone is interested, i am holding a competition on my other account.
Point and art prizes. go there and check it out. :icondwagim:
You dont need talent. You just need some creativity :D and i know you all have that.

So yeah. siiinnnceee i havta work tomorrow, imma go to bed now. Night all.
after a fair amount of trial and error, i found my new style, and im rather proud of it. it doesnt take  me long, and it doesnt use as much memory in photoshop. things are starting to look up :D
~looks up~ theres a spider on the ceiling.
*ahem* anyhowsen, Im going to try and post a pic a day till requests open on my other account again. i doubt i can keep up with it, but imma try :la:
I apologize for the lack of art lately. again, ive been busy on my other account.
If you havnt already checked it out, please do... dwagim
But i will upload to this one again in about a week.. theres a couple contests i want to enter, and i have some sketches i made while i was waiting for my computer to install crap again. nothing fancy but hey, art is art :D
sorry for not updating in ages, but ive been a little busy with my other account. things really took off fast, and i have requests already lined up for my next set of slots.
I do have a couple things for this account though, i'll get round to posting them later.
I mentioned on my other account, and for those who dont already have it added, I will be wiping my computer in the near future, which means no internet, no graphics tablet and no photoshop. therefore i wont be online for a while. I probably will get internet back after a couple days, but i need to install EVERYTHING again and that could easily take me all week.
Not that any of you really care or anything....